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Republican History Class- The Rise of Capitalism Part 1 – Those Crazy Romans

December 13, 2012

Republican History Class- The Rise of Capitalism Part 1 – Those Crazy Romans.

Mea Culpa & Disclaimer i am blatantly and undeniably a total Homer. On this Post i will Speak as a Homer and be most favorable to New York City I love living here, not just because you hear every language spoken on earth including Pig Latin when you walk through midtown, but also because no …

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Reading the Tea Leaves as the Tea Party Leaves UPDATED 2-12-2013 Was there EVER a Tea Party? Is it just a figment of the media’s collective imagination? The only time hear about the Tea Party seems to be when it gets sued for overbooking hotel rooms to the tune of ¾ million dollars. Add to …

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12/6/12= 4:20, 24/7? Today it’s a day to celebrate the end of marijuana prohibition, at least in Washington State. Denver waits in the wings as its Recreational marijuana law goes into effect. The law in Washington stipulates that pot is not be smoked in public, but don’t expect that to stop anyone as the police …

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Where Empires Go To Die In the decade plus since United States Forces effectively invaded and toppled the outlaw Taliban Regime in Afghanistan nothing has been accomplished and the toll continues to rise. With NATO scheduled to leave in 2014 pretty much one way or another the elephant in the room is-“Why Wait?” —A decade …

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