OPPENHEIMER Movie Fan Made Trailer is Compelling

Absolutely everyone is in this believable fan made trailer. This includes,but is by no means limited to Robert Downey jr, Gary Oldman, Josh Harnet, Matt Damon and Cillian Murphy

MIDWAY 2019 Is Good

This movie was absolutely made to have some of the ‘stand up and cheer’ feeling the movies made during the war had while still maintaining a serious enough tone. This war movie is never really that morbid despite a lot of heavy and serious events. The tone and feel often mirrors older, black and white era war movies.

THE EAGLE HAS LANDED Might Be the Worst Michael Caine Movie

The inversion of reality is so complete that all nations military’s fight hard and honorably- except the bumbling Americans – who just so happen to have won the Western European part of the war in REAL Life.