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Star Trek’s terrible Picard show masquerades as a direct sequel to Star Trek The Next Generation; but the character simply doesn’t line up. Picard badly written and was refused by Netflix. Washing this garbage story through Patrick Stewart doesn’t magically make it good. The show is an incoherent mashup of contrivances, bad continuity and the inept self contradiction.

Overcomplicated, unaware and dumb, Picard is just a bad show. Its almost like the writers are completely unaware of the characters rich past.


When Star Trek The Next Generation debuted we were introduced to a new captain that would soon become one of the greatest characters in all Sci-Fi history- Jean-Luc Picard. He was brave but also resourceful in a cerebral manner that was still exciting. An intrepid explorer he would use force as a last resort but then was a formidable combat commander.

For 7 seasons Picard was the leader fans aspire to be. Smart, competent, compassionate and modest. His word was as genuine as his ferocity in battle. Not respecting the effectiveness of Jean Luc-Picard proved many a formidable foe’s undoing.

The just and peaceful had no greater friend and the wicked had no greater enemy than Captain Jean-luc Picard and the crew of Enterprise-D (and much later E). Even the Borg were stymied again and again by Picard. The only success the enemies of Star Fleet have during his time accounting for Picard as he’s their greatest asset. Even the Borg kidnap and Assimilate Picard as a prelude to their first true attack on the Federation.

The captains leadership style was to be rigid but fair while developing personal relationships with his officers, developing their skills and teamwork abilities.

Picard was presented as a good leader from the start, but one who who was open to growing and improving at his job. He evolved over the course of the show, from a man who dislikes children to having a great capacity for warmth and the ability to be avuncular.

Though the movies for this crew were a mixed bag Patrick Stewart’s portrayal of Picard along with a beloved supporting cast mostly entertained. We left off with some characters lost but the dignity of all more or less intact. Now we have a new Picard show and it shows a very different Jean-Luc Picard.

By the end of dismal season one he’s simply replaced by a nerfed Data-style replicant of himself that happens to be played by the same actor.


The Next Generation story had been deeply explored and the time to move on finally came. Then creatively bankrupt Alex Kurtzman and his crew of hack writers were given the keys to Star Trek and run it into the ground. As fans turn away in horror from awful new characters in terrible stories the writers went with what could have been a sure thing- bring back Picard. Using Patrick Stewart to resurrect and cannibalize the Picard character was all they had to bait the fans.

The new Picard series falls apart as soon as the appeal of seeing Patrick Stewart again wears off. While the cast in general is mostly capable we got a subversive Last Jedi type story where Picard quickly lost his charm.

Rebooted Picard was passionless despite his words. He is now an enormous failure hated by all. The matrix hes judged by is simply unfair but Picard is the first one to say its his fault. He loves to be blamed and derided, seeking it out.

His diplomatic skills were insufficient for rescuing the adversarial Romulans from their dying Solar system. The fact the Romulans had a really long time to flee but were too arrogant is blamed on Picard and hes fine with that. The fact the Romulans were shown as being invested in many solar systems is forgotten by writers in the rush to heap blame on the least involved person, who only tried to help.

The Romulan Rescue, which seems pretty morally correct, is botched and seemingly has broken the Federation financially. Rather than take any accountability or just use their massive military armada to just take over an unoccupoied solar system the Romulans opt for a terrible life as refugees. This is played like its Picard’s fault and the character buys it wholesale. Im not exactly a Star Trek Bootstrap Republican here, but wow is anyone responsible for their own fate in this galaxy or has EVERYONE been screwed out of a better life by Picard? Even friends like Riker and Troi lose their child because the technology that would have saved their life was illegal. This is also partly Picard’s fault.

Picard’s ineptitude had destroyed most of what he stood for. He is a complete failure with a reputation on par with someone like Oliver North or a former Nixon official who was dirty but never convicted.

Picard is newly backward, immoral and inhumane. He’s a confirmed serial failure and an unrealistic dreamer.

Starfleet Command simply detest Picard. They’re still reeling from a whole different Picard Mercy Mission that failed- Robot Rights. Soong-Type androids such as Data are now banned due to a violent robot uprising that destroys the Federation shipyards on Mars.

Incredibly, the technology for android creation has taken massive backward steps despite working prototypes that have been studied for decades. The robots, once called Androids- are now called synths. They are now child-like and can become homicidal at any moment. They also commit suicide. At some point a few years back they became completely illegal due to the loss of life in the Martian robot uprising- which has made the planet uninhabitable.

By the time we’re caught up on whats happened we can only call Picard a huge failure. He’s botched his Romulan Rescue and set back Robot Rights a hundred years. Everything hes ever touched, including the Federation- has turned to garbage due to his influence. Romulans and Robots have a useless and embarrssing friend in Picard. He’s also no friend of justice for Federation Citizens either.

When Agnes murderers her lover Bruce Maddox its no big deal to immoral Picard, who is still ‘human’ at this point. Despicable Picard never shows any interest in seeing Agnes facing any consequences for murder. It seems he’s complicit by not reporting it. So he’s no longer a good person even before transforming to a weak neurotic robot. Allowing someone to simply murder another person when there are authorities and a justice system- one Picard swore to uphold- is profoundly wrong.

Pictured: Sir Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard of the CBS All Access series STAR TREK: PICARD. Photo Cr: Trae Patton/CBS ©2019 CBS Interactive, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

This new deeply incompetent and insecure Picard is simpy not the same character. The traits we admired were turned into flaws. His confidence has become vain arrogance. His humanity is now useless sentimentality. His decisiveness is now impulsive stupidity and all his charm is gone.

Reduced and rebooted Picard is a shadow of the man we knew. He’s uninteresting and has no charisma. He speaks in unclear riddles when he wonders all thoughts out loud. In space he’s terrified and useless. C3P0 henpicking Han Solo in Empire Strikes Back comes to mind.

There is no Picard at all at the end of season 1. The character dies, partly of embarrassment after Data explains to him that theres simply no point in being alive. Data speaks on behalf of the audience and begs to be killed. Who could blame him. The Character of Picard has been warped and destroyed into an immoral and incompetent robot that no one likes.

Well, I don’t like him either and regard this as a Kelvin Timeline story that any decent writer can make go away. There’s no need to watch this show. In fact, boycotting this show would be a much better plan. Enabling the further destruction of Star Trek is simply masochistic. Star Trek Fans should Abandon Ship until these current creators are fired.

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