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Well if things go right and I have a bit of luck perhaps I will get a chance to meet my new Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and my state senator Mike Gianaris and of course, I have questions for both if i get a chance.

My Expectations

Based on what I saw on the Gianaris site, it seems both the elected officials themselves and some of their staff will be present.  Here’s what it says –

‘Senate Deputy Leader Michael Gianaris and U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will hold mobile office hours to meet with constituents and listen to community concerns at the Woodside Library on Saturday, April 6 from 2:30 to 4:30 pm.’

So I’m thinking the there’s very good chance the elected officials themselves will be there, so I plan to shave. Other than that, maybe I’ll wear a collared shirt and eschew my usual Yankee hat. I’ll have my smart phone to tweet a little and probably a notebook.

So let me be clear; the event, advertised as Mobile Town Hall and doesn’t say for sure in so many words the actual politicians will be there. I’m not overly concerned. It in many ways doesn’t matter so long as the outreach is real. So while it would be great to meet both, it’s not core to why I’m going. I have concerns as a citizen of this fine town.

Maybe the staff only would even be preferable as the office people might meet with me one on one and talk about my personal concerns. The chances I get tongue-tied and can’t get my point across plummet if I’m not talking to a sort of prestigious politician.

If this is what happens I’m still pretty happy, after all it’s not about meeting the politician as much as getting your voice heard.



I expect to a packed house at the Woodside Library this Saturday afternoon. There will probably media. If AOC herself is there the worlds eyes will momentarily be on Woodside and that makes me feel pretty great just right there. We’re a good town and diversity works here.

AOC From The Local Voter Perspective

Ocasio-Cortez is the Congressional Representative this town wanted and deserved. Shes as much of a rock star here as she is on TV and there’s pretty much universal agreement she’s doing great so far. Everyone else can say what they want, around here it’s so far, so good and stay on the present course as far as how we see AOC

Remember, AOC blew out progressive, Trump hating, but establishment Joe Crowley, a 10 term incumbant by outflanking him to the LEFT! This guy was the old outlier and one of the furthest Left guys in Congress . He sat on countless committees and it’s not like he was all that bad, but suddenly he was a moderate by comparison. And in a surprising upset, she smoked him.  It’s okay Joe Crowley will be fine. Maybe he runs fo governor. No one hates him, but we just like AOC  a whole lot more. Even Crowley seemed to get that part of it.

I’m Not Really “On Assignment”

I’m Not Going As A Blogger, I Am Going as a New York Congressional District 14 Voter.  So this is something I would be going to if I never blogged a word. That said I can still write a little about it later. I’m not going to ask policy questions, I’m going to ask about my local concerns as a local citizen and voter.

I will however blog about how it goes down. I can talk about it from a 30,000 foot view on my own experiences after it happens. If she’s in fact there I hope to get the selfie I should have gotten last time I met AOC, briefly, while she was campaigning.

If I get a chance to ask questions to the actual politicians I’ll try to record the answers on my phone for accuracy reporting the answers. Again, it looks like I’ll be seeing more the staff of the representatives than the elected officials themselves, but hey, that’s absolutely what it’s all about.

On the Off Chance Its More a Town Hall

I hope the event stays small. Personally I want it to stay low-key at this but there could be tons of media there and any given moment could be chosen by any given network to ‘go with’ and I am a little uncomfortable that Fox News or someone else sinister decides to show me as ‘the worlds dumbest libtard’ for something.  Breitbart or some InfoWars type site my just blast off on anyone they talk to or who gets caught on TV or video. I didn’t see anything about a livestream from this, but who knows?

So while I won’t be the only Blogger there I’m pretty sure I’ll be the only local of the district but maybe one of the nicest bloggers there I hope! And I wont be interviewing anyone on the street or anything, just providing some impressions of the attendees maybe.

So just going there is a slight risk to your privacy, and definitely your Twitter dignity, if that’s really worth all that much. Hey, thats the price of doing the business of responsible citizenship in the light of day. I’ll deal with it. This is part of the way to solve problems that were born in smoky backrooms or caused by the secretive and disastrous Trump Administration.

Since I do vote here and I am a literal potential “Person on the Street” interview I will try not to talk to Fox, if i see that microphone cube I say no. Other media I may share some thoughts if approached.

Here’s what I hope to ask – These are the same questions I would ask if I a simply speak to a staffer anyway.

My Questions For State Senator Gianaris

  • Is there time to require 2020 require candidates, especially for President, to show their tax returns to even be on the ballot in New York State? This seems the biggest single problem that wrong back in 2016 when we elected a likely criminal. If he didn’t break the law we deserve the insights as to how so much failure could still leave the guy so rich so we can get rich too!
  • Why is the New York State Medical Marijuana Law so impossible to get done? Why is the New York State Compassionate Care Medical Price 300% higher than the California Medical Price? The state is throwing money away.
  • Violent Street crime spikes at closing time most nights. Can we keep the NYPD sweeping through at closing time? Lives will be saved

What I Have to say to the Amazing “#AOC”, Rep Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez 

  • Thanks for justifying my faith in voting for you.  Thanks for helping stop Amazon
  • I would respectfully suggest that talking more about the potential of the Green New Jobs would help people think more positively about the Green New Deal.
  • Student Loan debt is a problem for me. Thank you for making it an issue and I trust you to stay with it.
  • Queens has taken a beating in its reputation because Trump’s from here. Thank you for helping rehabilitate our image
  • Please don’t change.

I’ll check in with my feelings after it all wraps up. Who knows what journalists, pundits or local luminaries I may see. I’m looking forward to an exciting and informative two hours.






Waddya Think? I want to know; Leave your comments here!

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