FURY Is A Bad Movie with Great Action

FURY is darker and grimmer than most any other war movie I’ve seen. It’s very fatalistic, beyond the normal fatalism of soldiers in World War II movies. In the end they take on what seems to amount to a suicide mission.

THE EAGLE HAS LANDED Might Be the Worst Michael Caine Movie

The inversion of reality is so complete that all nations military’s fight hard and honorably- except the bumbling Americans – who just so happen to have won the Western European part of the war in REAL Life.

Why Is Star Trek Discovery So Bad

There seems to be no consequences for this expensive, offensive, fan-less mess that failed so badly as a premium show it killed CBS ALL ACCESS. Its also achieved historically bad ratings when shown on regular TV. The show is a disgrace and a disaster. We’ll Explore a few reasons why.

They Couldnt Save the Solo Movie

After 41 years of waiting we have our Han Solo movie. The special Edition release of Attack of the Clones is about as good. It’s not as good as Revenge of the Sith. In the Disney Sci-Fi universe it’s not as good as Black Panther or any Captain America Movie. It’s not as good as… Continue reading They Couldnt Save the Solo Movie