New Rings of Power Trailer Mocked and Ratioed by Fans

Each Rings of Power Trailer has been less impressive and more forcefully rejected than the one before. The latest is no different.

trailer 1
at the 20 week mark trailer 1 has bombed on Primes Youtube site

The yet to debut Lord of the Rings Prequel show is seemingly dwelling in an Uncanny Valley where no one wants to join it. But – since it’s already mostly made AMAZON is going to release it anyway.

Then came the 21st Century’s ultimate sign of failure. It was renewed for a second season before it even premiered. This, like the threat to make a sequel to Cruella, is something we can only pray this doesn’t end up happening.

The new trailer is more of the same. The music is bad, the reveals are underwhelming and the CGI is unimaginative. It looks like PTSD-inducing final season of ‘Game of Thrones.’ There is no Tolkien-esque feel to this bad conglomeration of images at all. Costumes and props also look 3-D printed and bad.

With this in mind it’s easy (and accurate) to say “There is nothing to like about any of ‘The Rings of Power’ Trailers.”

Fans took it a step further, destroying the first trailer everywhere they could with down-votes.

So 20 weeks passed before Amazon dare expose this Vampire of an idea to daylight again.

Mostly sequestered to a dark “Safe Zone” buried in a coffin of their own earth, where reactions aren’t allowed, the first terrible glimpses were actually repulsing people. Then podcaster’s rightfully targeted the show for being weak and dealing from the bottom of the deck.

The earlier trailers didnt fare well on Youtube where people can have their say (and a simple browser extension reveals the level of disdain). The ‘sunscreen’ apparently hasn’t helped. A Vampire is, after all, still just a vampire and can’t abide the sun. The new trailer is not being well received. At all.

When Amazon has put it’s best, most costly scenes front and center the show couldn’t endure the light of day. This show is going to fail big.

The trailer, as you can see, is being rejected and looks bad and uninspiring. If the Tolkien’s get lucky it will fail so hard people will forget in a few years.

This whole approach begs questions about the super rich, super lazy Tolkien family. Have none of Tolkien’s descendants read or cared about his books? Do they think it’s on the level of He-Man? Are they embarrassed to be filthy rich? Does being the descendant of a great writer come with a curse? Or are they lazy, greedy bastards who look down on all of us for prizing something they don’t appreciate? They can just calm down and join the rest of us in the humbling realization nothing we do will ever have anything like the impact of Lord of the Rings. I got over it and they can too.

The Tolkien Estate has been wild for a while now. They celebrated the success of the Lord of the Rings movies by suing the makers. Peter Jackson handed them the evidence himself in his Director’s commentary. He admits he uses Tolkien’s dialogue from other books to match the tone of the rest of the movie. This wasn’t specifically allowed.

There’s also some mention of Numenor and other things that didn’t make it into the actual books. They’re either from other Middle Earth books like The Silmarillion or in the appendices at the end of Return of the King). We have to wonder if any of them would have ever noticed if Jackson hadn’t blurted it out.

Jackson is in fact in excess of his copyright, but so what? The lawsuit was ridiculous and undignified.

There was probably no real cause for damages since the success of Lord of the Rings only meant more interest and more book sales in the future. It was also done in the name of making some of the best movies we’ve ever seen.

It got worked out, but not before everyone got good and sick of each other. The Tolkien family and Jackson have parted ways, seemingly forever.

The problem continues to be the Tolkien Family. They seem to have a lazy, entitled plan to make sure that none of them or any of their descendants ever need to work again. I guess with three generations and counting making no money even the massive infusions of cash from books and movies every year just isn’t enough?

For whatever reason they needed as much money as possible immediately.

The moment Christopher Tolkien died in 2020 at the age of 95 most of the rest of them become their own real life Sackville-Bagginses; tastelessly raiding an estate sale for a still living franchise. They allowed the worst of hack writing teams to have some of their intellectual property.

the terrible “New Trailer”

Since the trailer hit Youtube just under a day ago its piled up an unenviable Tale of the Tape. My personal reaction was to turn it off about halfway through. It was that cheap and awful looking.

Other Fans appear to be on the same page as me. They’re rejecting it outright. The trailer is down voted about five to one.

‘The Nays have it!’

This vision of Middle Earth is from the same talentless hacks who subjected us to bad reboots of Star Trek and Star Wars. There’s no reason to expect they’ll do any better now.
Considering the limited amount of material they have to work with? There are few paths to an enjoyable story, none of which travel on Canonical grounds.

All signs point to a dismal, boring, cynically predictable story that’s as bad as these writers’ other garbage shows.

These JJ Abrams collaborators have given us only third rate reboots or mundane derivatives. This includes quickly cancelled shows like Clarice (derived from movie Silence of the Lambs), ‘MacGyver the Reboot’ and terrible Star Trek Reboots Star Trek Discovery and horrific Star Trek Picard. This crew of vandals first crime was terrible show LOST- certified over and over as having the worst final episode of any show ever. The show is never in reruns despite ratings dominance during it’s run because the ending was a cheap cop out that only angers people.

None of JJ Abrams splinter cells of hack writing teams have ever delivered what they promised. Their Star Trek shows are dark and incoherent. They weren’t smart or curious enough to write MacGyver. Their Silence of the Lambs show meandered without any real villain. The season of Star Trek Discovery they broadcast was the lowest rated scripted show on CBS that year, losing to talent show reruns and The CW’s Batwoman in ratings show downs. People just do not like disrespectful new hot takes on legacy characters thrown out in these incoherent, dark shows.

Just recently one of their abandoned and terminally ill shows, WESTWORLD, did a death spiral while no one watched. They do not care, they still got paid. No other writers have their breadth of experience launching uninspired, unwanted scripts for shows people gave up on into a total void while self praising. It’s a singular achievement.

To ‘create content’ they use only dreaded “Mystery Box Story Telling” and “Subversion.” This means they bait a mystery but change directions before its solved, brushing it off because a newer, bigger mystery is introduced. So you never get any answers. LOST revealed they just throw this out there with no plan. You can only use a Mystery Box if you pay it off, something these writers got good at avoiding. LOST also proved they create mystery boxes without knowing the answer. In other words- they can only write beginnings. Star Trek Strange New Worlds had a content and story with minimal episode 1 and then sent their fans to rate it highly. By episode three every crew member was a liar with a dark past just like every other character they write.

The inherently flawed Mystery Box method depends on Infinite Escalation without Explanation. LOST was all Mystery Box Storytelling. So were the Star Wars Sequels. So we know this only ever ends badly.

These hacks take on so called “Subversion” is never successful. They don’t seem to realize or care. They throw a few unexpected things at you while they abandon one mystery box unexplained to start hyping another.

This has only ever been forced to a conclusion twice. The first time was the final episode of LOST- considered one of the worst wastes of time in TV History.

The next time they had to End a story we got Rise of Skywalker. So brace yourself and grab an airsickness bag.

“Rey Skywalker” was the result of three movies spent completely refusing to pay off any Mystery Boxes, like how Anakin’s lightsaber ended up on a random planet for Rey to find. That’s where Mystery Boxes lead. Rey had the standard dark, mysterious past and that was the only way out of a plot hole. That’s how little thought goes into these projects.

This show will be made for the memes it will generate and nothing more. I predict the stories are co-opted from video games, ripped from the headlines, crowd-sourced off reddit and are otherwise derivative. We can also be sure that all dialogue will be laughably modern or outright self contradicting ‘Edgy Talk’ with no real meaning.

Soon, vindictive Social Media ‘Stan-ing’ will be encouraged. These creators are far better at dividing fans than they ever have managed to be at entertaining them. They will find (or create accounts and send) a few truly vindictive tweets. They will then tar the entire fandom with them. Then they will use the cast as Human Shields. The scions of JJ Abrams WILL darken the world and all discourse just to distract from their own failure and profiteering.

Their methods include trashing the original creator, dividing the fans and then diminishing the credibility of the franchise with every brutal cut of the deck.

JJ Abrams and his ilk are much like the evil Harvester Aliens from classic movie Independence Day. In the words of that movies hero, ‘They’re like Locusts. They move from place to place, their whole society. When all the resources are gone they leave.’ Lord of the Rings is next.

What we’ve Lost

These terrible writers have GUTTED Star Wars and Star Trek. They have not had an original project since Cloverfield, the decade before last. They have only one talent- an inverse Midas Touch that turns gold into garbage.

The Tolkien family are making everyone sick with their disgusting money grab. It’s needless too, they’re already filthy rich! They’re burning down their grandfathers legacy for a few bucks now.

We can’t really hope this comes back to haunt the Tolkien’s much either, since the actual books are great. They’re foundational stories that defined friendship, loyalty and sacrifice for several generations. That’s probably why they were the best selling books of the 20th Century!

The Rings of Power is shaping up to be a freewheeling Revenge Fantasy. It seems aimed at people who never read Tolkien with the goal of making sure no one ever wants to again.

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By Captain Teag

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