Rings of Power Cast Repulses Fans with Ignorant Display

Amazon’s Rings of Power launched a charm offensive a couple of weeks back and wow is it ever offensive. The most recent mistake was putting their cast in front of some mics and cameras. The resulting insane competition to say the least relevant, most activist thing was indistinguishable from satire.

The biggest take-away from all the publicity was the Rings of Power cast and show runners consider Tolkien, an author they have not read, a homophobic idiot.

These lunkheads are spreading a despicable fallacy that Tolkien (born 1892) was a bad writer and a bad person.

The implication is Tolkien had a limited, very parochial world view. They grudgingly admit Tolkien accidentally wrote a couple of books that modern activist sensibilities can rescue from their misconceived and hateful stories. This is a pack of total lies.

The second biggest takeaway is no one bothered reaching out to the original Peter Jackson cast for any advice. It’s actually awful to behold.

The inverse logic, inability to explain Tolkien and the meat-shielding behind social issues was enough to confirm “People who work in Hollywood live in their own sheltered world.”

To round out the oblivious nature of the cast we heard a few bizarre lies too. Like how we’re supposed to believe these fake hobbits aren’t Hobbits at all.

The most repeated false claim was that there had never been female dwarves on screen before. The actress who plays this character shouts this in response to all questions. It’s an outright lie.

This seems to be an attempt to create a reverse Mandela Effect. We all saw female dwarves in the first of The Hobbit movies. They were conspicuously displayed in a hard to miss way. I do not know why they’ve latched on to this lie, but it seems to be the thing they want us to know the most.

Another much dispensed piece of disinformation was “Tolkien left us very little about my character or this age.” This is another outright lie. Tolkien wrote exhaustively about even the smallest of details, a lot of it ends up in The Silmarillion. The truth is Amazon simply doesn’t own enough of the rights to Lord of the Rings to use it.

So most of the cast and writers are either blithely unaware JRR Tolkien has been a thing for 90 years or have convinced themselves the best selling books of all time are obscure.

These stories are going to pay the casts salaries for a considerable time yet they have defiantly not bothered to do any research.

These are MASTERWORKS of English Literature. All are available as audio-books. There’s just no excuse to not have read them, especially when its YOUR JOB

Did these talentless, creditless Bad Robot scion Show-runners lie to their actors? Did the entire cast cut English Class all the way through high school? Either way, stay off drugs, kids.

One thing there’s no doubt about is The Rings of Power cast are all activists first and actors second. They say it as much as they can. They are either very poorly educated or lying. Here’s a radical declaration – ‘If you haven’t read the most beloved books of the last 100 years you are sub-literate.’

It’s just not asking much to expect actors in a Tolkien production to have the same level of passing familiarity with the material as a child. These people are not prepared for a Middle Earth show at all and all preparation theyve don sounds more appropriate for a protest or march.

Every cast member who shared their methods and motivation reliably took the conversation to their own activism, saying that would shine through. No one mentioned a passion for acting, understanding an existing character or how speak in a non confrontation or outright clueless manner.

These loser show creators, whose sole accomplishments are that they made coffee for JJ Abrams, didn’t learn from the best. The Rings of Power is building up a wave of resentment which has united all fans against this mini series.

Here, if you can bear it, is an interview with the cast. They reliably avoid giving any answers that directly relate to Tolkien. They work as hard as they can to dwell on things like the sets.

This cast of insufferable, sub literate unknowns seem to have been thrown out there BECAUSE they’re insufferable. In military terms this is a Psych Op. The cast is being used as the Shock Troops of Stupidity. The only reason these people are being sent out there is to confuse and upset people. So far so good on that endeavor.

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By Captain Teag

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