Another New RINGS Of POWER Trailer Mocked and Ratioed by Fans

Another new Rings of Power Trailer or trailer teaser just dropped on Youtube after making a debut San Diego comic-con. We still haven’t seen the live reaction, but I do have the trailer for you here. I guess the biggest news is that they say the name Sauron.

I’ll be updating this live while we all absorb the new Rings of Power trailer. My first reaction is that they don’t stay with any one thing for more than a few seconds while the voice overs seem appropriated from other parts of the story. In other words the dialogue isn’t the strongest match for what we see. The things people say are mostly cryptic and edgy, but someone does mention Sauron by name. The dialogue isn’t close to the sort of thing I associate with Tolkien. Its edgy teen novel stuff.

Basically; there’s some kind of threat as well as a sea monster. Apparently most people just wont acknowledge it. It’s sort of like JAWS that way

When we hear about Sauron it’s delivered in the least subtle way imaginable. Its shouted at someone in frustration. There also seems to be a child in a cage. I suppose it could also be one of the Rings of Powers “Halfwits” or Harfoots or whatever their weird riff on proto halflings is. It wasn’t an uplifting image.

The theme, if any, of this whole thing is that no one is listening to Galadriel about a deeply evil serious threat that is coalescing rather quickly. We see a few people telling her to more or less calm down. She one ups everyone she speaks to rather than try any kind of diplomatic approach or a heartfelt appeal. People are simply dismissed as naive. She was clearly right as some terrible things do in fact happen.

Missing from this is any shred of the things that Tolkien focused on. Things like trust, loyalty and friendship. To put it another way, these characters sadly lack any kind of Fellowship. All the good guys are isolated or at odds.

The pile of helmets they open the whole thing with was reminiscent of superman sinking into a ball pit of skulls in Man of Steel. I also wondered who built this thing then left it there for her to complete? I guess was supposed to be a cool image. I guess it looked ok but it was anything but an immersive moment in the fast cut trailer. None of it felt real or tactile.

Visually the trailer is a relentless barrage of context-free images that look pretty epic, but we get almost a strobe-like look at various things. There’s no real assessing the CGI, though you can see its prevalence. Like I said a lot of this trailer is paced very, very fast. If the trailer gets incinerated again for its low effort props, sets and costumes we will really have to ask why they released this.

UPDATE- The trailer is currently getting destroyed by over two to one after being up about six hours. You can also see that not a lot of people are flocking to see it.

In the ways of new information, at least to me, it seems that at least one of the Palantir Seeing Stones is in play. Since having just one without some of the others in possession of various people would be useless; we can be sure there’s likely several more of them floating around out there.

There were a few things I recognized from reviewing the previous trailer. I can’t tell you how much of this is new, but the timing is sort of suspect.

After finally exposing their second trailer to the public in a way people could react to the people at Amazon were confronted by shocking one sided ratio-ing where it was beyond clear most people were not looking forward to the show. So we have to wonder if this second trailer is a desperation move to get some better press or at least confuse the story enough to feign respectability.

The fact we keep seeing men with very obvious machine-cut hair styles in this world still seems a strange stylistic choice. This does nothing to enhance the supposed medieval, pre-Industrial societies that interacted in Tolkien’s Stories (or in this case- ‘Tolkien’s largely discarded notes and unfinished story ideas’).

There’s a lot of edgy images, a shadowy Gollum-like monster and some generic scary music. It was actually pretty tedious to view. I guess the best visual is when they tease what I guess is a Balrog. We also see some kind of tentacled sea monster.

I found this trailer somewhat like the last one- uncompelling with very little feel of Tolkien. I know we have Sauron running around, but since we have a mix and match of characters from different Ages of Middle Earth just alive at one time I can’t get a handle on what any of it is driving at.

As I noted, this new glimpse of Amazon’s vision of Tolkien’s Middle Earth comes very fast on the heels of their last trailer dropping and flopping just a few days ago. At the very least the first half of this trailer is just a hard to follow montage. Sometimes its so obviously CGI, which is commonplace enough, but it not so great. There’s a flatness to this and it’s only about as good as what we saw in things like The Phantom Menace over 20 years ago. I was reminded of Naboo in the city flyover we got in the last trailer.

It’s all a bit curious, to be sure.

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