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Going Places in Year 5!

Welcome to TheRealMcTeag! I’m a fact obsessed blogger who simply loves to write and I can ONLY be Real!

I’m frequently right, sometimes I’m eerily dead on and sometimes I end up being wrong. When that happens I try to blog a correction or in some cases an apology.

But right or wrong I’m totally earnest in my feelings.  I try to keep it sort of fun while still giving you information with my opinions.

Because that’s what this mostly is, an opinion blog. I also feature some movie and TV reviews, properly labelled as ‘Spoiler’ or ‘Non Spoiler’. We Do have some VERY serious Star Wars and Star Trek posts too!

So here’s a few things about me;

Among other accomplishments I DO have a degree in History and Political Science (minor in lit!) from Stony Brook University. I learned about American and World History and related stuff like demographics and sociology to pull that off. I agree with most of what I learned there. So that’s where I’m coming from. There’ll be no Chemtrail or Moon landing conspiracies here!

I also fell for and went to a Scam Law School. I dropped out with passing marks after a year and saved about 200 thousand dollars in student debt to Uncle Sam! I talk totally honestly about how I got suckered on that one.

Since this began 5 years ago things in America have changed and not really for the better. We’re more divided and maybe its more important to think about what might motivate people. It can’t hurt, right?

Incidentally, I did my dissertation at Stony Brook on the Third Reich. My interest in them was pure historical curiosity. I always considered them evil scumbags. But compelling evil scumbags who showed a lot about people, especially mobs. They were also big on lies and the reveling in the dangers of Nationalism, bad treaties and  band treaty exits and of course; Militarism.  They were also a nation that felt betrayed (sound familiar?). They unlikely rose to power; with their seriously unlikely leader; (again, sound familiar?) through lies and brutality. Their use of Them-ism and scapegoating. The Gaslighting and mind control attempts. So I’m pretty qualified to dissemble the lies and falsehoods of Trump. He’s essentially a Nazi.

Deeply Fascinating and equally revolting – The unbelievable effectiveness of their insidious propaganda. It seems ridiculous.

Their most  genius technique; that of dividing people who had been united when they first heard their rhetoric, is out their in America right now and comes from the lips of the Voices of the Right. In particular Trump himself.

I particularly enjoyed talking about the Fall of the Third Reich because after studying them I completely despised them. Also it’s some really amazing military history. It gave me the inspiration and information to write my successful post, America’s Top 3 Most Useless Wars. It also helped me understand that the Republicans have long been a Cargo Cult.

So it’s scary to see some of these same things I learned about happening around me in America today. My History background is most obviously useful watching how Trump tries to play at Dictator and assessing his deep historical ignorance. In fact I make a pretty plausible case that a good deal of Trump’s “World View” comes from his complete misunderstanding of the movie Patton. Also, and I sort of hate this, but it may have given me an educated slightly unique insight on the crazy Alt-Right. I’ve read the same source material. (Except Mein Kampf. Mein Kampf is unread-able crazy rantings well summarized elsewhere).

I don’t need the degree when I talk about how Trump is plain cheap, or creepy. And I don’t need it to wonder if the guy can actually even READ! I’ve been sick of Trump for decades.

I’m from Queens and I’ve been dealing with his annoying act LONG before the rest of this country, at least since his racist reaction to the Central Park 5 Incident made him a city-wide disgrace and prominent bigot. I know this guy and guys like him and his goon Cohen. They all suck! I think the real problem for Trump starts way back when Gotti got locked up and he switched to doing business with the Russian mob! (like everyone in Queens says!)

This is STILL the place for fair movie reviews and in-depth posts on all forms of Star Trek, a real passion of mine. Sometimes I just write pure comedy.

One real change has been that aside from regular completely non political Star Trek posts I go all the way the as a member of the Resistance and hopefully a source of some insight and a small flicker of hope and solace for the other Resistors who Trump and his minions gone. And my love of Star Trek once in a while gives light to this. Mostly I keep it on this planet for politics though. That said #RESIST!

I am especially drawn to Sociological aspects of our society as I see it here from Queens, NY, birthplace of luminaries such as the Ramones, Lucy Liu, Perry Farrell and Martin van Buren. It’s also, sadly, the birthplace of people like awful Donald Trump, America’s First Mentally Ill President. Hey, no place is perfect, right?

Submitted for your approval

QUEENS! NEW YORK! We like a good street cart gyro and good live music. We are united in hatred against our oppressors, like Spectrum Cable & Internet and the bastards who own the Mets!

So take a ride with me through the strange and dangerous world we live in. From Reverse Truth-ing to psychological and criminal profiles to sports, life and the entertainment. Comments are enabled and I would love to engage as many readers as possible!

Let’s be friends, I have a lot to share with you and I promise, I always will only be real to you.



25 thoughts on “Who is the Real McTeag????

  1. Kath Duffy says:

    This is the most informative About page I’ve ever seen. 🙂 And please add an RSS feed so I don’t miss anything – I’m notorious for failing to visit websites but am addicted to my newsreader. xo

    1. i fixed it a little but damn i need to figga out how to how to network this more. for now i will be whoring myself on facebook when i post

  2. Love the blog, man. The style, the writing, the attitude, all right up my alley. I, too, was once a history teacher and, for some reason, have been a Mets fan since 1974. Way too fucking long. I wanted to thank you again for stopping by my blog as well.
    Cheers, my man.

  3. No Name says:

    email me…

  4. your email is somewhat suspicious. what would you like to talk about? why is talking here no good?

    1. says:

      Because I have info that you should hear. And I can also verify a lot of things for you…

      1. the email has been sent

  5. Joe McLean says:

    Hey Mc Teag. Happy Thanksgiving. You’re doing God’s work brother. Please check out my blog at It’s dedicated to Sandy Hook. It will require honest feedback.

    1. Luke Savage says:

      McTeag – I need some strokes. Please check this out:

      1. done! i will def check your blog out!

  6. Luke Savage says:

    Thanks, McTeag!

  7. Hey McTeag, ever eaten the chicken biscuit at Pies-&-Thighs in Brooklyn? A food critic actually wrote that it may just be “the perfect food.” Ponce de Leon died looking for the perfect food, or perfect restaurant or something like that, right? How can this chicken biscuit be that fucking good? If a samwich is really, really good, you know, I’ve been known to make out with it a little before finishing it, but perfect? I don’t know if I’m ready for that man.

    1. lol havn’t tried it!

      1. joe says:

        I would like to talk with you

      2. whats on your mind?

  8. mainemillionworkermarch says:

    This is a funny post, but the only non-consecutive US administrations by the same guy belonged to Grover Cleveland, the 22nd and 24th President of the United States.

  9. joe m says:

    Sorry. I can’t recall.

    1. im approving this comment just to promote earthlink! wow, takes me back

  10. arenwald says:

    I really like the glasses look.

    They’re cute on u.

    Makes u look like somebody celebrity-ish I think–but who right now escapes me.

    Told u I’ve got a bad case of CRS disease going on all this year☹️

    Yay! I finally returned & completed reading your full bio intro! Good wrk me! LOLZ

    How many non-star wars/star trek blog posts are there here?

    If I read 1/2-1 a wk will I still be under 50 by the time I reach the last 1?


    – J

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it, more sci fi on the way!!

    2. Aw, thanks. Posts are about to pick up again!

  11. Latisha Washington says:

    Just what the internet needs…Yet another pompous condescending Socialist/communist Ahole like you. Perhaps if you spent your time reading ACTUAL history instead of indulging in a juvenile fantasy life (Star Trek, CNN, MSNBC etc) you would understand the dangers of actual fascism (currently being practiced by Facebook, Google, Twitter, The Democrat Party and others), socialism and communism which has been directly responsible for the deaths of over 100 MILLION people in the last 100 or so years.

    If YOU don’t want to be free or can’t handle the responsibility of actual freedom you should perhaps relocate to China or Iran.

    ENOUGH with the anti-American Bullcrap!

    1. Apparently, in the Republican Party, you are “free” to support Donald Trump, or you are ostracized and your life is threatened. Is that the “freedom” you aspire to? Much like the German people were “free” to support Hitler, if they wanted to stay alive.

      The GOP is an authoritarian crime syndicate modeled in Putin’s Russia, whom Trump and many American conservatives enthusiastically admire. Trump’s “America First” rhetoric exactly recalls Charles Lindbergh’s “America First,” Nazi-sympathizing speeches he delivered in the years leading up to WWII.

      Your white nationalism is anti-democratic, anti-equality and anti-American. Go back down into the hole you crawled out from, and take the former Grifter-In-Chief down with you.

      The adults are back in charge.

      1. I think that last sentence is says it all. Biden and his people seem off to good start. The Orange Man Still wants to cause problems though- not quite over yet

    2. Hahaha! You’re on drugs! My father fought as a US Combat Engineer during the tet offense- so don’t lecture me on patriotism- loser

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