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est 2012

Lets just say for a moment that we had a compromised president who just divides Americans. Throw in the fact Trump is a bad-hearted guy who has shown great Fealty to Putin. Put all this together and some uncomfortable facts sort of show up to beg an answer.

I still think Trump is some sort of spy with a codename from the Kremlin like ‘Agent Orange.’

First, in a world where Trump is Putin’s Pawn, which may in fact be THE REAL WORLD, the Mission of the Kremlin’s US Asset, Agent Orange, has gone better than anyone could have imagined.

Putin is a Super Criminal

At this point lets pretend we’ve reached the part of the movie where Putin says  “you may as well know my plan, since you won’t live to tell anyone, anyway, Mister Bond.” and make some predictions on his next moves.

Putin’s shown pure mastery in manipulating the worlds media and governments. Shoving a rival nation down and to the right has been his signature move for about 10 years. Once the discourse becomes toxic and chaotic he seeds in just enough money to bring the worst political actors to prominence, like say the NRA, and allows them to spread his political poison and maybe self-destruct.    putinpiano

Behind the facelift it’s hard to auger what Putin is thinking. Doubtless he’s smart and he loves to spin the Roulette Wheel of chaos betting on Red all the way.

Will he continue to aptly outmaneuver and control the whole world for the foreseeable future? My prediction is – probably. Its something we should try to fight together.

Its comforting that he’s just one guy and just can’t keep it up  forever. Best case scenario is he starts to focus more internally and improve Russia rather than continue foreign policy. We can only hope. He’s probably more likely to continue breaking legs to sell wheelchairs.  He will shove the world down and to the Right every time.

Trope Time!

Ex KGB Agent Vladimir Putin is, in fact a Real Life Bond Villain. And not a one movie villain either.  Trump’s the movie one Bad Guy who at the end is revealed to serve an even Bigger Bad Guy. We’re talking like 2 more movies of slowly sifting through henchmen to get to the ‘Big Bad” that is Vladimir Putin.

The movie Tropes for Putin Would be “The Man Behind the Man” and “The Big Bad” and for the Hell of it throw it “Star Trek Villain” for his campiness and claiming he’s emotionally moved by un-villian-like Ice Dancing ! The fact is that the world deserves a more impressive villain. As great as he is at manipulating us its crude and violent and his piano game is sub-par for a movie villain. Then again this is the real world and he’s pretty much running it, so we get the villain we deserve not the one we need.

Here he is butchering something along the lines of “Katrina Had a Little Lamb”. No Bond Villain has ever been this bad at an instrument.

We should probably be afraid. Because Hollywood didn’t write this and Putin isn’t a farcical character packing some kind of Golden Gun just waiting to be dispatched by one of Q’s gadgets with some pithy humor. He’s a real Super Criminal and has probably 20 to 30 years left to live. And, surrounded by his oligarch “Dragons” he will likely remain in power for most or all of it.

Real World Aside – Childless Putin seems to have no succession plan. That may save us down the road.

What Would a Movie Villain Do?

Let’s indulge ourselves in the possibilities!

One possibility is we’ve reached the point where the Kremlin’s best move, if Trump really is under their influence, would be do nothing. Putin’s enemy, the United States is destroying itself. Maybe just let it keep going for the time being. It’s a self feeding fire now anyway.  We should acknowledge Putin might have lost the ability to do a whole lot to make things worse anyway. So he may just sit back and have a smoke.

But there’s another, more interesting and dangerous course of action Putin could take as well. One that assumes Putin is an addicted gambler at this point and isn’t ready to walk away from the tables yet. Maybe it would be fun for him to drop The Mueller Report on us. Or, even more likely, release some of his own dirt on Trump and blame it on the Democrats?

It’s a perfect gambit when you recall the Enemy here is the Truth and Reality.  Assuming Putin has part or all of the Mueller Report, and lets face it he created some of the events in it, he could just drop it on us. This would forever call the report into question just because of the source. It would likely take a while for anyone to figure out who really dropped it, so there would be Partisan warfare in the US Government over it. Its obvious Trump’s first instinct will be to blame the Democrats before he ever suspects Putin would punk him….again.

Then, eventually, when it gets connected to the Kremlin the whole report really becomes suspect. In the end there’ll be more than one document claiming to be the “Real” Mueller Report. Expect a few fakes. The media will buy it every time.  No matter which version you read there’ll be doubt in its very fiber.


It could put us into a destabilizing scenario where all outcomes benefit Putin. So maybe the real question is; “Can Putin NOT play a game he’s sure to win” or even “HOW will Putin play a game he can’t lose?”

It’s very possible he’s reached the moment where he releases a scat of frauds and lies on us to really muck things up.

It’s not like he has a track record of failure manipulating, well, all of us. Til Facebook and Twitter find a way to sniff out his bots and fake accounts (like say trying harder) we have the Putn in our phones and on our computers and thats a small victory for him right there.

Vladimir Putin is the most powerful and dangerous person alive. This knife fights not over but boy has the US ever taken a bunch of puncture wounds to the body!

Waddya Think? I want to know; Leave your comments here!

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