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Despite the glib charm of a sociopath Fred Cogan’s personality is that of a high handed jerk. He’s indiscreet and might just be banned from practicing in New Jersey. Personally I hope he reads this and tries to maybe change his ways (and takes a medical refresher course).

Secretive “Doctor” Fredric Cogan – UNPROFESSIONAL, SHADY and has Covered His Tracks Online 

Here’s a review  I found when i spent 2 hours creeping his internet footprint.  It’s on Vitals.com. It lines up with what most people say, like that he doesnt bother with stuff like keeping records or getting test results or even take blood.  He’ll put you on  or take you off serious meds on a whim!

This is rank incompetence and sheer greed. I consider him almost an accomplice to murder by this point. Guess its useful in litigation. By freewheeling it without testing people for anything by the time the patient figures it out, IF they figure it out) and he gets sued; they’re at Deaths Door from his Quackery and he just has to delay court proceedings. Soon enough you’ll be dead from malpractice and his problems will be solved. You know how easy it is to get a temporary adjournment?

Screenshot 2019-10-31 at 2.16.36 AM

Over the course of my life I’ve seen him about 12 times in 3 different decades and I find him to be one of the most unprofessional doctors this side of a M*A*S*H* rerun. If he’s a character from that show he’s Frank Burns. Always my second or 3rd choice he simply operates in the area I grew up in and isn’t ever all that booked up (wonder why?).
I didn’t expect him to punish and shame me. I figured he’d take the money I was trying to give him and, while he would of course be a dick the whole time, maybe he’d just do his job. No such luck.


He quite a fan of himself, just ask him. Aside from the fact he seemingly couldn’t get into a real medical school and has covered up 15 years of his career for some reason that you can bet is pretty good, he’s an open book. He’s  completely transparent in the sense you can see a Search Engine Optimization Damage Control Team seems to have filled the 1st 2 pages of his Google results with one line descriptions over and over, on page 3 or so things get more authentic.

He thinks he’s Floral Parks answer to TV’s Doctor House, but is more ‘Dr Outhouse’ because he comes across like hes full of shit (he is).

I wouldn’t send my worst enemy to him for as much as an aspirin. He’d misdiagnose a hangnail. The only thing he has in common with House might be that both seem to have had legal or porfessional issues in New Jersey.  We don’t know, what the HELL he did wrong BEFORE the Internet. That’s probably the only reason he was able to move his medicine show from Jersey to New York and get away with it.

Screenshot 2020-03-10 at 4.47.33 PM

No Professional Accolades and a Hard to Fathom Move

So a man with no professional awards and no specialization suddenly is ambitious enough to take a whole new set of medical exams all over again in the neighboring state? Sounds like he lost his license to me. Yellowpages says “Speaks English” as his sole distinguishing trait. Not good. What did he do? Did he arrogantly fuck up and hurt someone? That’s what I think.

I have experienced firsthand and have suffered from his incompetence. How mediocre is he? Well they dont give 2 point 2 Stars to just anyone (he’s pushed up to about 3 of 5 of late), you gotta earn that kind of mediocrity. And surely one of the high ratings is from him and others from his SEO guy, so maybe he’s actually a 2 out of 5! Reviews of his work are few and far between. Seems his medical experience is about as current and useful as the art of making wooden barrels. So, almost nil.

His pathetic 3.7 of 5  stars  rating on google should frighten ANYONE.

Screenshot 2019-06-25 at 7.38.38 PM

This is about the highest rating he has on any site.  On Vitals.com he reviews at 3 of 5 stars. Thats only good for movie ratings. The math says hes just a hair below 50-50, which is bad odds to gamble on your life, he doesnt care though. Fred “Not So Great at Medicine” is incompetent or lazy and greedy. He not test for problems, avoids sending samples to labs to lazily avoid paper work and just wings it. Theres no way he hores staff that are qualified, hes cheap as a seersucker suit from the Salvation army.

Fred is almost a doctor from another time. His knowledge is so out of date its seemingly from when Barbers gave medical treatment. I didn’t notice a jar of leeches, but it fits with his out of it and foolish ideas.

Screenshot 2019-10-31 at 2.00.46 AM

So he and an employee seem to be the only people whose opinions made it on most websites. What reads like its real is mostly bad.

The comments are, and he paid for them if you ask me – “He has great bedside manner”? I laughed when I read that. That’s like a kindergarten teacher saying they’re good with children. It’s a minimal standard at best. I think he wrote that one himself because he has no beds and no manners. Just tables and a God Complex. Right out of Marketing 101, promote yourself by calling your flaws strengths. Its just not true. He’s aggressively angry and rude. He once raised his voice to me regarding my insurance and showed no compassion from that was real. Something the next guy caught- with a simple blood test!

He’s more a businessman than a doctor. Thinking Patient or Visitor are his only titles in ANY hospital. Could every hospital be wrong? Or is it simply just too risky to allow his total shitshow in there?

No one has responded, as he and all are free to in the comments section, to assert that he can go in to any hospital, and this is not a recent post.

The internet footprint he has surely paid to be scrubbed doesn’t tell you much except he has things he needs to hide.

Why is the “Medical School” he went to some unknown place in the Middle East?

Why was it that every school in the US, Canada or Mexico (or even Grenada) was apparently unwilling to admit him as a student?

If you think about it I guess “Trying Hard to Avoid Going to Vietnam” is maybe his best possible excuse and it just goes downhill fast from there! Really only he knows.

All rating sites combined have a total of about 2 dozen reviews TOTAL. And one of each of them (at least) were surely written by him.

These are my  opinions, experiences and feelings about a guy holding many lives in his hands. Some of them are my friends. You deserve better.  I’ve also compiled what little there is on the internet, none of which is that impressive and all of which is suspect and possibly scrubbed. If you didn’t vote for Hillary over her missing Emails why would you go to a doctor whose apparently lost HALF HIS CAREER?? Isn’t that allegedly a sign of incompetence? And he’s the guy checking out YOUR HEART! Something he DOESN’T even have?

When you Google around searching for information the biggest thing you find out is he’s pretty much ghosted his a huge chunk of his professional life from the internet.

That’s a tough and pricey thing to do. It would possibly show he knows he is pretty incompetent, but he likes your money too much to become a mere pharmacist.

He’s intellectually vain. He’s not open and transparent thats for sure. I don’t think he has much of a conscience.

Screenshot 2019-06-24 at 6.16.33 PM

0 out of 5 stars on Yellowpages website


only image i could find online

Arrogant, Mysterious and Indiscreet  

This arrogant guy should not be a doctor. Or even a vet.

He acts more like an angry school teacher most of the time. I’m still reeling over the fact a doctor would call a patient “A Dismal Character” because they needed prescriptions refilled that he never bothered checking out. That was his opening line. Was it because he already knew I wouldn’t be coming back and was pissed? Who knows? The guys got a bad temper.

No Other Options

I had an opportunity out of state to advance myself and I needed my medication renewed before I left town. I had also decided to fire my shrink and I didn’t a general practitioner at that moment. I winced at the idea of going to Fred but my reasons were legitimate and I had not seen him have a tantrum yet. I just knew he was prone to yelling when making any point.

Truth be told- I was looking to change shrinks, it was sort of time consuming. I was down to like 2 days of meds and going there just made sense. Had the guy had even a 19th Century view of psychology it would have been no big deal. Like he really doesn’t respect people who ask for any kind of psych meds.

But at that moment I thought “Ok he’s not the best but he can fill these almost mundane prescriptions I can prove I’ve been on for years and  at least I’ll have a month to find a new shrink.”

I was already less than a fan but I figured an honest appeal to his professionalism and compassion would get me the medicines I had been on for a couple of  years til I could swap out therapists. Its no big deal unless the person you ask to help you is angry and semi-incompetent. So I went and I asked and things started off badly. I showed him my medical records and told him my situation and there was no compassion there. In fact what happened was it triggered a prolonged angry outburst and some semi-public shaming. He’s big on yelling.

In my experiences Fred Cogan possesses zero professionalism and has as much compassion as a robot.

The HIPPA Violation, Childish Meltdown and Lies 

Doc Cogan is an ill tempered easily triggered scream-y Primadonna who has to perform for the patients in his waiting room to appear like a doctor. So while he actually is a doctor its all about being something of a performer. Think Snake Oil Guy here.

While accolades are hard to find on his walls he wears the full white coat get up and tries to look important. I mean, hes a local doctor, wheres the ‘Good Bedside Manner” when the guys dressed like a stuffy-type doctor extra on an episode of Scubs?

Like Doctor Phil he spends most of his time and energy acting. Even so the result is he comes off as a strained and unpleasant man whose in over his head as a physician.

He was horrible to me and made sure to tell his whole waiting room, filled with my friends and neighbors, heard the names of the medications I needed as he grandstand about what he would and wouldn’t give me, making sure to BLURT OUT ALL SPECIFICS in his very public waiting room. So if you go to him the prospect he disassembles you in front of people you know is on the table. He’s got fits to throw and doesn’t care.

The 20 some odd people in there looked at me like I was scum, but one person got up and left, presumably shaken and maybe afraid of what “Doctor” Cogan would do to him when his turn came. He was the smartest person in that room that day.

Why am I okay discussing I go to a shrink and take meds? Soon the whole town knew after that anyway. I heard  back from people. It’s a small town he seeded gossip. I resent it, but here we are. It was his idea this be made public by shouting it in his waiting room in my hometown, and it followed me around. So I’m telling my side of the story.

Screenshot 2019-06-24 at 5.57.50 PM

3.2 of 5 stars from about a dozen reviews in 46 years is the best he could do

The evidence is right there in his horrific demeanor.  This is based on mostly my own personal experiences.  Besides, I feel guilty letting others be mislead by a guy who I feel only cares about his wallet and is, in my opinion nothing but a huge charlatan. Throw in a penchant to yell and a loud speaking voice and its just toxic to be around him.

I would pity his staff if working for him wasn’t so unethical. He was brisk and brittle to his paying patient, whats it like when he’s paying you?

As far as reviews the people who think he’s great are just his friends and a few fake accounts some SEO guy created to help him out. His lone 5 star reviewer has never reviewed anything else on Google, he’s fake, heres the proof-


So either he lies about his reputation or someone just woke up and decided to overly praise him one day. You decide whats more likely

It sure looks like this person, so moved to support Cogan, whose only other review is for a place is Japan and has no info and no pictures posted is just fake. As fake as Fred’s smile.

In these troubled times can a man who has to create fake endorsements deserve your trust? If he were painting houses with that rating you wouldn’t allow him to paint yours, would you? Cause throw out that fake 5 star reviews and hes around a 1.9 out of 5.

The lack of information online, and the fact he seems to have PAID a Search Engine Optimization guy to cover his tracks from 1974 til now on the internet seems to be damning enough. Compassion-less and indiscreet, he will blab about your prescriptions and condition in a waiting room full of your neighbors. He enjoys it. He’s an actor more than anything else, and a bad and dangerous one at that; faking it every minute while he gets richer.

Seems since 1974 he’s received NO MEDICAL AWARDS, and NO recognition of any kind he can put on the internet. I think he’s on the Floral Park Chamber of Commerce, so he probably has “Best Doctor At 176 Tulip Avenue” on a plaque. That’s about as much as he deserves.

The internet wasn’t around yet, so he’s gotten away with it longer than he should have. There’s lots of questions but very few answers.

Everyone Will Know Why You’re There

Like I said, last time I went to see him I just had no choice. As I awaited him he loudly spoke to a woman I know just feet away about serious issues.  As usual he just wasn’t sure what was wrong with her even after the many visits he mentioned, but he still enjoyed telling her bad news loudly. Through the half open door I could SEE THEM looking at images in his idiotically public x-ray viewer. They were too shocked and upset to notice, but I was mortified for them. A bad feeling set in.

Every time I saw her after I want to tell her but Im not her doctor and it would seriously upset anyone. It shouldn’t have happened in the first place! I haven’t seen her in a long time now, who knows where his incompetence landed her. The poor woman could well be dead from his lack of integrity.

I watched them, mystified, as he victimized them with a HIPPA violation and  ‘interpreted” her chest X-Rays! I didnt see anything about being a radiologist anywhere. He’s NOT qualified but he does not care and is too cheap to be through.

It was so avoidable an error. Had he thought through ANY of his methods? Had he even bothered letting a radiologist look or was he freelancing? He was baffled; so I guess the second. She was in tears and just needed better care. Fred didn’t even consider that option. Fred doesn’t suffer from the Dunning-Kruger Effect. He knows he’s mediocre and just doesn’t care. Her boyfriend, who I went to HIgh School with, was there trying to do the right thing comforting her and I don’t think they appreciate what I overheard.  How do I tell them? It was just WRONG.

Simply put Cogan was raking in more and more cash from his own incompetence! He didn’t recommend a specialist, for a LUNG PROBLEM and just set her up for another appointment. CHA-CHING! Hey if she gets better or goes to a better doctor he loses money, right? So he was out of his league and couldn’t help, but he was motivated to keep getting paid. So much for “Do No Harm.” Thanks for the moral dilemma, Fred.

Funny how it doesn’t bother him that he’s doing things so unprofessionally when even I know better, and I’m a mere college grad, he’s DOCTOR! Or at least he’s a doctor in New York, and maybe the Golan Heights. I’m thinking he may be forbidden from touching ANYONE in New Jersey due to botching a boob job or cutting off the wrong leg. Or his terrible temper, or his general lack of any skill.

What Happened in his Hidden Wasted Years?

What did he do for 25 years that landed him in another state starting over about a quarter century after Med School? It’s not like he moved to California for the weather. He stayed close to New Jersey. It seems he couldn’t just move to the next town in that state. He instead opted for a long commute, through and past New York City and all that traffic, to the most western town on Long Island. To a town with plenty of doctors already. Floral Park was probably the closest place he could go to start over. It seems really odd, but he’s not saying why.

As I’ve said, I think he HAD to LEAVE New Jersey because he was just incompetent and got in trouble. So he’s is playing the citizens of Floral Park for suckers. He’s also playing god. He likes doing both.

If I’m wrong he could always respond. Or list his credentials in the town paper. I doubt he’d need much Ad Space to cover his accomplishments.

A Public Shaming Rather than Compassion and Treatment

When it was my turn to face his ‘selection process’ or whatever you call the insane nazi-like way he acted towards me, he came in like he was shot out of a cannon and almost foaming at the mouth. Was he drunk or high from a little snack from his small fridge of drugs?

Never dropping below a blistering shout he admonished me for having come to him at all and described me in cruel, demeaning terms because I take some psych meds. So he’s a believer in Eugenics on that count. He was shouting and it escalated as he fed off his own preposterus indignance. At this point I ready to be examined and couldn’t simply leave, it was a clever angle of attack. An attack he ENJOYED. I was near naked and cornered. It was AWFUL!

I told him to shove his character assessment up his ass as he doesn’t have a psych degree and asked to return to the matter at hand- I had no doctor and needed my meds or I’d end up in a hospital ER from the physical effects of a cold turkey withdrawal. It was dangerous and bad for me, the supposed patient. He was an ass about the whole thing and was surely getting off on the scene he was acting out (like I said he thinks he’s a TV doctor). He was more than happy to expose me to danger. He seemed to enjoy that too, He’s a judgmental prick. Great trait for a “Healer”. In keeping with the spirit of Josef Mengele! I dont think even lowly unknown Middle Eastern Med Schools would countenance that. So hes worse than a rookie with no experience.

He couldn’t have cared less about my medical problem and was biased against people who need psych meds.. He just kept preaching in a vacuum of facts, spitballing hateful opinions of a non medical nature about me.

He shouted out he considered my visit there as an attempt at seeking drugs. Is there even a black market for Latuda?  So I said “Fuck you” got dressed and went to take care of the bill, which is to say I was informing the secretary that I’d received NO treatment and requested my records (he never sent them). Thankfully I wasn’t yet out of meds and was able to not punch him in the face like I would have if someone attacked me verbally on the street. Hes a cowardly bully.

Not getting paid for 2 minutes of verbally abusing me might have set him off. Guys all about money. He flipped out. His already bad behavior deteriorated into a screaming fit. I was walking away pulling on my shirt. He stepped right into the lobby and began his unseemly soliloquy.

He again assaulted me verbally, but now publicly. It was humiliating. He enjoyed playing to the audience. He took pleasure in belittling me. When I told him “Hey, not in here:” he looked shocked and I guess already knew how unethical he was acting, he just likes to belittle people. His secretary looked up momentarily with a sad look of sheer embarrassment. She’d surely seen this before.”Its fine” Cogan knowingly lied to the gaping crowd more than me. “It’s not fine, in fact it;s probably illegal” were the last words I said as I walked out of his little death camp of an office. “Dick!” I seethed as I walked to my car.

That’s right, I went for help and he insulted me and belittled me and yelled my diagnosis out loud, complete with details and medicines, in his waiting room. Unethical at best. Half those people knew me. He’s a creep. I barely maintained my composure. I was already in a bad place. He just needed to yell at someone. Is he a drunk? He’s got enough anger.

An hour later a different local doctor handed me the scripts with compassion and I sure wish I’d gone there first. He may have saved my life, he definitely spared me a trip to the ER or worse.

Almost Absent from the Internet in 2019 -So Whats He Hiding? 

This guy has worked harder to stay off the internet than he ever did at that Middle Eastern medical school. Theres only nefarious, vague stuff. I have  bigger internet footprint. He’s hiding something pretty bad is what it seems like.

One thing i Found was “No Malpractice Suits IN NEW YORK”.  First of all what does “No Malpractice Suits in New York” mean? It didnt say “No Mlpractice suits” so he’s probably just settled out of court, or more likely, conned the person til they died.

As we all now finally know; after being a doctor from the early 70s he just materializes in Floral Park a quarter century later? With no internet yet he must have laughed his ass off at the new set of rubes he would con.

I’m betting he has a few legal and professional problems back home in Jersey. When he showed up in New York and even up til now he has no track record he’s willing to show. Sure looks like he fucked someone up in a different state. Here’s the link to his 2 sentence bio.

Or – read it here – Dr. Fredric Cogan, MD is a family medicine specialist in Floral Park, NY and has been practicing for 45 years. He graduated from Sackler School Of Medicine, Tel Aviv University in 1974 and specializes in family medicine.

Two sentences is all he’s got? He’s at it almost a half century and it boils down to 2 sentences? One of which is simply his location? Not good.


If you can figure this out tell me, here’s all i don’t know –






WHY DOES HE HAVE A FRIGHTENINGLY LOW 3.2 of 5 STARS on the Real Yellowpages site? WORSE- WHY DOES HE HAVE ZERO STARS and no reviews ON Yelp ? A rating  site thats now 15 years old? I think it took effort.

He has all of 12 reviews on that Yellowpages site and barely breaks even. He’s a hair away from being rated bad because the truth is he’s mediocre. And I’m pretty sure he wrote one review himself and probably hired someone to write at least one more. Without that he could be like 2.5 out of 5. Are you okay with that? If so, put me in your will. I like money too.

Remember- he started in 1974 but has apparently never done anything to distinguish himself and earned DISMAL RATINGS! (you see what i did there?)

His reputation is subpar and his specialty? He has NONE. FAMILY PRACTICE is all he admits too. What specialty did he fail at? Or was it a character issue? Was he a pill pusher in the day and thats why hes so angry when people need medicine? Hes just angrily thinking of the money hes losing because he’s a greedy dick.

It’s odd. Most guys eventually get good at something they can put on their sign. One site describes his specialty as “General.” Meanwhile he can’t diagnose worth a shit, so why even bother?

Your family doctor is essentially supposed to be able to figure out whats wrong with you quick and if he can’t help you send you to someone who can. So he’s 0 for 2 in the only 2 things you need your General Practitioner to be good at. Just using the internet is probably about as good, and you can also find REAL doctors with real bios on it. Fred’s got only a one sentence description. Part of that sentence is simply stating the year he graduated. What was he? A phrenologist?

I think he’s a quack. One mans opinion. Go ahead, search the internet and if you find any answers I’ll amend this post.

You Wouldn’t Take This From Your Mechanic, Why’s a Doctor Any Different?

Would you hire a roofer or mechanic to do any job if he’d been at it for 50 years but has no details, no testimonials, but says ‘hey trust me?’ Of course not.

This isn’t your replaceable house or your car, IT’S YOUR ONE AND ONLY LIFE AND THE LIVES OF YOUR LOVED ONES. What is it he won’t let us know? For all we know he killed someone or messed up someone in whatever his ‘specialty’ once was. Who practices anything for 50 years and has no accolades? Even chiropractor Dr Ruppolo on Tulip ave once consulted with NASA! And hes not actually a medical doctor! so whats up with Fred?

Is he just a failed plastic surgeon who disfigured someone? Did he get caught at work drunk? He’s got a 25 year gap in his career. He’s invited speculation.

On one site there’s all of maybe 4 testimonials, two apparently written by him because both revues are 5 stars when he pulls between zero and 3&1/2 of 5 stars everywhere else. He still had a low rating is spite of this. It’s not a representative sample and they shouldn’t have rated him at all based on less then a half dozen opinions total since 1974!!!

“Drop-Dead Fred” Cogan has kept most of  the key information about his professional life off the internet. No small feat in 2019. Seems like he paid an SEO expert and a lawyer to sanitize his internet footprint, which is so small you can read it all in 4 minutes.

You gotta wonder why. I think its cause his past performances have gotten him in trouble. If he disagrees he can write to me here and I’ll be happy to listen, but he probably won’t because he really is an just arrogant guy.

Why the ghosting? Is he just afraid if we’re already on the internet to book an appointment his shady reputation will be right out there and people will rightly move on? I think so. Simpest answer is – he’s hiding something and rightfully ashamed he couldnt get into an American (ot maybe even Canadian) Med School. I bet he graduated low in his class.


As good a Doctor as Howard the Duck is a movie

Poorly Rated and Has Scrubbed the Internet

He’ll let you get sicker and if you die he’ll sleep like a baby.  He once blamed ME for the disease he, shocker, couldn’t pin down. Turns out one glimpse at my blood through a microscope revealed the problem IMMEDIATELY. So thorough is NOT in his lexicon.  I already found him lacking as a human being and a doctor, but I needed my meds.  I was on these medications for years and they were triple prescribed in the sense every REAL doctor was all for the course of treatment. But this guys not a REAL doctor. Real Doctors are discreet and caring.

He’s an internet mystery in the Digital Age. Im not sure who he even is he’s covered his tracks covered so well. How does this guy even have patients with no internet footprint? I think it’s simply LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! And why doesnt anyone google this guy before going there? He’d be making people sicker in Maryland or something by now if they did!

The little you find on the internet about Fred is not good. Were I him I’d be all over the internet setting people straight with a rebuttal. He’s not. Could it be because calling him a bad doctor has already held up to legal scrutiny? There’s probably court papers somewhere (in New Jersey) certifying he’s a bad doctor in so many words and he CAN’T answer the charges or change the verdict.

If he’s never done an internet search on himself, wouldn’t that alone be sort of reckless and dumb?  Thats plain old bad judgement. FROM A DOCTOR! These are 2 traits that fit well with the guy who mistreated and admonished me from his high horse like an asshole.

I would think he would address these issues if he could, so the fact he hasn’t may mean he can’t. If theres another Dr Fred Cogan ruining his rep you’d think he’d try to establish an online rebuttal where he shows his pelts and degrees. If it exists anywhere I couldn’t find it.

So youre relationship starts off with a lie. How’s that usually work out? You’d walk out on your Tinder date for this kind of deception, why take it from him?

I think he’ll shorten your life and just blame you. He’s a self important prima donna. Is he just overcompensating because he doesn’t know what he’s talking about? Were his parents just failures who raised a jerk? Wheres his credentials? Of course he’s got a great lobby, he has to take your mind off the things that aren’t on his wall. Things like Diplomas and certifications. Last time I was there he was in Floral Park like 20 years and still hadn’t got around to it. Could it be because he never earned a prestigious degree and is hiding how unqualified he is? The only case for going to him is if you judge doctors by the magazines in their waiting rooms. That’s his strongest area. Seriously.

HIs bio leaves simply omits what he did for the first 25 years of his career, about half. Nothing between 1974 until he pops up in New York in the 90s can be found. Did he just blow off 25 years of his career as unpostable? Ask him, see what he says.

When I asked where he went to medical school he just said he was very backed up and changed the subject. He’s evasive. So the question is WHY?

If you need a compassionate doctor, look elsewhere.


This is the only thing the internet verifies – his address, a former porno movie studio, once occupied by a therapist who went to jail.  I consider it an ongoing crime scene. It certainly isn’t a very lucky place historically.

As for Cogan? He’s out of step, slow to comprehend and is hostage to his narrow-minded ways. He probably has leeches somewhere and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear him say that someones medical problems were that their bodily humors were out of balance. He would have been perfect around 1860.

Do you want a doctor whose just bad at analyzing medical information? Do you? Do you really? Well then go to Fred.

He lacks the compassion a good doctor needs and his knowledge is more outdated every year. As he approaches retirement he probably cares less than ever. If the internet was around in 1974 I bet he’d be a Dog Catcher at best by now.


So thats my personal experiences and opinion of this ‘doctor’.  Lets him sue WordPress and see if he gets anywhere. Barry School of Law wasn’t able to pull down the truth i posted about them, and they’re a law school with nothing BUT attorneys. He wont be able to silence me either either.

This is still America, I have the right to tell the truth just as Freddie Kruger Cogan has the right try to scrub what he can off the the internet.  This post is not going away.

He looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck so I’ll just say it- All signs are he sucks at his job. He’s just too self important to quit. He’s a Quack.

Were he to become an insult comedian he certainly has the skills.

He’s Don Rickles in a lab coat as far as I’m concerned.

Go elsewhere, the life you save will be your own.

What’s great is I think we have the same lawyer so if he comes after me it’s the B Team for him up against me and the 1st Amendment. I won’t need counsel to destroy any legal attempt to smother the truth. And then I’ll sue his ass for Unjust Persecution and win acting as my own lawyer. He’ll probably act out on court and hand me an easy win. Lawyers tend to hate doctors anyway. So I’m just not concerned.

Theodor Morell was more qualified and less abusive, whats that say?