She Hulk Episodes 3 and 4 Review

In Episode 3 we saw She Hulk successfully defend Emil Blonsky, aka The Abomination, and get him parole despite one of the weirdest legal pleadings of all time. Blonsky is now a happy New Age type.

Even though a bunch of people must have died when he destroyed Harlem the show decided 14 years in jail was enough, blaming the incident on Supersoldier Serum. There wasn’t a whole lot to episode 3, but it was incrementally better than episode 2.

We finally have something to build on, so of course the show ignores all this and moves on in a pretty bad episode 4. The episode is finally about She Hulk doing some superhero stuff finally, even if she complains the entire time.

Up to now there’s been many events but no story. Its a boring blur. While last week was probably the best episode we’re going to get, very little of the positivity was carried forward into botched Episode 4.

Admiral Teag’s She-Hulk E3&4 Podcast

She Hulk still has no real traits except anger and impatience- which she thinks she controls well. The show is not aware she’s wrong and that its an illusion. They accidentally portray her as person on her last nerve week after week.

Maybe the highlight of episode 3 was the Deputy DA, who we saw in episodes 1 & 2, overruling his own attorney at an un-funny trial. There were NO INTENTIONAL LAUGHS in the show. However it did seem to have found some sort of way forward after being preachy and annoying in episodes 1 and 2. While no jokes landed in episode 3; I was somewhat amused through all of it to varying degrees.

In episode 3 we also found out there’s a group of baddies with some tech who have been hired by someone to get a sample of She Hulk blood. This is something they could have pulled off if they had just done it rather than reverting to male stereotypes who need to harass her. In the time wasted mocking her Jen transforms into She Hulk. That’s when we found out this show has no physics. People can just shake off deadly blows and stuff like being tossed 19 feet in the air.

It was another really short episode and the writers have no skill at these fourth wall breaks. Episode 3 was bad, but only just so offensive. In episode 4 the wall breaks are back to being tedious. They have never used one to advance the story.

She Hulk is still an asshole to everyone all the time. We ended episode 3 watching some CGI twerking- a dance move from more than five years ago- with Meagan Thee Stallion. I don’t know why Meagan bothered with this appearance, they didn’t play her music or show us her twerk moves. She was just there. That said she played herself well in 2 quick glimpses. Meagan rightly seems to see having to defend being impersonated as an idiotic waste of time. She had little if any dialogue. but her dismissive hand wave was something I related to.

We also had an inconsequential but amusing walk on by Wong. Whatever amusement was gleaned from this weeks episode was due to Wong. Stupid thigs happen around Wong, but he reacts pretty appropriately. Still, after being in back to back episodes he’s at the edge of being overused here.

The She-Hulk writers really need to back away from Wong slowly. He’s becoming a commodity, levelling up in the MCU. If handled well Wong could possibly have a movie of his own. These writers would love to shoot down Wong and make him look bad, but they’re also very likely to do it by mistake. So far he’s seemed annoyed but polite in his interactions. If he has much more screen time he will get ruined.

The show still has a true contempt for men in general and they go after them every time they can. The view of this show as far gender relations is pre-Mary Tyler Moore. This show would never have Jen be nervous like Mary could be. The She Hulk writers could never make a believable workplace. The Mary Tyler Moore show, Golden Girls and Sex and the City knew how to mock men and still be funny. Part of it is having characters with depth and some predictability. We knew how Mary Richard or the Sex and the City chicks minds worked and they all had flaws. They felt real. She Hulk just can’t pull that off.

In the case of The Mary Tyler Moore Show; she worked with very real seeming characters who were really quirky. This made for a lot of fun. The Sex and the City crew were all insane and undate-able in a funny way. The Golden Girls actually had more legit feminist stories and is a lot funnier.

The one show the always reference when asked about their influences and inspirations for writing this is Allie McBeal (aka Single Female Lawyer). Allie McBeal-like humor has never shown up. They would need to create like six or seven good characters for that to work. So far these writers have tanked on every character they’ve created and tarnished near every character they’ve borrowed in this mess.

Blonsky was just like Banner but better, so he faired ok due to low screen time. Wong was overly verbal and the actor has some great facial reacts, but he’s dancing on the edge of a knife if he hangs out with She Hulk much more.

Episode 4 is a step back as far as tone and watchability. It’s almost all the cringe things from the trailers packed together.

The only thing saving this show from being outright hateful is that they have accidentally created a few unlikable women too. You could call it balanced in it’s contempt in episode 4. This show was written by people who hate most people.

This show scoffs at everything a male can do from a father loving his daughter to dating and beyond. It’s as though the Disney execs found out at the same time we did this show was bad. It’s as if no one checked the scripts out until they’d made two or three episodes. I guess the damage control is now instead of just the men EVERYONE in She Hulk’s world is an idiot (and maybe also an asshole), too.

Episode 4 starts with a magician Donny Blaze’s act tanking and him falling back on a sling ring to open a portal, impressing some of the crowd. Then we jump to Nepal to watch Wong about to view the Soprano’s when the magician’s audience volunteer from the magic show drops into his living room.

“Madisynn” was complaining when we first saw her. She was also drunk and babbling. She’s just been teleported across the world and it bounces right off her. It’s not even enough to stun her into silence, she continues complaining. Wong got out of last weeks show with his dignity intact but he’s now at risk of destruction again.

The airheaded woman just sits down and sits down and watches TV with Wong, shaking the whole thing off. Wong mutters that he knows who did this and he’s now out for a measure of payback.

Wong’s new pal Madisynn likes to day-drink on weekdays

In the next scene Jen belittles her father for caring about her, heads to work and creates a dating site profile. She’s already a degenerate drunk. so why not?

Wong just sling rings his way into the office and interrupts Jen and cheerleading paralegal whose name has still never been spoken. Wong wants “Donny Blaze” sued for punk-ing him and misuse of a sling ring.

Jen lives at the bar and drinks at work.

Then Jen heads to the bar to finish her days work. She gets hit on by an inept guy who has to be told “hey! we’re working here.” He’s presented as an ass, but who works in a bar except a bartender? If my lawyer only drank at work and also did some work at the local hard drinking bar filled with the kind of people we see there? I’d discharge them. She Hulk is an alcoholic.

Its the same bar we always see, they think they can redress the set, but its the bar from every episode. This is the bar where she tried to kill people for talking to her. Why anyone would hit on Jen is beyond all fathoming. The paralegal is nicer looking.

The guy was perfectly nice, just a bit forward. Still he gets a cringe reaction and Jen says “This is why I don’t date.” Again the show is out of sequence. They just showed her making a dating profile. She wants to date. To that end this week she combed her hair, made a dating profile and went to a singles bar. Then, in a move everyone has been victimized by, the paralegal grabs Jens phone and sets up some dates Jen doesn’t want. “Hetero Life is brilliant” is the joke that fails here. Jen still hates being called She Hulk.

Wong and Jen try to serve a Cease and Desist Order on fake magician, Donny Blaze. He explains they’re after his livelihood. Neither She Hulk nor Jen are suited for dating. They despise all men and the personality is really brittle and caustic. Of course she attracts the worst people. All this goes down while jokes are pancaking left and right.

That’s when we roll into court and sling ring in the woman we saw in the opening sequence. This is during court, so ‘Madisynn’ is at a nightclub tanked up at 2 in the afternoon. She’s simply never sober. Sling-Ringing her into the courtroom doesn’t really help. Finally it falls to Wong to unpack the repercussions of using magic. It sounds like she’s wandered drunkenly through the events of Shang-Chi and Thor Love and Thunder without comprehending them- something that’s she’s not alone in. Her apocalyptic tale just bores the judge.

That’s when what the stakes are week to week hit me. “Will this show ruin the guest star?” Wong is close to the edge we saw Banner plummet off. Being around Jen too much and agreeing with her on too many things just ruined the Hulk’s character. She Hulk is like working with radiation, but without any upside. Make a mistake or linger too long and you might get a lethal dose.

Since normal women only attract the horrible men who populate this show, Jen breaks down and changes her dating profile to She Hulk. It works great! In the very next scene she’s on a date…or more correctly a montage of bad dates with men who do everything they can not to get laid.

At this point? What DOES She Hulk want? Only a vibrator can solve her problems! She hates men and everyone else she interacts with. She even makes her cheerleading paralegal work weekends. The all female man-hating writers are dunking hard on all men.

Sex and the City was masterful at mocking dating, this show thinks it’s Sex in the City. While Sex and the City got out of hand, they at least had the decency to show us their characters had traits and problems that made them crazy and undate-able. She Hulk skips humanizing its characters. It also skips motivating them or having their actions add up. For example- she initiates and agrees to a bunch of dates- after specifying she does not date.

Jen is hearing the tick of the biological clock or something because she breaks the fourth wall to say she hates dating. SO WHY SET UP A DOZEN DATES?

Eventually she finds an children’s cancer doctor who works out a lot. He’s poorly cast as a doctor or a smart person. Still, after all the other outright losers he’s ok, he does not come off like a doctor. He comes off like an underwear model. In other words, he’s weird and gross. He says all the right things but seems to score by just not being too much of an asshole. She Hulk is so impressed she orders their fries to go. So apparently, if you just let her babble on about herself She Hulk will see you as nicer and give you some love. She’s a pretty loose idiot that way.

Meanwhile we can see Donny Blaze is still using the sling ring in his magic show. Everyone at the show is an idiot and so is Donny. He accidentally summons some kind of creature by mistake. While the demonic looking creature is small and Donny slings it away quick, he doesn’t close the portal its fallen into; so it returns…with a dozen or so friends.

We see chaos about to ensue and Donny sling-rings his way to Wong. Wong is pissed but he’s responsible enough to go try to clean up Donny’s mess, telling him to call ‘his lawyer.’

Switching back to She Hulk she’s doing things that you really should not ever do. Like bringing a complete and total stranger home on the first date for some heavy drinking.

She also blows off a call, something that lawyers are just never supposed to do. The constant repetition that she displays excellence and dedication at her job are just talk. She Hulk just drinks all day.

The writers don’t know how being a lawyer even works. Friday nights not off the schedule! In fact the weekend is when people tend to get in the most trouble. If you’re a lawyer who blows off client calls on a Friday night your screwing your client and sort of unethical. Still, why show us any competence now?

In a tour de force of creativity we mercifully have She Hulk and Doctor Dumbass making out interrupted by Wong. Wong still has taken no damage to his rep, but hanging around this show is not a good move. Its replete with contradictions and people do anything but what makes sense.

She Hulk is now at the magic show theater where Donny Blaze performs and theres dozens of bulldog sized flying canine demons wrecking the place. She helps Wong fend off the demon puppies while he works on sending them back to their own dimension. When Wong takes charge of the fight with some sling ring-ing of his own we get an amusing moment- after 26 minutes and closing in on the end of the episode.

She Hulks fights by complaining. She never shuts up when she brawls. She’s crazy for dick and whining about how she has to save people- as if saving lives is an unfulfilling drag. Very heroic indeed.

Then some unknown force magnetized to the demon puppies sucks almost all of them into a portal created by Wong. So he never really needed any help.

She Hulk uses the last one, which has progressed into a full grown demon dog now, to extort an agreement from Donny Blaze to abide her Cease and Desist.

Then, and I can’t believe they did this, Jen portals home and just wedding carries her date to bedroom. Then1988’s Belinda Carlyle song “Heaven on Earth” plays. So that’s when the writers were in college!! This song was obviously on their old ‘5 Disc Changers’ in their dorm rooms.

The Belinda Carlyle song is called “Pop Music” by the descriptive text. It’s a 34 year old song. It’s classic dance music now, the writers have no idea how to even tune a radio. We thankfully don’t see the sex- which maybe most guys would have passed on considering She Hulk returned covered in mucus with severed demon body parts in her hair.

Jen is an easy lay and the kind of psycho who makes you breakfast the next day. I’m not saying don’t have first date sex, I’m saying when your done fake a reason to leave and try to get to know the person in a more proper ‘second introduction.” First Date sex is definitely cool, maybe even crashing there and having another go in the morning, but She Hulk is the kind of bunny boiling psycho who will torment you the next day. This is why you always make an excuse about how theres stuff to do tomorrow when its obvious your going to score You keep that in your backpocket for people like Jen. She’s going feel guilty and dirty and make it your fault anything happened. You want to be able to say “Yeah, well I have that thing I mentioned, see ya!”

This is when we find out the paralegal’s name is Niki as we see text messages on screen. Nikki- who also needs a vibrator- is demanding details about the night of sex she knows Jen had…through ESP? At least we find out Titania is out and about causing problems.

That’s when the writers seem to home in on how many times they’d had a romp with someone who then saw that in the daylight without makeup and a hangover in effect they weren’t all that cute and ditched them. It’s really heavy handed.

The child anti-cancer doctor is a stand in for every guy to bail on meaningless sex with the writers, but he’s finally acting normal. He’s wants no part of breakfast and is looking to get out of there. He doesn’t even hug her or tell her to call him. He just awkwardly leaves.

Then Jen is served with some legal papers by Titania’s legal team. We had just found out on TV that Titania uses her Superpowers to be an “Influencer.”

Titania has been cleared of trashing a courthouse and something like 12 counts of attempted murder in just days. This show is completely ignorant of law.

They know plagiarism laws somehow, though. Wonder how? The copyright infringement suit by actually lines up with reality.

Titania has already trademarked ‘She Hulk’ and is suing for copyright infringement. I guess in the real world this would mean she’s going to get a chunk of Jen’s pay forever. It’s the show’s first smart legal move! Congratulations Titania! You have the best legal mind of anyone on this show. Someone MUST have sued some of these writers for copyright infringement at some point because we know they do no research but know about this.

At the end of episode four we are finally one past the rebooting and have some stability and context. The shows best character so far has been lowlife Dennis the Assistant DA. They portray him as a dick, but since they spent so much time cuck-ing him he ended up a ‘real’ character. He’s not all that cool but we get what he’s about. It occurs just how much ‘known traits’ add to a story. Luke Skywalker would never abandon a friend. She Hulk though? She might just do anything.

Figuring out how any character will act in this show is pointless. The characters will do or say anything to move the show along. They only speak in exposition. Many jokes died in this episode. Not one was funny. They even lost the ‘amusing vibe’ the last episode had. So basically this show needs an injection of consistency.

Dennis the Assistant DA is in episode 3 but not 4. Dennis would be outright fired from any job day one. He doesn’t know the meaning of the word ‘appropriate.’

They’ve never bothered to offset this by showing Dennis is a good lawyer who gets Justice for the People to explain why anyone puts up with him. Its a mistake that keeps building. Dennis needs a reason not to get fired, you can’t act like Dennis at work.

Then the writers do take a shot at Wong’s dignity but it misses the mark. Wong accidentally comes off cooler than any other character. They’re trying to make him look like an idiot, but he survives. Its the worst mid credits scene yet. Then the state of Georgia tells you they aided and abetted this shit show by letting them film there. Thanks a lot, Georgia.

We’re at midseason and this minor league superhero is in no way suited to be in a movie or work woth the Avengers. She’s selfish, facile, mean and petty. Its a drag to be around her or watch her on TV.

I’m no TV writer (then again look what the ‘real writers’ did!) but I think She Hulk needs a real rival.

The show’s at midseason and its dull. The characters have not taken off. Episodes 1 and 2 are dueling back to back pilots that just confused everyone.

All we know about She Hulk is she is not true to herself. She might be a good lawyer, but she dates in spite of herself and has disdain for everyone.

Instead of She Hulk being a Bunny Boil-ing madwoman scaring the guy off they could have had the media do it. The Hulk show from the 1970s worked because Banner was on the run from an investigative journalist, ‘Mister McGee.’ She Hulk needs a real rival like this. The press would be interested enough. They man-bash through all episodes, so why NOT give us Mister McGee again? Or anyone like him?

The conflict of being She Hulk is only exasperated by the press when the writers remember its part of the world or need it to drive the plot.

Lets face it, there would be paparazzi camped out in front of Jen’s house based on what’s been on the news and the fact her real identity is known. People would want to know about this indifferent non hero who does not care. Opportunity missed.

Episode 3 wasn’t good, but it made enough sense and had fourth wall breaks that were less awful. This week the show took a step back. Episode 4 is not as good as epiosde 3 and they fourth wall breaks felt much more jammed in.

Constantly seeing Jen reject her father’s caring, love and protective impulses is making her seem like a real ass. She can’t even be nice to her own Dad. This is a hero?

Its better than Rings of Power, but not by a lot.

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