Elliot Page makes Bid to be The Flash

UPDATED- Elliot Page has an awesome agent. This story I posted days ago is now showing up elsewhere and has only gained momentum since. Elliot Page seems to have a real shot at this.

So far Page has played the game well. Whether or not his agent seeded the clouds by making the suggestion in the first place is still unknown, this possibility is being considered seriously at the highest levels. The story reported here first days ago got some validation just about 24 hours ago.

Online sci-fi publication Giant Freaking Robot; my evil competitors; who have money and news gathering capacity like I can only wish for- has reported ‘there are insiders claiming that Warner Bros. Discovery is highly considering Page for the role.’

Page has managed to get into the conversation for the role of DC’s The Flash, seemingly organically. Page apparently has never publicly commented on this. Well played, Elliot.

All I can say is “If you want to be a prominent actor try to get representation from the same people Page uses.” This is a pretty smart thought balloon to float for Page, so credit where credit is due.

My initial thought about this was “They do have sort of similar faces.”

Since Ezra Miller continues to act like their Bizarre-o World double has taken their place, recasting is likely just a matter of time.

Proponents of Page are advancing some traditional reasons for the move, like that Page is a solid citizen who has an impressive acting resume.

They are also suggesting something more novel; that swapping Ezra and Elliot would be a one for one on the Diversity Hiring scale. This is something Miller himself would have to agree with. This seems the least important component, but certainly isn’t hurting Page’s case.

Elliot Page

Page was impressive in movies like Inception and Juno. He’s also relevant in Sci fi for his role in ‘The Umbrella Academy,’ a show rolling into its fourth season on Netflix. Page has also been around a pretty long time and is not known for any of the kinds of behaviors that have been dogging Miller. In fact, Elliot Page seemingly has no criminal history whatsoever. So the PR people and lawyers surely wouldn’t mind the change.

Personally I just want anyone to replace Miller as soon as possible. They’re a menace and can’t behave. Miller has been recorded having some pretty entitled sounding shouting fits at cops recently, advancing their identity as the reason why they were arrested, which just wasn’t true. For the record the arrest stemmed from hitting a woman in the face with a chair.

Another incident that earned the actor some time in handcuffs seems best described as stalking. Miller followed a couple home and entered the premises without permission, then refused to leave. This issue was dropped (after Warner Bros dropped a check) but the erratic behavior continued.

Most recently, Miller was accused of ‘grooming’ a 12 year old female, now 18, who has dropped off the map with the actor. So, while the woman in question is now an adult it doesn’t look great that she’s been in communication with or under Miller’s influence for a third of her life.

For their part, 29 year old Miller, location currently unknown, was last heard from a few days back on social media taunting the authorities. Police are trying to serve the actor with legal papers. It’s hard to imagine anyone is going to miss Miller when they are gone.

Because of the fact the DCEU involves a multiverse of “Infinite Earths” there’s existing, easy ways to actually replace Miller with Page narratively. He wouldn’t have to be this worlds Barry Allen. He could be another Flash from another Earth.

Even in a caretaker role for a short time Page seems to simply have an edge on Miller in all categories starting with a law abiding professionalism.

Miller (left) and Page

Though the Flash movie is allegedly finished the idea Miller is a draw seems laughable now. So is the idea he stays out of trouble.

So could Page pull off the role? It seems likely. As far as actual acting and selling a personal interaction goes he surely could. The only edge Miller has is genetic, being 10 inches taller than Page (5’1″) according to Google.

In this world of CGI fixes that’s not the biggest obstacle anymore. What happens next is anyone’s guess, but Elliot Page has a great Agent.

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By Captain Teag

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