Ezra Miller vs Michael Jackson for Title of Weirdest Person Ever

It was a good run that outlasted ill fated superstar Michael Jackson’s life, but Hollywood has a brand new super flake who only ever baffles people. It’s Flash actor Ezra Miller. Please take the poll in this article to make your opinion known.

Accusations against Miller go from gross crimes against children to violent attacks on a couple of women (and counting) and a hard to fathom burglary.

Miller might not have committed a crime with his Air BnB Cult, but they probably need to stay away from Europe in general now.

It might no longer be a crime to reside on a weed farm filled with guns, but to bring children there? The stories get worse and worse.

Even if he just has the world’s worst judgement this is not the kind of Smooth Criminality we saw from the King of Pop. It should be said for clarity, Michael Jackson was dogged for years by prosecutors who could never make it stick. Lately MJ’s reputation has been revived a bit when a couple of unlikely defenders emerged. Respect for MJ has made a slight comeback as the crazy stories fade to legend. He’s always going to be Whack-o Jack-o, but he may not be the weirdest person ever anymore.

One case Miller is weirder than Jackson is the density of the accusations. This could be described as Millers ‘Year From Hell.” Consider this; when Michael died in 2009 he was 50 and had spread his weirdness across over thirty years. Miller’s insanity only started making news in a bad way last spring, so they’re competing hard for this crown.

Even though MJ was smart enough to lay low a lot and made some attempts at damage control, slowly his weirdness destroyed the ability of even pre-internet publicists to control. For his final decade MJ was a known weirdo who defiantly hung around with underage kids as a supposed charitable endeavor. MJ had a couple of recreated rides from Disneyland at his Neverland Ranch. He also had things like the Elephant Man’s bones and a pet chimp.

MJ’s PR people could at least point to a lot of standout good music that made a fortune and lean into the weirdness. This worked for a while too. The tour MJ died preparing for, like this completed, unreleased Flash movie, were set to be huge. These two people have too much in common.

Michael was much richer and far more famous than Miller pretty much every minute of his life. He’s also had a couple of high profile defenders who have expressed Jackson was weird as could be but never touched them sexually. Mike’s not around to bribe these people, so it sounds likely they’re telling the truth. Doesn’t mean he wasn’t criminal towards others, but he was able to stay slightly ahead of all his issues, guilty or innocent. MJ was deeply weird, but we never really got to the bottom of it.

On the other hand; Ezra Miller is not yet 30. Thy’ve has compressed all the weirdness into about five or six years. This crime streak seemingly continues, but only became known a few months ago. They managed to provided us with a treasure trove of pictures where Miller just makes MJ seem like a boring dresser.

I don’t know if the world really wants any more of crazy Ezra Miller. #EZRAMILLERIS INNOCENT is kind of trending on Twitter, but it’s now impossible to know which of his increasingly bizarre crimes this is referencing. Is there actually such a thing as an Ezra Miller Stan? It’s also possible Zack Snyder, who bought Miller into out lives as Flash in the first place, just unleashed his much vaunted army of bots out there to make the hashtag trend. Who knows?

From a challenging pronoun choice to constant not so low level run-in’s with the law Ezra Miller is now begging a question – Is their whole life an act? Is Miller using himself, in effect, as his own human shield?

For the last few months Miller, never the greatest actor anyway, has been in nonstop trouble with one violent incident after another. One time he was recorded giving cops an earful of Reverse Mel Gibson style abuse, saying if he was a straight, non trans white guy he wouldn’t be getting arrested (for hitting a woman with a chair at a party Miller would not leave). Someone needs to get Miller some help.

Meanwhile at Warner Brothers Studios new management is blowing up projects weekly. This could have Flashpoint joining Batgirl on the bonfire of Warner Tax Write-offs.

In a way I have contempt for Miller. I feel like what’s going on with them is just their own clever, enabling con. I think Millers gender fluidity was thrown out there with ill intent by a person who had decided to make a bid to be even stranger than Michael Jackson.

Smooth Criminal MJ

Right now Miller is looking at a sure conviction for burglary (barring an extreme change in facts and circumstances). He’s also roughed up a couple of people and reached out through social media to mess with the minds of more than a couple of Native American kids, one of whom he’s dating or has brainwashed depending who you believe. Some of these are problems he may not be able to make go away.

When the “Grooming” part of the Miller story broke the first thing that went through my mind is that there’s no statute of limitations on crimes against minors anywhere in America I can think of. Miller could end up in a jail on an Indian Reservation for decades or forever. I know nothing of their tribal laws except that the Feds will enforce their warrants and that that Native Americans themselves got to create their criminal codes.

If this Native Court- that has actual legal power- wants to try the case it might be possible to make a deal so Miller ends up in that state’s (Men’s) jail- but that doesn’t sound like fun either. We just can’t say what sort of penalty they may face for allegedly grooming these kids. Miller will be lucky if the state takes the case.

If that happens they might get off with Meagan’s Law Issues and an ankle bracelet. The tribe might just have the final say, though. Who knows? The treaties go back anywhere from 100 to 200 years or more and there was no overall template for the deals that were made.

How dumb does one have to be to try to commit crimes against the most oppressed, publicly known and visibly legally represented Native American’s in this country? Reports say these are this same tribe fighting the Keystone Pipeline for decades. They have attorneys to spare as well as great public sympathy (not that whats alleged is right to do to anyone).

I can’t speak for the trans community, I’m just a guy saying, “to me Ezra Miller is a grifter who threw on a dress to use gender fluidity as a sword and a shield.” So why take them seriously til they know how to behave around people?

Weeks ago now I was a step ahead of some other outlets in seeing the fandom groundswell for Elliot Page to the role as The Flash. I STILL think a one off Flash Movie with Page would be fine. It could work off mostly the same script and possibly save a few scenes. Miller can probably still be in this movie a little if that character (or characters) dies by the end.

Miller’s made a lot of money off being a member of an oppressed group. They then turn around and goes after an undeniably oppressed group’s children. This makes Miller a phony and his predator status is a matter for the courts.

Ezra Miller is, by all appearances, what was once described as a heterosexual cross dresser. It might be time to bring that term back just for Miller. It’s a laughable scam, like Klinger from MASH.

I ponder the veracity of Millers statements. Miller seemingly only dates (and fights) women as far as we’ve seen. Ezra wont get any special consideration from a jury because they threw on a dress one day and started accusing others of oppressive actions. Well, who is the oppressor now, Ezra?

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By Captain Teag

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