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Trump’s Historic Disgrace Donald Trump could have just stayed on TV as America’s nominally favorite nominally wealthy guy. It wasnt meant to be though. From the moment he won the election he’s taunted Congress and much of the American Public with non stop crass statements and ham-handed lawbreaking . Now what many called Inevitable has …

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Mark Zuckerberg’s simulacra spoke to congress today.  It was tasked with explaining how 80 million Facebook users data was misappropriated and weaponized to help elect Trump

Since the time of the Roman’s the best way to destroy a democracy outside outright war has been to simply install and inept leader who spends badly and otherwise stresses the state institutions, like the courts.

We have likely entered a time Historians will call the Second Cold War or Cold War 2. –Vladimir Putin, who has social engineered the Russian Federation to a standard of living where the average citizen has just over 400 bucks a month to play with, is surely laughing at the unmitigated success of ‘Operation Fuck Up America’.

Like a Cult Leader Trump has been aggressively gas lighting and misrepresenting things at the same rate as he did during the campaign. Lying liberally and claiming to ‘know things other people don’t’.