She-Hulk Episode 2

With her 300 second origin tale out of the way this week She Hulk gets fired for saving the jury last week. So begins episode two of She-Hulk, Attorney at Law.

Essentially, she gets canned for being who she is. She’s good and drunk just coping with whatever is overwhelming her at this moment when she gets canned, so I guess it could have been worse.

The show has thrown ‘real law’ out the window and is firmly, if accidentally, taking direct aim at Racial Discrimination Laws and The Americans With Disabilities Act. They just don’t exist in this world. You can just tell someone their uncontrollable traits are cause for termination and they have to accept that. Stranger still, the trait they feel is a liability is ‘doing the right thing’ and she’s Deputy District Attorney for LA! In OUR world every media outlet would say; “It’s probably time for She-Hulk to run for Governor!” Why are there even lawyers at all in a world like this one?

While its pretty obvious the writers want to show people who break these laws as uncool, they are time-travelling to about 1900 and the days before female suffrage to do it. The inept writing creates the perception discrimination is the norm. Last week we hammered on “Words are Violence” when She-Hulk attempted to kill people who disrespected her verbally. This week the message seems to be “One day women will vote and it will be wrong to discriminate against the handicapped, but not this day!” This is preposterously dis-empowering misinformation that will leave those who watch it lulled into a sense that we have no protections from anyone.

Unlike 21st Century America, in She-Hulk’s world your boss can just decide that you got too tan last weekend and let you go. The writers are out to get the Patriarchy. They do this by patronizing people. It’s just not all that sane and its an absolute bore to watch. They may just be setting back the very causes they are championing too.

This week we present ‘our hero’ as an idiot who knows less about law than an independent blogger- because the creators are lazy and did no research.

The fact is firing her for being She-Hulk is illegal! This was not a choice and is arguably a handicap. There’s no detrimental physical component to her condition that affects her job. District Attorneys are Reassigned ALL THE TIME. People get mistrials ALL THE TIME. This was a blatant case of firing someone without cause. Jen would easily win many millions if it happened.

This kind of illegal canning is about the last thing you want to do to a lawyer. They can grind an ax against you acting as their own attorney forever. In this case it’s hard to see how she wouldn’t win. To the writers of this show I say, “Wikipedia would have saved you a lot of humiliating mistakes.” These writers are just throwing words on paper with no regard. Its really poorly written and not researched in the least.

She’s a lawyer who was just handed a multi-million dollar slam-dunk win for employment discrimination.

It doesn’t even register in Jen’s mind. We have to conclude that she’s legally inept. The only other explanation would be that the MCU is a racist, sexist, ableist place. Apparently every single Nazi escaped to the MCU after World War II and lived openly there, forgiven by Amitt, Thor and maybe even Zeus. We just don’t know which one is the case.

What we do know, for now, is that Jen is an idiot. Rather than sue, get rich and never work again she accepts her illegal firing and goes on a few fruitless interviews. Unsurprisingly she makes a terrible impression and no one wants her. The dialogue we hear tells us the non-hiring’s are She-Hulk related. This would also be illegal employment bias. It’s admitted to by lawyers to another lawyer who is the victim of their discrimination. Moronic!

This is like turning on a video camera to livestream yourself speaking out the words of a confession of criminality as you write it down and sign it. You are not going to get away with it. This means every lawyer we see or hear from in She-Hulk’s world is an immoral jackass and that the MCU is pre-Eisenhower Era as far as equality.

These are some stupid lawyers admittedly breaking THE COMMON LAW to screw another lawyer based on illegal discrimination and SAYING IT OUT LOUD.

This is as illegal as saying “sorry, we already have a minority employee.” This show just isn’t happening in the real world at all. The aesthetic is the only thing that’s the same. This story happens in a much dumber, very unjust parallel universe. The plot is from Mars and the writers are from Venus!

This cast is horrible together. We have only underhanded weak, cowardly or insane men and one powerless woman who will not stop complaining about her student loans. I don’t know if anyone thought any of this was funny, I just know I didn’t.

As a coping mechanism for being illegally fired and not having the brains to sue, Jen drinks away her last dime. It’s another non self aware, self pitying scene. That’s precisely when the evil bad guy she was trying to convict last week (who had caused loss of life through greed and negligence) shows up.

Patronizing Bad Guy is an older, white corporation owning shot caller. Last week it seemed he had built an unsafe building for fun and was gloating about it (despite the fact he just said he knew he was going to lose).

This week corporate guy apparently also owns a big law firm he wants her to work for. He’s deeply impressed that Jen was going to beat him with an inventive legal strategy. She immediately accepts the job. Since he is very obviously the most likely person to have arranged for the attack by Titania trusting him is stupid.

Last week we twice saw Jen’s closing argument for the Prosecution. First we opened episode 1 with it and then shes in the middle of it when Kool Aid Time with Titania starts.

Everything about the court scene was unreal and legally out of order from what we all know. Jen’s summation sucked and she sounded like an idiot with her simple strategy of “he’s evil cause he’s bad; so lock him up.” THIS from the woman who said she was infuriated by being second guessed by incompetent men? Could she act like she knows even one damn thing about the law? She’s bristling with incompetence and anger.

Then we see a horrific family dinner with Jen’s idiotic family. The father is nice but out of touch, the mom air kisses her own children and her brother or male cousin is just a dick.The idea of seeing ones own family is clearly shown to be a thankless, pointless chore to be avoided. Personally I like to go to my hometown and see my parents. This made her seem even weirder and now she’s starting to seem more like a human-looking alien.

The dinner sequence is the lowest of low points in an episode that never rides too high to begin with. Its about as annoying as last weeks ladies room sequence. Its just a scene where rude, one dimensional people over-talk one another, overwhelming us. Jen’s main coping skill seems to be that she just ‘doesn’t get it’ most of the time.

What we’re finding out about our protagonist tracks with last week. She hates pretty much everyone. She’s easily frightened despite being overconfident and is such a bad lawyer she will accept her civil rights being trampled on. So of course her family are losers too.

The show again moves along at quite a fast pace, never stopping to breathe.

The new job She-Hulk has is a pretty sad compromise for a high minded lawyer. She feels patronized and doesn’t want to show up for work as She-Hulk, but it’s a requirement. She finds this out after she starts work. She swallows her pride and complies with the evil old white corporatist. We seem to be missing a scene here, because the transformation doesn’t mess up her clothes at all.

On the upside, she has a new higher salary and a wine fridge in her literal corner office. These material rewards and her cheerleading, one dimensional paralegal (grandfathered in from her old job) convince her that principles are just not as important as money.

Jen makes this decision just in time, because another moral roadblock is right ahead- she’s assigned to defend Abomination.

This is again a villain’s origin tale. Jen is doing things she feels are wrong just for money. This week it’s all on her. While maybe the job offer was an indecent proposal, she didn’t have to take it.

Jen’s legal skill level is best described as “neophyte.” She was just illegally fired (publicly) for being She-Hulk in the court room (to save lives). Now she’s supposed to try to spring Hulk’s enemy from the Edward Norton movie.

This all means that She Hulk has no principles of any kind now. Only the music cues and her “Yes-Woman” paralegal think that she’s in the right. We have accidentally created a villain once again. I call it ‘The Wanda Maximoff School of Character Creation.’

Along the way we stop at a prison that does not seem to be ‘The Raft.’ Abomination is now sort of harmless and apparently pansexual as he describes his seven soulmates and his haiku poetry to his victims. He seems pretty reformed. Still, good old Jen is going to make sure its all ok with Bruce. This leads to the shortest cameo of all time.

Bruce tells Jen he’s forgiven Abomination after receiving a heartfelt haiku apology. Then we see he’s on a UFO much like the one we saw last week. So cell phones work in space to a point. The sequence ends with the ship jumping to warp or something and losing the signal.

At any rate She Hulk stops along the way to get patronized a little by the Patriarchy. No male is nice to her except the fellow employee who welcomes her to her new job. Her cousin is a dick, her dad is inept and useless. Attempts to be nice to her by any man is treated as “Male Ineptitude” by the show. They’re ineffective, inappropriate and off base. It’s all very weird. It’s presented as if men are just gender-inhibited from even making a show of being polite or sincere. It failed every time.

The show is dedicated to the now boring MCU end credits Easter Egg sequence. This time we see that She-Hulk’s family has her transform into She Hulk to do mundane chores. Like hang flat screen TV’s and carry the water from them- literally.

A lot happened this week but it flew by pretty quickly thanks to another 30 minute episode. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t tedious.

We hit the themes of insecurity and getting discriminated against over and over. The show writers have not so much as consulted Wikipedia about how laws work and She-Hulk’s bosses, coworkers and family are all assholes. The writing and execution are CW-level.

This episode has as much militant feminism as last week but the focus is more on her being powerless to keep the job of her choice.

If ANY Lawyer were fired for a physical condition they would rub their hands together with glee knowing they had a slam dunk discrimination case. Law Firms can’t just fire an attorney even if they suddenly become stupid and honest like we saw in JJ Abrams lone decent movie “Regarding Henry.” If you just fire an attorney, or most anyone else, for having a physical problem- it’s called discrimination and no attorney would accept it.

So this week we found out Jen is ignorant of all laws and that her job; where she was stunt-cast the same way the writers of the show were, is dependent on her looks. In about 3 days she’s been fired and then hired based on her appearance. We all know what they’re riffing about here.

Like episode 1, episode 2 pretty much sucks. Its only redeeming quality is that it’s brief. She-Hulk is knowingly working for a man who hired her based on her really strong closing argument- that she never completed in court. If he knew he was going to lose why was he so full of himself last week? Do the writers realize in the case of a mistrial another trial begins? The show seems to mistake a mistrial for a verdict of Not Guilty.

This show is not just ignorant of Legal Procedure, it’s HATEFUL towards it. When we saw last week’s courtroom scene the prosecution is on the wrong side of the courtroom and was given the last word. This was outright embarrassing. Allow me to explain-

In the American Criminal Justice System the judge deals with two separate but equally important bodies- the Prosecution, which speaks first and makes the case for the People against the accused; and the Defense, which speaks on behalf of the accused and gets the last word in Oral Arguments. This is allegedly their story?

At the end of the episode we find out that as reformed as Abomination seems, he can escape prison from time to time to blow off steam taking part in some sort of ‘Prison Fight Club.’ So, why does he need a lawyer?

This week was less awful than last week, but it sure wasn’t good. The writers, a homogeneous all female group, still took about three detours to bash men without ever being funny or interesting, too. All male characters speak in sexist, hateful, dehumanizing tropes that come off as laughably invented.

The writing is more than bordering on hateful, its made an incursion into Despicable Territory and we all would benefit from them backing off a bit.

I just don’t know if this level of bile would work in reverse. Would an all male writing team telling tales of gender take-downs on women still have jobs after displaying this level of hostility two weeks in a row?

On the Supervillain front – We don’t see Titania this week. In fact this episode was in a way another debut because last week was all prologue. This was our first week with what is apparently her ‘normal situation.’ Her ‘normal situation’ is pure career turmoil. This week she’s got a new office and new coworkers (and one recycled one). We saw the last office for about one minute.

We don’t really get to know anyone. The people from last week all repeat the same character traits in very brief one note performances. Her reassuring, enabling paralegal is still there unreasonably sure of her. The male lawyer we met last week shows up to act insecure and stray into semi hate-speech, referring to a woman as it, something I’ve never heard. There’s another clueless man at her new firm too. His gift basket and welcome are just dismissed as male prissy-ness for lack of a better term. It was a weird, tacked on moment. Its almost as if behaving normally is so contrary to male nature in this universe that when they do it they’re super uncomfortable.

Apparently, these writers have written all women the way they believe that men see themselves and all men like very neurotic women. Some might call this projection.

They are using a gender equivalence matrix that is pre-Mary Tyler Moore and maybe even Pre- I Love Lucy. This all female creative team is stuck in the past and racing to the bottom. She-Hulk still looks less real than the Princess in Shrek 2. The CGI is just terrible. Again.

If it keeps improving at this rate we will have a mediocre show in about a year. This bad idea is completely tanking on screen for the second time in two weeks. Less bad than last week is still by no means good.

A Lifetime of being a New York Jets fan has prepared me for this kind of bitter disappointment though. I’m shaking off this weeks episode and heading to the taco truck for some lunch.

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