Taika Waititi Trolls Star Wars Fans

Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman

Somehow, Natalie Portman has returned to Star Wars…..maybe.

Moon Knight Episode 5 Review

(L-R): Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector and Steven Grant, and Taweret (voiced by Antonia Salib) in Marvel Studios' MOON KNIGHT, exclusively on Disney+. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. ©Marvel Studios 2022. All Rights Reserved.

Among other franchises being liberally borrowed from we have a huge dose of Batman, Philip K Dick’s novels and movies based on them, Twin Peaks, The Matrix, Resident Evil, a growing amount of STARGATE and just a dash of Star Wars

MIDWAY 2019 Is Good

This movie was absolutely made to have some of the ‘stand up and cheer’ feeling the movies made during the war had while still maintaining a serious enough tone. This war movie is never really that morbid despite a lot of heavy and serious events. The tone and feel often mirrors older, black and white era war movies.

THE EAGLE HAS LANDED Might Be the Worst Michael Caine Movie

Currently streaming free on Tubi and available of Amazon is a 1976 America-hating World War II movie aimed at soothing the feelings of everyone whose country either bullied World War II into happening or needed help staving off the Third Reich.

Why Is Star Trek Discovery So Bad

There seems to be no consequences for this expensive, offensive, fan-less mess that failed so badly as a premium show it killed CBS ALL ACCESS. Its also achieved historically bad ratings when shown on regular TV. The show is a disgrace and a disaster. We’ll Explore a few reasons why.

New York City Covid Lockdown 2020

Day 1- My New York State flag arrived. I decontaminated it. Then i jury rigged a flagpole out of an old pool cue and hung it, in a very safe way, off my fire escape. Then I hoisted my Bernie 2020 flag on the roof off an old pipe that sticks up high enough to… Continue reading New York City Covid Lockdown 2020

Do NOT Get Google Fi!!

Abandon all hope ye who Enter the nether region that is Google Fi. As I sit here awaiting yet another callback i can tell you for 800 dollars the Google Pixel 3 XL has been a nightmare that I will continue to pay for for 18 more months. While YES; they DO deliver sometimes amazingly… Continue reading Do NOT Get Google Fi!!

I’m Not Seeing The Rise of Skywalker and Neither Should You!

Bad Trailers and Two Bad Sequel Prequels Point to Bad Movie Sadly, we have been down the road of Bad Star Wars movies, especially since Disney took over, too many times. At every step of the way the sacred trust and love people have for the movies prevent you from getting any read on a… Continue reading I’m Not Seeing The Rise of Skywalker and Neither Should You!

Dr. Fredric Cogan in Floral Park an Honest Review

UPDATED- A bad doctor in the best of time I’m BEGGING Fred Cogan to retire! You’ve made enough money and this pandemic is BEYOND you! Did you prescribe Hydroxy chloriquine to people? I don’t even want to know! He’s NOT up to helping you fight COVID-19 and worse- he likely has NO records to send… Continue reading Dr. Fredric Cogan in Floral Park an Honest Review

Cap’n Kirk Douglas Reacts to Black Sabbath Comparison and Review of Hundred Watt Heart Record Release Show

One of the most successful (and nicest) people I know personally has got to be Cap’n Kirk Douglas. He was one of the many gifted musicians I met from the eclectic original players of Long Island’s East end when I went to Stony Brook University. In my experience Kirk was always friendly and approachable, hes… Continue reading Cap’n Kirk Douglas Reacts to Black Sabbath Comparison and Review of Hundred Watt Heart Record Release Show

Trump Acts Out Every 9-11

The worst day ever. A day where even Howard Stern went into News mode and stopped all on air humor. By 10 am the entire national character was changed forever. The Donald’s Self Centered 9-11 Lies What didn’t change that day was Donald Trump’s penchant for self centered grandiose lying. The buildings had just fallen… Continue reading Trump Acts Out Every 9-11

Behind The Curve Reaction Review

“Behind the Curve” is currently on Netflix and is part of what I call their “Disturbingly Uncomfortable Observation You Can’t Turn Off Documentary” series. This one, about Flat Earthers, is better than most. It’s an enjoyable watch that explores the paradigm of purposeful liars and the mentally ill people they thrive off the affections of… Continue reading Behind The Curve Reaction Review

The WordPress AdWords Monetization Fiasco

Well I finally took the plunge and monetized my blog and 1 year later I WILL NOT be renewing. Why not? Well for one thing though I blogged my ass off I had perhaps the very worst year of views ever. Powered off an anomalously high day with a couple of thousand views i figured… Continue reading The WordPress AdWords Monetization Fiasco

Don’t Trust Sketchy Tulsi Gabbard

Having a weird name and coming from Hawaii is not an obstacle to the presidency. Hatespeech, on the other hand? That might be enough. Today Tulsi Gabbard’s needless campaign for president rocked into day 2 by putting all Gabbards flaws on display. Rather than own, explain and apologize Gabbard simply showed how two-faced she is.… Continue reading Don’t Trust Sketchy Tulsi Gabbard

Who is the REAL Paul Whelan?

While Paul Whelan’s military career didn’t work out and some aspects of his life are sort of suspect he’s first and foremost an American Citizen held captive by a Totalitarian Regime. Since Whelan was first snatched up by the Russians Putin’s only gotten crazier, sparking a war and generally acting like a Bond Villain. Any… Continue reading Who is the REAL Paul Whelan?

The Real Problem with a Border Wall

Trump’s huffed and he’s puffed and seemingly blown the house down (and Shut the Government Down) over his incessant ranting about a wall at the Southern Border. Maybe there’s a case some parts of the Border need to be hardened, but we’re not really talking about that. Trump wants a HUGE and extensive concrete barrier… Continue reading The Real Problem with a Border Wall

The Magnum PI ReBoot is Bad

This Post Updated 7-2021. As a fan of the original I was still hoping the shattered pieces of the once sure-thing movie with Matthew McConaughey would be picked up. No such luck but since Hollywood can never leave a once successful idea alone we now have a new re-booted Magnum TV show. If you’re a… Continue reading The Magnum PI ReBoot is Bad

Welcome to (maybe) America’s LAST EVER ELECTION

It’s just days until the much talked about Mid-Term Elections. All expectations are the president and the Republicans are going to take a beating and I don’t think they will let the results stand. On election night we’ll see upsets. They will eventually be nullified by Trump who WILL make many false claims and possibly… Continue reading Welcome to (maybe) America’s LAST EVER ELECTION

So What’s the Deal with Elizabeth Warren’s Native American Heritage?

  Before I talk about Elizabeth Warren’s DNA I want to point out the real story is the long racist, anti-woman screed disgraceful president Trump has been off on since the announcement. He’s said a bunch of really despicable things and essentially has been the truly awful bully we’ve become accustomed to. Elizabeth Warren’s Native… Continue reading So What’s the Deal with Elizabeth Warren’s Native American Heritage?

That Time Trump Confused Two Hurricanes

As Americans suffer the president is in some of kind of obvious mental decline. To those who say ‘You’re not a doctor,” I say,”Okay, but you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to point at the moon anymore than you need a Psych degree to see Trump’s off his rocker.”

The Inappropriate Trump 9-11 that Just Kept Getting Worse

I thought when we had a president from Queens they would be a little cooler. Very Stable Genius Trump just did not distinguish himself on the anniversary of the worst attack on this nation in its history,in fact he made one mistake after another. At best he was untethered to reality, at worst he’s invited… Continue reading The Inappropriate Trump 9-11 that Just Kept Getting Worse

Maria Butina Boyfriend Paul Allen Erickson AKA US Person 1

UPDATED Well, I guess a guy who looks remarkably like the boss character from the Dilbert cartoons doesn’t think too hard about just HOW he landed a girlfriend half his age. Fortunately, we don’t need to read Paul Allen Erickson or Maria Butina’s minds. We have their words and deeds to go on.   As… Continue reading Maria Butina Boyfriend Paul Allen Erickson AKA US Person 1