Johnny Depp Sea of Dawn Mini Movie Charms

Johnny Depp continues his comeback. JD provides us with one of his signature quirky performances in a trailer that dropped the other day. This time he’s an eccentric character in a so-called ‘micro- movie’ promoting upcoming video game Sea Of Dawn. We saw about five minutes of pretty enjoyable video.

My biggest takeaway from this is Johnny seems to have enjoyed all of this. It appears he even threw himself into ‘creating a role’ as he calls it.

Johny Depp’s comeback has been so succesful over the last few months it seems inevitable college courses in Public Relations will one day be centered on it.

Johnny shows there are no small parts, just small actors. In this really brief segment he projects a couple of emotions well and it’s all very fun.

It’s a whimsical role as an eccentric blind (baroque era?) shopkeeper. He’s potentially the character who orients the player into the game or perhaps a companion to the main character. Or this movie is just for fun. It’s hard to say.

What they show us would fit right in with what we saw in Johnny’s Pirates movies. It’s obviously trying to stay self aware and not overly serious. In my opinion it pulls this feel off very well.

The MMORPG, which rolls out later this year, will be playable on computers as well as mobile devices.

I also tracked down some ‘Behind the Scenes” of Johnny Depp discussing how he viewed and approached the role.

First, here’s the actual video

Now here’s Johnny discussing the making of the video.

If you really enjoy Johnny Depp and want to hear

I checked for game-play video, as yet there’s nothing verifiable available I could find.

Whether the game is good or bad, the small mini movie gives us a character not too different from Jack Sparrow; this time with more of an Irish accent.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this. Thanks for reading, please feel free to like or follow if you enjoyed what you read. It promotes an independent voice in reviewing.


By Captain Teag

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