The NRA are Russias Hired Guns

Since the inception of this blog I have referred to the NRA as a Russian Front. I have called Putin the ‘actual leader’ of the NRA and I have pointed out that their rhetoric is Anti-American. Yesterday I got a whole lot of backup on that in the form of Maria Butina, a Russian spy… Continue reading The NRA are Russias Hired Guns

Is Scott Pruitt Maybe Just Mentally Ill?

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt reacts while testifying before a Senate Appropriations subcommittee on the Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies on budget on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, May 16, 2018. Pruitt goes before a Senate panel Wednesday as he faces a growing number of federal ethics investigations over his lavish spending on travel and security. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

you dont have to be a rocket scientist to point at the moon and you dont need a psych degree to say Pruitt does a bunch of really crazy things! 

Trump’s GOP Cargo Cult

These were near stone age societies. They barely had boats, so they just couldn’t wrap their minds around mechanized flight. It had to be magic!

Putin Critic Anthony Bourdain Dies Mysteriously

Outspoken Trump and Putin critic Anthony Bourdain has died under mysterious circumstances in Europe. While Bourdain had a troubled past and could have lost a battle with addiction or depression, there’s been no mention of a note. Bourdain had called out Putin, among other things, as a murderer. The former Chef turned free-range CNN world… Continue reading Putin Critic Anthony Bourdain Dies Mysteriously

Trump’s Dangerous Misunderstanding of Patton

UPDATED We’ve all seen enough by now to know that President Trump has an unhealthy fixation on the movie “Patton”. There’s plenty of articles by right wing people comparing Trump to Patton favorably and some of the more religious among them are buying in to Patton’s own belief in re-incarnation and, of course, imagining that… Continue reading Trump’s Dangerous Misunderstanding of Patton

The HateWatcher’s Guide to Disneys Uncool Star Wars Weapons

Characters weapons were once much more important in The Galaxy Far, Far Away. The spoke to a character and added to it. 

Why Star Wars Movies Keep Getting Worse

A series of abstract depictions of the cosmos from science fiction films. Exploring fantasy, hypotheses and ways in which culture effects and reacts to representations of Space.

Well if you can mess up a Han Solo movie you can mess up anything. Solo is a complete disaster it isn’t as good as mediocre Rogue 1 or close to Revenge of the Sith. In general the movies are trending down. I have a few theories about exactly why this is happening. UPDATE –… Continue reading Why Star Wars Movies Keep Getting Worse

They Couldnt Save the Solo Movie

After 41 years of waiting we have our Han Solo movie. The special Edition release of Attack of the Clones is about as good. It’s not as good as Revenge of the Sith. In the Disney Sci-Fi universe it’s not as good as Black Panther or any Captain America Movie. It’s not as good as… Continue reading They Couldnt Save the Solo Movie

Is Cobra Kai Good?

If you’re on the fence about paying for youtube and cant get a cide here’s my advice- try it for a month if for no other reason than to see Cobra Kai, an amazing series based on, of all things, the Karate Kid movie franchise from the 1980s. Season One was amazing and the reviews… Continue reading Is Cobra Kai Good?

Why I Had a Good Feeling about the Solo Movie

UPDATE- I was pretty much wrong. They couldn’t make this thing work at all, but it’s still better than any other Star Wars movie from Disney outside Rogue One. here’s the actual review And here’s the original post — With under just days to go until I sit down in my local theater (with my… Continue reading Why I Had a Good Feeling about the Solo Movie

Truman Had To Drop the Bomb or Be Impeached

We all know the story, on a day in August the Atomic Age began when a lone B-29 Superfortress named the Enola Gay destroyed most of the city of Hiroshima with a single bomb. The man who ordered the strike, new United States President Harry S Truman, had little choice. The war in the Pacific… Continue reading Truman Had To Drop the Bomb or Be Impeached

Just What IS Palantir Technolgies?

Mark Zuckerberg’s simulacra spoke to congress today.  It was tasked with explaining how 80 million Facebook users data was misappropriated and weaponized to help elect Trump

Who IS Colion Noir of the NRA?

Recent weeks have seen the emergence of a new toxic NRA talking head calling himself Colion Noir. Like all NRA spokespeople he never misses a chance to undermine faith in the police and puff about armed citizenry being the only REAL law enforcement. He’s sort of good at weaving anti-law enforcement themes and anti-media screeds.… Continue reading Who IS Colion Noir of the NRA?

Mr Putin Goes to Washington

Well we all knew that Trump was gonna keep on sucking up to Putin but inviting Vlad the Poisoner come to the White House is just a slap in the face to the American People. I guess he needs to get instructions from his boss? Or Trump somehow beat out Netanyahu for Kremlin Employee of… Continue reading Mr Putin Goes to Washington

How to Get Crucified and Live

How would a homicide detective working in Jerusalem in 33 AD have approached the case of Jesus of Nazareth, criminal who came back from the dead? For starters he wouldn’t believe that he came back from the dead. He’d accept death as absolutely final and really just not the kind of thing you come back… Continue reading How to Get Crucified and Live

OJ Simpson Is Guilty AND Framed

  Last night on FOX and today on CNN OJ Simpson will confirm what we all know; He’s guilty. He was also framed. It explains everything. The moment Fuhrman goes over the fence is probably when he planted the bloody glove. Don’t blame the jury!  The jury didnt convict OJ but it’s not on them,… Continue reading OJ Simpson Is Guilty AND Framed

Why I Hate Sarah Huckabee Sanders (and hope she goes to jail)

Like everyone else I’ve just had it with lying White Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and the (at best) semi-weekly assault on civility and reality that are her White House Press Conferences. The Terrible Reason She’s Out There in the First Place I admit it, I feel like Trump sends her out there for a… Continue reading Why I Hate Sarah Huckabee Sanders (and hope she goes to jail)

Parkland Cop Scot Peterson Facing Possible Jail Time For Actions Day of Mass Shooting

UPDATE – 9-17-21 On August 18 the Peterson Trial was ready to begin and he was Unapologetic in a way I can not see serving his cause well. More details as they emerge. This post will be updated regularly. Its amazing how long this has taken. I suspect the Florida Gun Laws and his Departments… Continue reading Parkland Cop Scot Peterson Facing Possible Jail Time For Actions Day of Mass Shooting

Ex NFL Player Jonathon Martin is (Maybe) in a lot of Trouble with the LAPD

Jonathon Martin, troubled former Miami Dolphin, was feeling pretty riled up Friday by NRA rhetoric or something. The one time rising star has some kind of chilling legal problems clouding his immediate future. Basically the authorities are trying to figure out of he was threatening violence against his former High School. Whatever else may happen… Continue reading Ex NFL Player Jonathon Martin is (Maybe) in a lot of Trouble with the LAPD

Who is Dana Loesch ?

UPDATED – 8-25-19 As the NRA is in something of a freefall we might just have heard the last of Dana Loesch. NRA TV is gone and the organization is sort of imploding under financial strain. Viewers of the CNN Town Hall for the Stoneman-Douglas High School Shooting Survivors and their families were introduced to… Continue reading Who is Dana Loesch ?

Can Trump Read?

Months ago there was a buzz over President Trump’s apparent inability to actually read. It sort of blew over before reemerging today as just one of many explosive or outright frightening revelations about Trump in excerpts from soon to be released book,  Fire and Fury, Inside the Trump White House, by a guy named Michael… Continue reading Can Trump Read?

The Strange Tale of the Mobsters who were also Dirty NYPD Cops

The most frightening thing about the Mafia Cops is that or a cuty to function a small group of individuals must be trusted as beyond reapproach to investigate crimes. Among this select group stand a few who betrayed the city’s trust. And standing apart amongst the very worst in New York City history, including the most corrupt even as far back as the goons from the early Dutch Government’s corrupt officials and maybe even the least honorable of the Lenape would be the Mafia Cops. At some point watching the watchers becomes impossible, these Vampires of Public Trust Knew and Exploited this. They’re a chilling cautionary tale.

The Man in the Monitor : My Relationship with Social Media

  I think my relationship with Social Media is an Extension, not a Replacement for Who I am. It’s not much different from the days I would grab my trusty telecaster and rock a room full of people (but a lot more mundane), right? As a 20th century vintage human I recall the world before… Continue reading The Man in the Monitor : My Relationship with Social Media

Welcome to Cold War 2!

We have likely entered a time Historians will call the Second Cold War or Cold War 2. –Vladimir Putin, who has social engineered the Russian Federation to a standard of living where the average citizen has just over 400 bucks a month to play with, is surely laughing at the unmitigated success of ‘Operation Fuck Up America’.

A Black Sabbath Fans Open Letter to Donald Trump

[ [Update- This obviously went Unheeded] Dear President-elect Trump; I was in no way surprised to find out that you were a fan of Black Sabbath. What I am puzzled by is whether or not you understand the context of the lyrics. Visualizing a young Trump blasting rails of high quality cocaine off his desk… Continue reading A Black Sabbath Fans Open Letter to Donald Trump

Trump Probably Misunderstands the PATTON Movie

Trump’s fascination with Patton is a problem for a bunch of reasons. For one thing George Patton, despite his success, is a TERRIBLE role model for a politician or president.


This Includes Commercials   Pre-game:   Wine rack 1 //.  1st airs c 730 pm VW Linzess for IBS (extra weird commercial for opiate addicts based on year 1 MTV ads) Mobile Strike phone game Leesa mattress (also slightly creepy)   Main Event 740 pm Ugly USA chant dome with great spite Audi (German) Aleve… Continue reading GOP CONVENTION 2016 Night 3 LIVEBLOG

2015 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog. Here’s an excerpt: The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 8,800 times in 2015. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 3 sold-out performances for that many… Continue reading 2015 in review