THE EAGLE HAS LANDED Might Be the Worst Michael Caine Movie

Currently streaming free on Tubi and available of Amazon is a 1976 America-hating World War II movie aimed at soothing the feelings of everyone whose country either bullied World War II into happening or needed help staving off the Third Reich.

The Snyderverse Needs to End

Years ago we saw 300 and wow were we ever blown away. Then a lot of time passed with Zack Snyder hard at work being the best knock off JJ Abrams he can as lead creative for the Cinematic DCU. Well, we now have three of these films and a few more that were supposed… Continue reading The Snyderverse Needs to End

Giant Killer Is A Fake Story BUT A Real War Criminal

This movie is best described as “Unsurprisingly Inept Florida cops perpetuate stereotypes in a frighteningly misconceived investigation that shows why they never made Detective.” Giant Killer purports to be about the ‘Mysterious’ death of A Diminutive and Dangerous International Man of Mystery named Richard Flaherty — til that bs just falls apart — but before… Continue reading Giant Killer Is A Fake Story BUT A Real War Criminal

Is The Phantom Menace Well Written? A Star Wars Essay

Recent online and Youtube debates have sprung up during Quarantine regarding comparing the different Star Wars trilogies. The Prequel Trilogy was beat up by fans and critics when the films were released, but views seem to have softened. While imperfect and a perplexing three trips to the theater due to Stars Stockholm Syndrome- its probably… Continue reading Is The Phantom Menace Well Written? A Star Wars Essay

20 Reasons to See the Tolkien BioPic Movie

Fresh back from seeing the Tolkien movie and I have to say the best part is it wasn’t re-invented with lots of crying and personal conflict. It was pretty much an accurate life story. Tolkien’s tragic early life, his religous outlook and the backdrop of a troubled world all help make it worthwhile This movie… Continue reading 20 Reasons to See the Tolkien BioPic Movie

Trump’s Dangerous Misunderstanding of Patton

UPDATED We’ve all seen enough by now to know that President Trump has an unhealthy fixation on the movie “Patton”. There’s plenty of articles by right wing people comparing Trump to Patton favorably and some of the more religious among them are buying in to Patton’s own belief in re-incarnation and, of course, imagining that… Continue reading Trump’s Dangerous Misunderstanding of Patton

Trump Probably Misunderstands the PATTON Movie

Trump’s fascination with Patton is a problem for a bunch of reasons. For one thing George Patton, despite his success, is a TERRIBLE role model for a politician or president.