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Revenge Killer / Domestic Terrorist Christopher Dorner- DJANGO UNBADGED!!!. Psychological profile of Chris ‘Christoper Jordan Dorner”. ALSO- Latest Updates Posted Live. So far at least one aspect of my Psychological Theory on Django Dorner has already been proven correct. LIVE UPDATES

UPDATED 10:42 PM 2-17-13  Psych Profile included. UPDATES- Dorner Terrorist Behavior Paradox- [As the world awaits DNA confirmation, questions linger. Chris Dorner kidnapped and carjacked people, but after his initial assassinations he only ever attempted to kill police. All victims described him as ‘calm’, and ‘professional’. He was behaving in a perverse soldier-like manner. He …

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It’s been said that at some point we all cross paths with a serial killer. The difference for me is I just so happen to know when it happened. he wasn’t a killer yet (to our knowledge). Just a conspicously unfriendly and antisocial dubiously employed 30 year old college student with nebulous progress towards a …

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