New Wakanda Forever Trailer Debuts at SDCC

Bob Marley is the latest artist to have his music tarnished with an overly slow, underwhelming modern reinterpretation of No Woman No Cry with elements of Three Little Birds. The Jamaican Reggae song seems to have no relevance to this movie about a nation located somewhere in Africa. The trailer seems fairly grim as far as tone. The new version remakes the song into garbage, so I advise watching with the sound turned off.

You will need to look hard and not blink to see any glimpses of males in this trailer. This is MCU Phase 4 fully realized. It’s also maybe the first time we’ve seen a PR campaign that Disney couldn’t play a shell game with. The sad and untimely loss of Chadwick Boseman means baiting one character in trailers and commercials but having the movie actually be about someone else just isn’t possible with this project.

Yesterday, a two minute trailer dropped at San Diego Comic Con. This movie could still go either way but I’m not sure I care about seeing more of this. An underwater birthing, a glimpse of Submariner and a really quick look at an older white guy stand out as odd in the otherwise estrogen charged trailer.

The sequel to lucrative Black Panther, a fun but not very rewatchable movie delayed by the unfortunate death of it’s gifted star and COVID concerns, is the MCU’s most anticipated, or at most least hyped upcoming movies. Dr Strange 2 and Thor 4 made their money, but they weren’t as well received or as lucrative as had been projected. Obviously the people at Disney would love to see Wakanda Forever over perform at the Box Office.

The label “probably should not be made” has been on this production since day 1. The trailer tries to make the case we needed this movie anyway.

Here it is to judge for yourself!

Had Chadwick Boseman lived it’s still likely his character would be getting killed off or otherwise passing the Black Panther mantle to a woman. Its really been all we’ve seen. From a Moon Knight show about Scarlet Scarab, a Hawkeye show about Kate Bishop a Dr Strange movie about Wanda Maximoff, a Thor movie about Jane Foster and a Falcon and The Winter Soldier show where Sharon Carter had to step up to kill the female antagonist. If you throw in LOKI we arguably haven’t seen stories focused the characters whose name is in the title in some time. Wakanda Forever did not have Boseman around to diminish and replace, so this trailer might just stand alone in its openness.

Trailer stats after 12 hours

Marvel should take notice. The trailer is racking up views and upvotes in a way that probably shouldn’t have happened after the twin stumbles of Dr Strange 2 and Thor Love and Thunder; neither of which made the kind of money Disney was counting on.

Fans seeming to accept this trailer is a welcome relief for Disney. There’s a lesson to be learned here, even if it is something from Marketing 101; ‘show people the goods you actually intend to sell.’ This movie has no choice but to be honest. That said, if they had a CGI Boseman? We could only guess what they’d try. There is just no way to bait and switch Boseman and have the movie be about a female hero. Fate has done that already.

The comments were mostly positive with a couple of idiotic comments from both sides of the aisle, my favorite of which was this one-

An interesting take

I guess this year Thanksgiving is on Veteran’s Day? At any rate, while things are still rather nebulous, early indications are fairly positive.

Almost 9 million people have watched this trailer in its first twelve hours on Youtube, with 670, 000 up-voting it as opposed to only 36,000 against. That alone shows there’s more positivity surrounding this trailer than anything we’ve seen with the divisive and largely ignored Rings of Power trailers.

Still a low information series of images at this point, the look of the trailer is at least interesting, but Bob Marley deserved better.

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