Rings of Power Third Trailer Getting Ratioed Fast

A third trailer for Rings of Power dropped in the last couple of hours. The viewcount and ratios are already looking pretty bad. For something with this much advertising around it I expected a lot more a lot faster. It’s not picking up traction at the moment either. It added just a hundred more views in the roughly one hour it took to write and attempt* to properly edit this post.

We hear the words “Everyone must decide who they will be,” from Galadriel. This seems like a meta comment to the audience. To me it was these ex NuTrek JJ Abrams scion writers saying “We own this now!” It sure doesn’t sound like a call to preserve lore and tradition, but we pretty much already knew that from things we’ve seen already.

So far fans have balked at two trailers and the third, more of an extended tease at 2 minutes, awaits an uncertain fate. We saw a lot of very under lit scenes. It’s hard to see whats going on if you watch it on a device. There are some better lit scenes and even a scene I’d say seemed interestingly lit too though.

2 hours after dropping

Just about one hour later the view count was approaching respectability but the ratio-ing had worsened. It’s also notable that of 14,600 viewers only 386 like it and only about 2,100 have bothered to interact at all.

3 hours after dropping

I found this trailer to be a weird approach. Its also really late in the game to drop two minutes of video and call it a real trailer with just weeks til release.

In its first two hours this trailer had accumulated about 7,400 views with about people 1,200 choosing to weigh in on what they saw. As you can see I down-voted it as did many others.

Its taking a beating with a 9-3 against ratio (and rising). All this could still change, but I doubt it. They did throw in a smattering of Tolkien themes this time, but it was small compared to the ‘rousing speeches.’ We also hear what sounds like a reasonable question; “Why do you keep fighting?” It’s very out of context but very edgy. Galadriel speaks a good deal in it.

One thing we see right upfront is a huge amount of extras in what’s apparently a Post Battle scene. It seems to be an army celebrating after a victory. This tells me the large scale battles will likely happen off screen.

This time they make a very odd choice for a Tolkien project. The trailer is set to a modern pop song. “Breath” by Ex Makina plays through most of it.

Its not a bad song on its own, but it’s very new age-ish and sort of slow. It reminded me of the music we heard in the last Wakanda Trailer. It’s just sort of an ethereal tone playing as an emotionless female voice sings with intentionally restrained enthusiasm. It sounds like a song that should be in a David Lynch movie. In fact the song is evocative of a somewhat percussive take on Julee Cruise. It would have fit in well for a Twin Peaks trailer.

We hear some strange, un-Tolkien-like dialogue. Then someone calls a woman who I think is Galadriel “Commander” as he begs for here to wait after we see someone fall over. He’s basically told to toughen up and get moving. It all happens in a bit of a blizzard.

We see some Matrix-y stunts and we hear a lot of people yelling edgy things. “There is a tempest inside me!” declares Galadriel. It’s all a bit odd.

They are going hard into new, strange and invented pronunciations of Tolkien’s proper names for people and locations. It doesn’t line up with the way Tolkien painstakingly described these things and the way to say them (he was a linguist!). I don’t get why they wanted this out there. What we hear is mostly pronounced wrong.

This didn’t have to happen at all. There’s a pronunciation guide right there at the end of Return of the King. It’s easy to get this right. It’s one thing Peter Jackson got right all through his six movies. In this production we’re seeing a weird re-tooling (or mistakes) right upfront. It really didn’t help me feel like I was watching something Tolkien-related.

The whole thing feels urgent and odd. The only part of it that might give Tolkien fans some reason for hope is at the 1:37 mark. That’s when some people finally talk about very Tolkien-like ideas. They’re loyalty and friendship. That’s about it though. This felt like a reshoot because it’s a leading Tolkien theme that’s absence in other trailers was drawing flak. I don’t think we’ll see a lot more of this in the show, though. It felt stapled on.

Notable PR firebrand Sofia Nomvete (Princesse Disa), who is staking her claim to relevance on the idea she’s the first ever female dwarve ever onscreen in Tolkien, is in it only for one brief shot that I saw. Disa seems to be soothsaying or manipulating someone. Her one line, spoken to an unseen man (?) is; “One day this will be your kingdom.” This doesn’t sound like a benevolent kind of scheme. It also sounds like an American is saying it. It’s only one line but I don’t think there’s any kind of even Shakespearian accents affected across the board here like we had from Peter Jackson.

It sure doesn’t look like the most expensive show ever made, but this is about the best we’ve seen it look to this point, sort of. Despite the CGI generally looking a bit better, the costumes stick out as bad and cheap looking still. We also get only glimpses of things. Perhaps its an arrow pierced dragon crash landing into the sea. It’s hard to tell.

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Here’s the trailer –

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