The Real McTeag

est 2012

Its been a long time since the early days of the War of Necessity in Afghanistan. In New York City the smell of the destroyed towers still blew in toxic clouds to every corner of Manhattan at some point every day that dreary, angry fall.  It’s a time no one really wants to be reminded …

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This Includes Commercials   Pre-game:   Wine rack 1 //.  1st airs c 730 pm VW Linzess for IBS (extra weird commercial for opiate addicts based on year 1 MTV ads) Mobile Strike phone game Leesa mattress (also slightly creepy)   Main Event 740 pm Ugly USA chant dome with great spite Audi (German) Aleve …

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12:35 PM EST – Per CNN Currently Terminal C of LaGuardia Airport in Queens New York has been evacuated due to a smoldering piece of checked luggage that is giving off smoke. Updates to follow UPDATE 3:44 p, EST- No reporting on this incident at all since CNN mentioned it hours ago