Andor Trailer Gets Mixed Reaction

Disney’s cryptic trailer for Star Wars show Andor has racked up over 6 million views going into its third day of availability. The show’s debut has been pushed back to September 21st, weeks later than promised.

The trailer doesn’t tell us much but we do get to see a few things. Shots of TIE fighters, Stormtroopers and some pioneering rustic types packing distracting, unmodified modern AK-47’s as apparent blasters flash past.

Andor’s voice speaks of his circumstances and the Rebellions need to score a win, while a female voice asks a series of strange, edgy questions. “Are you a fish?” the female voice asks. I really have no idea what this is supposed to mean. Could it be because we see an ocean or ocean-planet? This was the best dialogue they could find? As far as I can tell the female voice is that of a young Imperial Officer.

A trailer that’s voiced over while another disembodied voice cuts in from time to time is outright confusing even when done well. The truth is this trailer is actually kind of a mess.

We see things that are right out of the Prequels that Disney once mocked, like the Senate Chamber. The circle is now complete as far as that goes. Being as good as The Prequels is now the best we can hope for from Disney.

What we do see does look a bit better than the garbage tier sets we saw in Kenobi and Book of Boba Fett, but we only see a few minutes of the show. There’s still plenty of room for bad sets to challenge immersion or the story to just go off the rails, but this trailer at least looks more like Star Wars in the quick glimpse we get. We don’t see the kind of out of place Star Trek aesthetics that littered the Kenobi and Boba Fett shows, so that’s a positive.

Among the things we do know about ANDOR is that there are a lot of episodes and they will be dropping in the middle of the night every time. Three of the twelve installments will premiere at once on Disney Plus at the usual, horrific 3 AM Eastern time. One has to question just how competently Disney’s streaming service was designed.

Any idiot knows that the best time to debut this is around 8 pm Eastern, so I question their technical capacity. It seems like midnight Pacific time is the only time Disney can release anything. Even people on the US West coast will need to stay up past 2 in the morning or later to take in the first three episodes.

The trailer is doing decent as far as views and up-votes, but a simple browser extension shows there’s real dissent in the form of a whole lot of down-votes as well.

The insane debut time also means that every new episode will be out there being dissected while most people work. Anyone checking Social Media is going to have plenty of chances to get plot analysis and spoilers all day.

Since the show will take 9 weeks to unfold everyone needs to shell out for 12 weeks or more of Disney Plus- a service that’s surprisingly easy to live without. The last two Star Wars offerings, Book of Boba Fett and Kenobi, were plain awful.

Kenobi’s viewings and organic social media presence vanished after week three. If things go the same for this show? Andor could play to an empty house (metaphorically speaking of course) for weeks.

There’s a couple of not so good signs about the ANDOR show. Like the fact it covers five years in the life of a character we saw die six years ago. This probably means at some point Andor will need to appear at least 11 years younger than he is now. My biggest question would be ‘Are we getting a few “GOONIES” type episodes about Andor as a kid with a different actor?’

The Direct‘ had this to say –

According to the show’s creator, Tony Gilroy, Andor will span five years leading up to the events of Rogue One. Season 1 is confirmed to explore a single year, while the show’s sophomore season will include time jumps where each block of episodes is used “to represent a year.”

I don’t know what ‘a block of episodes’ might mean in this context. Is a block of episodes what these people call ‘a season’? This is already a prequel to a prequel; how constrained can this idea be and still work?

Andor is the quintessential Disney Star Wars product. It’s the derivative of a derivative. The whole idea is hived off just one line from the opening crawl of A New Hope. They were lucky to get two hours out of this.

You have to figure we’ll see things from Clone Wars and Rebels if Andor covers five years. We have to consider all of characters out there that have a chance of showing up. Ahsoka is running around out there, so are Yoda, Luke, Leia, Vader, Obi-wan and so many more. I guess even Reva is out there, somewhere.

This is Disney at it’s worst as far as a business model. The latest genius move is renewing a show for a second season despite the fact it’s late and unseen. Andor seemingly took this to a new level by committing to five seasons. This, like the sequel to Cruella, is the sort of thing you have to hope is just an empty threat.

To be honest the way its being described is kind of ambiguous. It’s also possible its a two season show that covers five years. Less seasons would seem to be the better move with this paper-thin concept.

I’ve underlined the entire plot of Rogue 1

The idea they have five seasons of viable material in the Andor concept is simply hard to believe after some of these Disney Star Wars disasters. Working off one line from A New Hope was ok for a one off Star Wars movie, but a FIVE season show? It’s specifically stated just a little earlier in the same crawl that the Rebels do not have any success against the Empire until the battle we already saw six years ago. The Rebels will always need to lose for this show to remain canonical.

We all saw Andor die at the end of Rogue One. I’m not sure what we’re supposed to be worried about or if any sense of stakes can be developed for plot armored Andor. I don’t know if the world and time frame of ANDOR provides for a lot of story telling opportunities.

Let’s see if Disney can make this latest release date stick

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