She Hulk Episode 5-A Comprehensive Mid Season Review

We’ve been on quite the journey with our pal She Hulk to this point. We’ve seen UFO’s and some interesting walk-ons. What we have not seen, however is any kind of rival for She Hulk. That’s why this week Titania’s return presents some interesting possibilities- that we do not see realized. This week was another misfire for the up and down show that’s already unwittingly visiting The Uncanny Valley far too often.

We met Titania back in episode one when she broke out of traffic court into the courtroom She Hulk was in. Titania fought with cops and attempted to kill an entire jury by throwing a large table at them. After a brief and bizarrely choreographed scuffle where she saves the jury, She Hulk pulled a one punch knock out on Titania, who sort of dresses like a Kardashian-themed Pro Wrestler.

The incident got She Hulk fired and started her at her new job in private practice defending supervillains. We got some of that a couple of episodes back with The Abomination, but then we had an episode four that didn’t seem to be in sequence. It failed to build on the previous episode, where we saw at least an amusing tone building up.

So far the show hasn’t really sticked the landing on any sort of intentional humor and the protagonist can only be described as a complete alcoholic. So, with this to build on I put on my trusty New York Jets hat and get ready for the kind of sorrow its used to. I have hopes the show will break out of this weird fixations and strange pacing to orient me, but so far no luck.

Outside being a very heavy regular drinker, somewhat fearful, anti-social and occasionally confrontational there’s not a lot to tell about She Hulk. She’s mentioned a few times that she’s burdened with student loans and we’ve seen how much she disdains her family.

As far as adjusting to being a Hulk? So far so good in Jen’s mind. The viewer has to wonder about the inconsistent way her transformations occur, though. Episode 1 showed us if Jen is startled or scared she will transform, but that just hasn’t been the case since. Unless Jen has absolute ice water in her veins you’d have to think Titania crashing through a wall like The Kool Aid Guy would have scared a combat veteran let alone a scholarly lawyer. The pilot seemed to tell us she would have transformed just from the shock of a sudden large explosion. She didn’t though and that’s where the show hit a real snag.

Its led to some scenes where the writers have made She Hulk disdainful of saving lives, seeming to value her dress over the very obvious choice of saving twelve innocent people. So maybe some heroic actions closer to last week were called for, but back to back weeks on the show did a bit of damage to Wong.

Thanks for the validation!

In episode 3 Wong’s told that he’s got some legal culpability for busting out Abomination. Wong simply beats a hasty Sling Ring retreat. It would seem he’s now a wanted man. This episode also had some issues with scene’s that lacked context at the singles bar She Hulk goes to in search of peace and quiet to get some work done, despite there being a bar in her office.

Episode 3 seemed to have been edited out of sequence. Jen was worried Wong wouldn’t show before there’s any urgency or reason to fret. It precedes a scene where we see a great many character witnesses attesting to Blonski’s exemplary behavior in jail thats shown as taking a good deal of time.

We also get some shifting of the focus to the episode’s (better) B plot. It all gets a bit confusing. When Jen is actually pressed for time we can see it’s Wong that’s the problem as all other names are crossed off the witness list. The show feels it needs to repeat all plot points occurring in any given situation when we shift from location to location.

So it’s part of the shows meta to hold our hands through events and there’s signs of hasty reshuffling of episodes. This week the show definitely had people doing things and then verbalizing it, essentially doing everything twice. This made for a monotonous experience.

As it was, Wong was back too soon in an episode that a lot of people disliked and which may just not have worked the way it was intended to. Every character took a beating while references to things from anywhere from 10 to 30 years ago littered the story. Like Belinda Carlyle music and a character that can only be described as a drunker clone of Snooki .

She Hulk has caused as much controversy and as little real interest as Book of Boba Fett. In that show Disney hit the panic button and tried to change course. A pair of Mandalorian episodes were thrown in to buy time for (failed) damage control. Could the same kind of thing be going on with She Hulk?

We’ve heard there’s plans for Daredevil beyond just a She Hulk walk on, so I’m curious about his eventual appearance- which we got a strange tease of this week.

The show keeps insisting on things that just aren’t true and expects us to ignore what it shows us, which don’t line up with She Hulk’s alleged traits. Like that Jen Walters is very dedicated and excellent at her job.

So far Jen’s been fired once and seems unprofessional by doing things like blowing off critical calls from clients. Jen’s still not won any cases in court- just represented a prisoner in a parole hearing.

This week she wins her Copyright case- but she’s retained a lawyer who won it for her at the cost of Jen’s dignity.

It’s a novel strategy, but it’s actually the same thing as we saw in episode 3- an embarrassing rehash of a characters recent dating life simply reveals that they were somehow in the right.

Last week She Hulk’s legal achievements came with the assurance of personal injury or death if people didn’t consent to her wishes, so that case was also a non challenge. This week Jen’s lawyer win’s the case. Jen just has not shown us much as far as lawyering.

We’ve had four episodes, two of which we’re more or less pilots. We’ve seen a bunch of different locations that include two bars as well two different offices with two different sets of coworkers. We’ve even briefly been to outer space.

This week I’d be happy just to see She Hulk stay with the same job, get some context on more than two coworkers and maybe have her beat Titania in court in a clever way before the boss-fight I was pretty sure they were going to have.


Rolling into Episode five we have the exciting prospect of a Copyright Infringement case; Titania has already trademarked the term She Hulk. This is the first piece of legality the show has gotten right. They also showed they understood how Process Servers who deliver lawsuits to people work. So maybe this week we see a legal drama? My theory is they’ve been sued for plagiarism and served legal papers in real life and therefore just knew about this from being hack writers.

This week we do sort of get a legal drama, at least as best as these writers can pull off. Episode 5 is a headscratcher. It was less bad than the previous episode, but not as good as episode three. We got new character Mallory Book, another plucky female attorney who seems to work for the same firm as She Hulk. Jen and Mallory act and talk exactly the same.

In this episode She Hulk is again considered a liability- which is unrealistic. She’s not going to be defending herself. This time I think kooky Holloway got the legal logic right, though. Ideally, lawyers don’t represent themselves. Good move, Holloway.

Book, as I mentioned, is the same exact person as Jen Walters. She’s a Boss-Level Attorney, but with somewhat different fashion. In fact Mallory bafflingly wears a zip-off nightclubbing dress to court.

This episode all revolves around copyright and common use laws. Some of the legal reasonings sort of made sense….sometimes.

The primary plot sidesteps a Boss Fight with Titania after the latter loses in court. This seems out of character for a woman who destroyed traffic court and tried to kill a dozen people the last time she had a legal setback. The primary plot is sort of a dud with few if any jokes landing and my reactions constrained to ironic laughter at the contradictions and contrivances.

In the show’s B Plot, which was no worse than the A Plot; the secondary characters have a secondary adventure. They do not expand the workplace to include more cast members. Instead we have Nikki and Pug hanging out in an agreed upon social contract that are definitely not dates.

The B Character alliance is forged when Pug, confusingly called Alonzo by Nikki after one too many pilots and not enough screen time to make the actor recognizable (Which is one reason why Closed Captioning really helps with this show).

Pug wants Nikki to hang out while he buys collectable Iron Man sneakers and she needs a sidekick while she tracks down a tailor for She Hulk. It’s logical enough but Niki has a few opinions on collecting.

The very concept of collectables and collecting is deeply mocked here. I can’t believe that Disney allowed this anti-fan message to be part of the story. They market stuff FAR DUMBER than the limited edition sneakers Pug’s after. This, on top of an A Plot that pitted She Hulk against a Youtube personality made the episode feel a bit petty to say the least.

This writing team is perpetuating anti-fan and anti male stereotypes, blowing jokes and making mistake after mistake. This episode was a bit off the rails. If their female characters weren’t as far removed from reality as the males (seemingly unknown to the writers) it might be really sexist. Instead its seemingly just a very cold world She Hulk lives in, filled with people who speak in ‘mean tweet’ type statements.

The B Plot to get She Hulk her Super-Hero outfit seems pointless as we’ve seen she already has suits she can wear in both forms. We’re a couple episodes beyond basic sartorial needs, but the show pretends none of this happens and just circles back.

The tailor, Luke Jacobson, is almost exactly Chris Tucker’s Ruby Rhod from sci-fi satire classic The Fifth Element. Its not the worst but its been done before better.

Along the way they try to show us Titania has a media profile higher than all Kardashians combined. Her Super Powers so far are Super Strength and Super Persuasiveness.

The A Plot brings back characters from the speed dating episode as courtroom witnesses. All her would be suitors are portrayed as jerks, including our pal the friendly children’s Anti-Cancer Doctor. It’s pretty dreary.

In a moment that sports unintended symmetry; we find out no one enjoyed meeting Jen, either. Just as Jen and the show had shown them as jerkoffs for wanting to date her at all, we now see even these supposed losers just plain old didn’t like She Hulk. They didn’t have the best reasons and it seemed strange that it phases Jen; who has said she hates these people an episode or two back and more or less reaffirmed that this week.

Some guys were more down with dating She-Hulk than others, but obviously we know that only the Anti-Cancer doctor was down for sex with this CGI freak. One guy named Todd was exactly Flash from the MCU Spiderman movies, just ten years older. The former suitors all testified that She Hulk had called herself She Hulk. This is enough for Book to win the case. She Hulk is now legally entitled to her name.

Its strange that the show is so legally inept. For instance names ands aliases, the basis of this weeks plot. She Hulk was hired as She Hulk. This means she could cash a check into Jen’s account made out to SHE HULK. Therefore she already is She Hulk since once your paid under a name that becomes a legitimate alias and is part of your identity. The real truth is Titania can probably use the term anyway. Her real case is for brand destruction. She definitely would own the copyright- and win maybe maybe 20,000 bucks on that sionce she can’t really use it.

How easy is a legal enough name change? Chaim Wheat put on Kabuki makeup, learned bass and then earned money as Gene Simmons of KISS. At the point that happened ‘his name’ became Gene Simmons without any further adieu. It’s “A Name” not his given name, but he can endorse checks as Gene Simmons. He can (and likely does) have a drivers license that says his name is Gene Simmons. Bob Hope changed his name twice almost the same way. So did Marion Morrison; aka ‘John Wayne.’ This would seem to be well known or google-able stuff they whiff on.

The show has a real indifference about what’s called ‘The Common Law’ and a lack of knowledge of common sense as well as day to day reality on this one. So while the way Book wins the case is legitimate; it was a needless fallback strategy. She Hulk is already She Hulk because she gets paid as She Hulk.

This episode features a strange walk on by an Asian counterman at some kind of eatery who dabbles in crime ‘just because.’ They think he costumes superheroes but he merely sells knockoff Avenger’s gear. Unbelievably, this character knows how to get them to the right guy to make the suits they say Jen needs. It’s just that easy. It’s also a really bad contrivance.

We don’t see the “Superhero Outfits” Luke has made for our pal She Hulk and we may not need to. This episode is seemingly out of sequence. She Hulk has the gear already and has work clothes she can transform in. I do not think she’s actually getting a new outfit. This seems like Episode 2 or 3 kind of stuff. It’s just to show the Daredevil gear elsewhere in the shop.

We also see a longer credit sequence- with no Easter Egg mind you, that shows scenes that aren’t in this (very brief) episode. Could they have been scenes they cut? We’ve seen She Hulk is not at her best when she’s scoffing at her family, so maybe the sketch of them for a scene that we dont see is proof of damage control?

The actual episode, from the moment the “Catch Up” ends to the start of the long credit sequence might be as little as 20 minutes. This mediocre installment of She Hulk flew by.

It was neither the best nor the worst episode of She Hulk, but this was pretty bad. We again saw jokes dying painful deaths and the episode might have been more stupid than amusing. For instance, Pug and Nikki go ahead and wear their knock off Avengers Gear with gusto. The visual is not funny, just awkward. There’s also a non cohesive feel to this episode. This story had the lowest stakes so far, but what we got is debatably outright bad. We also seem to have to shelved the Wrecking Crew and other plotlines. Next week should an interesting experience. The best one word review for this series so far is ‘whiplash.’

If they keep bashing away at the fans of their own movies and shows with so little skill they run the risk of making this ‘joke’, at the expense of their biggest fans, into an unfunny loss of profits when people take their cues right from the show and just laugh off collecting anything. Could it be the MCU people hate the LUCASFILM people for dominating (as well as seriously diluting) the collectible market? Whatever it is, they should probably drop it.

That’s She Hulk Episode 5. It was awkwardly amusing at times, but the 3 am East Coast drop time is still preposterous.

I turned it off feeling that more care in making these products could only improve them. She Hulk was a mess this week. The episode also rips fan culture a little too hard. She Hulk seemingly still has no real rival, something the 1970s show really benefitted from. I suggest that something like an adversarial reporter be added to the cast.

Meanwhile, you need to be pretty forgiving to get past the bad camera work, out of sequence editing and sheer repetitiveness of the show. We’re simply not seeing any well executed Story-telling or TV with She Hulk so far.

I really wonder why they didn’t just shelve this show for a while. When Titania calls She Hulk “Shrek” its too right on. It’s true sometimes. I can’t currently say I recommend this show.

Well, thanks for reading my review. I appreciate you taking the time to indulge my perspective. Please like this article to help get the word out and consider following this blog.

Until next time – Cheers!

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