Who is the Real McTeag????


I am a self important blithering idiot and raging fucking attention whore an over-educated fact obsessed blogger who simply loves to write. I am especially drawn to Sociological aspects of our society as I see it here from Queens, NY, birthplace of luminaries such as the Ramones, Lucy Liu, Perry Farrell and Martin van Buren. It’s also, sadly, the birthplace of people like awful Donald Trump, America’s First Mentally Ill President. Hey, no place is perfect, right?

Submitted for your approval

 We see things a little differently. we all relate to the world outside America because its the same world outside our doors. That country whose government just fell? The guy who I buy lunch from used to live there. That place where some huge earthquake just absorbed 1/2 the country into the pit of Hell? The cop on the corner grew up there. We like a good dirty water hot dog, a good Clint Eastwood movie and are united in hatred against our oppressors, like Time Warner Cable and the bastards who own the Mets!

Why do some people eat the white side of the black and white cookie first, others the black side and some more eating right up the middle? What if anything does it say about any or all of them? I don’t know for sure, but for sure I got a theory! because that’s me, I look at things critically and use the skills i picked up slacking my way through 4 decades of unbelievable experiences. As a musician i met a lot of people. later as a production assistant still more. I found the rock stars were usually boring. It was the people who put on the show who had the stories and the best weed to boot!

So take a ride with me through the strange and dangerous we live in. From Reverse Truthing to psychological and criminal profiles to sports, life and the entertainment. Comments are enabled and I would love to engage as many readers as possible!

sittin' here in queens

sittin’ here in queens

Let’s be friends, I have a lot to share with you and I promise, i will never lie to you. I have no agenda other than giving you my point of view



18 thoughts on “Who is the Real McTeag????”

  1. This is the most informative About page I’ve ever seen. 🙂 And please add an RSS feed so I don’t miss anything – I’m notorious for failing to visit websites but am addicted to my newsreader. xo

  2. Love the blog, man. The style, the writing, the attitude, all right up my alley. I, too, was once a history teacher and, for some reason, have been a Mets fan since 1974. Way too fucking long. I wanted to thank you again for stopping by my blog as well.
    Cheers, my man.

  3. email me…

  4. your email is somewhat suspicious. what would you like to talk about? why is talking here no good?

  5. Hey Mc Teag. Happy Thanksgiving. You’re doing God’s work brother. Please check out my blog at http://fuckthegunindustry.blogspot.com/ It’s dedicated to Sandy Hook. It will require honest feedback.

  6. Luke Savage said:

    Thanks, McTeag!

  7. Hey McTeag, ever eaten the chicken biscuit at Pies-&-Thighs in Brooklyn? A food critic actually wrote that it may just be “the perfect food.” Ponce de Leon died looking for the perfect food, or perfect restaurant or something like that, right? How can this chicken biscuit be that fucking good? If a samwich is really, really good, you know, I’ve been known to make out with it a little before finishing it, but perfect? I don’t know if I’m ready for that man.

  8. mainemillionworkermarch said:

    This is a funny post, but the only non-consecutive US administrations by the same guy belonged to Grover Cleveland, the 22nd and 24th President of the United States.

  9. Sorry. I can’t recall.

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