Why do Disney Shows Drop at 3 AM ?

Disney is a gift for an enterprising blogger. Tonight if I stay up til the preposterous 3 am debut of She-Hulk episode 3 I can post a review of it by about 4 am.

I’ll then get amazing traction all day from people who simply want to read spoilers and theories before they watch the show- if they watch it at all.

Traffic on these posts can easily garner hundreds of views in 24 hours without any promotion.

Here are my questions- How is this any kind of good idea? Who does it help? I’d say the respective answers are “It’s Not” and “people like myself.”

If Disney released their shows at a reasonable time, like a company that cared, things might be very different. They would get the first word in telling their stories. This can only help Disney.

The stories would be unchanged, but the first taste would be mostly free of analysis. There’s people who JUST do plot holes who can torpedo a show with a simple checklist.

People go into these shows having already gotten full spoilers and thoughtful reactions from the shows critics, both pro and con. For instance, Heels vs Babyface had a reaction to She Hulk episode 1 uploaded to youtube inside a couple of hours, well before Americans awoke.

Heels vs Babyface analysis was essentially correct and valid as well as funny and entertaining. Say what you will about the controversial youtuber, he’s an engaging and competent critic. Does Disney enjoy having him spiking the football and pointing out their mistakes before anyone forms an impression? WHY are they so inept?

I’m pretty sure Disney HATES Az and other’s takes on their show, but Disney’s own stupid 3 AM Eastern Time Debut’s gives them the power to set the tone for how any given show is perceived BEFORE most American’s can see it. How is this not dumb?

Youtubers like Az, Doomcock or Nerdrotic are astute observers and persuasive, engaging speakers. Their analysis is doing comparable numbers to the shows themselves, perhaps even more since they’re mostly briefer, funny and free.

US Population density by Time Zone

Disney should debut these shows at 8 pm eastern time for a million reasons. Google says 47.6% of Americans live in the Eastern time zone. Debuting a show at this hour is just not in touch with the fact Disney’s biggest single market is AMERICA and America’s Eastern Time Zone has HALF the people.

If a show debuts at 8 or 9 pm Eastern time more than the country has access to it well before midnight. I guess this is just some kind of bad idea I have because I didn’t go to business school? I don’t know if it takes a PhD in marketing to say “Giving your product to the most people at once is a good strategy for getting a big number” This 3 AM drop time can only make the shows lose people who would have otherwise watched.

Diseny, fix your servers or continue to get roasted harder than you need to. It’s called DAMAGE CONTROL!

I don’t think Az cares one bit about She-Hulk, it’s just low hanging fruit that’s on at a super convenient time. Why wouldn’t be monetize it? Disney gave him a GIFT!

When its 8 pm here its midnight in the UK. Az could at best comment live on the show. More likely he’d be asleep and talk about it the next day. Instead, for good or ill, he is in the drivers seat as far as perceptions of She-Hulk. If you’re Disney, all the advertising in the world can’t undo this kind of damage, especially if it holds up when skeptical people are watching the show!

Until Disney can humble itself to acknowledge Eastern Time as the nations time of record and accept simple demographics they are assuring people like myself get the first word, and I tend to be hard to please. The ‘Hard to Please’ trait is even worse in me at three thirty in the morning. I live on the East Coast, like MOST Americans. Put the shows on during MY prime-time! What is Disney afraid of? That the shows will do the same numbers no matter what? That’s hubris!

Thank you Disney, you arrogant bastards. If you just had the server ability to debut things at any time other than midnight US Pacific things would be measurably better for your AMERICAN viewers. You’d also be getting the first word and setting more of an impression.

Disney Plus has been around too long now to be so inflexible. How primitive is their server? How incompetently was it designed?

This ongoing refusal to accept the fact most American’s live on the East Coast and would watch the show at 8 or 9 pm eagerly and with fresh eyes is just alienating more people by making sure the show is spoiled on first view for most people.

The fact the show’s debut at a better time for people in England or Australia to see it right away easier than someone in any part of America is just stupid.

Disney, I thank you for your ongoing ineptitude, but is this any way to treat your customers?

Population by Time Zone

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By Captain Teag

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