Trump’s Horrific 2018 – From “Fear” to Insanity


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Stumbling into 2018 things already weren’t going well for Trump and his lackeys. It was in fact a year of serious decline for the Administration’s already bad image. As we end out the year the president’s in a tenuous place both with the American People and the Law.

Let’s review!

True to form, by the end of January the president had managed to offend almost everyone, never deviating from dark speeches where he would always claim to be a victim. He kept up his usual disrespect and trashed dying John McCain non stop among other despicable acts and statements.

As I pointed out, the year really didn’t start well, coming off failures like the months long Roy Moore debacle.  Hopes weren’t high this year would be any better. For one thing, there was no course correction and a terrible atmosphere of disdain for the president became the norm. Calls for Unity we would have seen from any other administration were replaced by simply demonizing all enemies, real or perceived.



Most say he’s been a mess since the mid-term election, but anyone reading here knows the “New Level” of insanity started with the drop of the book ‘Fear’ and the “Anonymous White House Staffer” Op-Ed. I started documenting the intensifying crazy behaviors as soon as I detected them starting with the posts leading up to his disastrous 9-11 that just kept getting worse and just before as he freaked out over Woodward’s book.

The Tightly Wound Spring

It began as an unstable year but American’s had at least started developing a thicker skin to the antics of the president, who was forever rubbing salt.

2018 went awful from a publicity and legal/ impeachment stand point. If you just look at the calendar you can track the Mueller Probe “Island Hopping” from one scandal and crime to the next; hive-ing off prosecutions to other bodies, like the Southern District of New York or the DC District Attorney.  Each time getting closer to the president.

By Opening Day of Baseball season the Chaos was constant. The president tweeted conspiracies regularly, engaged in pointless political shit talking and pouted angrily publicly and privately.

Summer of Scam

Between tanking on lay-up special elections to botching attempts at policy the summer was shocking, but things seemed to have a pattern. The president would hear something, blow up and make a bad decision. All the while lying about swirling clouds of scandalous garbage at the edge of ‘Trump-world’

Then something strange happened about the same time summer ended. People started flipping as other were found guilty and some Trump associates start to cooperate with Special Counsel Robert Mueller as still others started heading to jail.



Maybe the lowest summer moment was mid July’s Treason Summit in Helsinki. Fresh off trashing our nations allies and NATO he unadvisedly went to hob-nob with Putin having done no preparation. He also freaked us all out when we found out he’d spent over a half hour unsupervised with Putin. No one likes the idea of him and Putin alone together cavorting. So that angered lots of people.

In the press conference afterwards Trump fell all over himself praising Putin, who was standing approvingly just a pace away. Trump spent a lot of time casting aspersion on the idea the Russians meddled in the 2016 election, to the Kremlin’s delight, and despite the US Intelligence community universally blaming them.

Siding with our biggest geo-political enemies over the CIA pissed people off good. He was so awash in criticism he made Orwellian attempts to alter the record and Un-Say things. None of it worked and he looked like a bigger liar than ever.

He saw his lowest ever approval ratings after that. Then he set some new lows.

Legends of the Downfall 

Trump seems to have taken an emotional nosedive about 2 days before the anniversary of 9-11, a day that Trump has co-opted politically many times with many lies. The cable news shows were buzzing with advance quotes and outtakes from Bob Woodward’s book “Fear”.

In the book Woodward painted the president as angry and sub-juvenile. The book also provided multiple examples of people in a panic reversing course on presidential actions and attempting to muzzle their boss.  One nominal cabinet member grabbed papers off the president’s desk to prevent perceived tragic mistakes.

Fear sported tales of breakroom hate rants by everyone from Cabinet Secretaries to the lowest coffee boy, serious backstabbing and a toxified White House where staffers try to filter information flow to a TV obsessed president.  Criminal ineptitude and professional incompetence were the only constants in White House operations.

It sounded like a tale from the Last 10 Days of the Third Reich and started an Internal Witch Hunt that we heard about off and on, but never seemed to yield any results. The firings and chaos started ramping up.Whether or not it led to the Chief of Staff, former General Kelly to leave is up in the air.

Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin

President Donald Trump meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20 Summit, Friday, July 7, 2017, in Hamburg. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

The Chief of Staff Fiasco happened on the same moment Trump woke up and started tweeting sweet music to Putin’s ears. An undiscussed (outside Kremlin Propaganda) idea to withdraw all US troops from Syria. The reason? Unclear days later. It cost Trump his Secretary of Defense as we all saw a scathing “I Quit” letter hatemailed right to the president. Mattis didn’t even use a closing salutation, he just signed his name at the end.

The Winter of the Malcontent 

As Fall turned to winter the shortening of the days lead to long cold nights of Americans actually paying attention the News, especially on  sports-deprived weeknight’s and a series of ‘back to back to back’ fails.

The fact there’s really nothing much going on in the world of sports coinciding with this new, more brittle and overtly angry tone is probably not so great for Trump. More people are bound to notice.

There was some fairly credible talk of Trump blasting off by snorting Adderall in mid December that made all too much sense and was an uncomfortable parallel to Hitler no one failed to see.

December has been one long disaster for Trump. His beginners luck hadn’t had much effect to begin with and now, almost 2 full years in, the lack of professionalism is becoming more than just a little annoying.

Early in the month former President George HW Bush passed away and the biggest topic was whether Trump would be even allowed to attend the funeral. He was ultimately allowed to attend, after extracting a promise not to be criticized in exchange for his agreeing not to speak at the event. No one wanted him there. He didn’t want to be there. There was no way out of it. He handled it horribly.


At the event Trump was inappropriate the whole time, aware of the scornful side eye he was drawing from all living presidents after he flung the overcoat he should have left in the car to a bewildered Military Honor Guard Member.

Sitting at the end of the row as though he were on a toilet he looked isolated, alone and distracted. Several gaffes in prayer and when to stand or kneel followed. Trump’s clueless in a church, even a non secular one. The whole thing plays well to Black Sabbath music.

Days later he blamed the people of California for the deadly wildfires they’re experiencing in a series of deranged lies. Trump shamed the locals for not raking the vast forests clean each year. This just sounded nuts and people noticed. He’s remained consistent on this, supporting it with numerous lies.

And he literally spent Christmas telling kids that there no Santa Claus. In fact he said believing in Santa Claus was “marginal” for 7 year olds. He didn’t miss a chance to be a complete jerk at any time in December. Thankfully the months almost over.

Late December saw people’s opinions of the president bottoming out. It came out that one particularly bad day on Wall Street was triggered in the Oval Office when Trump had hard to like Mnuchin call up all the top banks to tell them there was no impending collapse of the market. This is like getting a phone call out of the blue from the local utility company to tell you that the water isn’t poison. It unnerved people and now we’re hearing that Mnuchin and the Fed Chairman are going to walk the plank next as the president fumes over a conflicted stock market that’s actually pretty far out of his control . It was a very bad idea to use the day-to-day market as a measure of success for any president. He did so anyway and now he’s freaking out.

People’s skins weren’t going to thicken anymore. A mass White House defection of staffers was either a House Cleaning or a bunch of Flights of fear, no one can tell. It doesn’t matter. The fact simply was the White House sucked to work at and the president was capricious.


The government shutdown over the border walls five days old and its the same bad negotiating we’ve become used to. He’s drawn a line in the sand and wont back off.  That line is 5 billion bucks for his insane wall. Then he lied about it, saying that government employees were glad he was so resolute and wanted the shut down to continue til he got the Wall.

This doesn’t look like its going to be resolved anytime soon.

Politicizing the Military

Then there’s the Christmas visit to the troops. He had to go after the media criticized the fact that every commander-in-chief since George W Bush had visited our combat troops early in their presidencies. Draft Evading President Bone Spurs looked like a flat-out coward. He didnt want to go, but there was no way out of it so he showed up pissed and acted like a child most of the time. Dark and horrible as Black Sabbath lyrics yet again.

The pukeworthy speeches to the military, where he told them they would soon defend walls ‘at home’ were of course wrong. Also; the mission he spoke of, deploying the troops inside the United States, is probably illegal.  It was blatant politicization of soldiers that American’s aren’t supposed to be comfortable seeing.

While he was there for merely three hours and didn’t venture far from the airport  he managed to lie to the troops about their pay. He claimed he’d given then a huge pay raise because it had been over 10 years since they were last given a raise. This was a lie 10 years thick as they’d been given raises every year and the last year was not substantially different. It was a bad and easily disprovable lie in front of people who totally knew better. I would say that makes it a bit crazier.

I guess they knew he was wrong about them not getting a raise and I’m not sure they liked being lied to. Then some brand new MAGA hats showed up in the hands of some privates who just happened to have them with them when the president literally showed up out of the blue. Remember, the visit was unannounced.

I predict it will surface that the Trump people were just handing them to the dumber soldiers who didn’t know it was a violation of regulations and unethical.  Every hat looks brand spanking new. Every hat appeared unworn and was folded the same way. Only one variation of the hat was seen and as we know there’s a dozen variations because Trump just keeps the money from that.  So some people are in trouble and will be peeling potatoes for that.

New Year, New Fear?

We’re hearing  more and more taped conversations, tweets and crazy statements where Trump sounds like a Mob Boss with Traumatic Brain Injury.  You don’t need to be a mobster or a cop, you only need to have seen the first 2 Godfather movies. It was that blatant. From running down law enforcement to calling Michael Cohen, one time Consigliere and fixer to Trump turned cooperating witness against him, ‘a rat’.


The cabinet seems to be morphing, firings outstrip the ability to replace people and the short-staffed government was shuttered due to the presidents complete inability to deal with any criticism from his political right. Three deals to keep the Government open were approved until right-wing pundits criticized them. Each in turn was passed but the president backed out of his promises and didn’t sign them at the last moment each time. Most legislators gave up and left town, as did Trump’s family who jumped right on a plane to Florida to get away from him.

So the president ends the year screaming at the walls and hate-tweeting alone in DC due to his own ineptitude and refusal to negotiate. He doesn’t want to be there, but he can’t leave on the thin chance he gets a budget thrown on his desk, so hes stuck. And he hates it, so he’s pouting.

During all of this the Mueller Probe powers on. It’s yielding fruit and sparking other investigations. In just weeks a new Congress will be seated, this time with a Democratic Majority in the House. The subpoenanas will fly and the Trumpists will surely get blasted on TV. President Melt-Down might not handle it so well.

The president seems to have descended into Persecutory Delusions.

2019 Predictions

There’s gonna be plenty of ill advised Military moves. trump’s military thinking is confined to the Patton Biopic. He’ll be more like a dark ages warlord than the leader of the free world.

The Government shutdown may become, for awhile, a fact of life. Trump shows no inclination towards reason on this. Should the government still be closed in April he could get himself removed just on the basis of not fulfilling the Oath of Office Per Se. He’s on a bad trajectory with this, just like everything else.

My only market prediction is Extreme Unpredictability and erratic shifts. Deep uncertainty could set in and wreck the economy any given week.

I also predict the Mueller Report drops right around the Superbowl and past that anything could happen.  After the Superbowl there’s another sports desert where people will pay more attention. At that point, if a couple of these predictions pan out, I see his approval spinning down to the lower 30s and upper 20s and staying there by April.

See my post on his Decompensation by clicking here.  




Trump Probably Really IS Snorting Adderall


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Remember that debate performance where Trump was wildly snorting and yelling? Okay, trick question, its most every time he talks in public. After that first debate though, even Carrie Fisher, who knew what she was talking about, said she was sure that Trump had been snorting drugs. Assessing it all with her usual “Takes one to know one” honesty.

While she guessed it was coke, and that still could’ve been in the mix, it was likely Adderall that had Trump speeding out based on new information.

1_Vm72wlcyGCPBmGqXsNPUyARecent accusations that he snorts adderall “because he can’t read” fall in line with other questions about Trump’s literacy that we’ve delved into at length here.

The latest person to add fuel to the fire on this one is a former Apprentice Production Assistant turned comic Noel Casler. His accusation? That Trump can barely read and the idea of reading the cue cards terrifies him. We’ve heard exactly this before from the SNL people who endured a walk on by Trump.  So what’s Don’s coping method? Snorting a few rails of amphetamine, of course!

Casler’s pretty funny, but the Trump riff starts at about 3:30

Noel correctly points out that Trump’s doing a drug invented by the Nazi’s to make people meaner and hyperalert.

After breezing over the wikipedia entry for Adderall  I can tell you it absolutely IS  considered a form of methamphetamine and is supposed to be used for people with ADHD, a concentration deficit. You may wanna steer clear of this even if its one of your options. It’s tricky stuff.

The really interesting parts were the effects of overdosing or just messing around with it the wrong way.  Increased Apprehension? Sounds like Trump. Psychosis is in there too. We’ve seen like 3 psychotic breaks from reality from this president just this week on Twitter.

And as far as not being able to read? Too many people are saying it now. Maybe he can’t concentrate to read? It looks like a good bet right now.

Seeing as how it’s now well-known Hitler was also a huge fan of a methamphetamine (and Trump’s a huge fan of Hitler) it’s even more likely that Trump simply does a few blasts before a rally.

Thinking its likely he uses a different dosage when he’s reading off the teleprompter at other, usually official events (rather than rallies). Is he emotionless and monotone cause he’s so high or is it from withdrawal from the meth? At the teleprompter moments he’s just distant and emotionless. Hard to tell where his mind is a lot of the time when he’s doing inappropriate things, like treating a soldier like a butler throwing his coat at him at the National Cathedral when he arrived at the George HW Bush state funeral (where he was asked not to speak).

If he were high sometimes it sure would explain a lot.

Another interesting thing associated with abusing the stuff is it messes up your circulation. Especially the extremities. This brings to mind how it took about 5 minutes for Macron’s thumbprint on the back of Trumps hand to go away. remember that? Its a good bet French Intel services told Macron to crush Trump’s bigly hand a little so they could see if this happened. And as you can see the media caught on right away (or got tipped off by the French) and got this great, revealing picture.


I’m guessing most foreign governments are operating under the assumption the presidents on drugs.


Remembering President Mediocre


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While George HW Bush was considered a sub par president who advanced through personal meanness in his life you would think he’s FDR for all the preposterous pomp of the weeklong funeral. When it comes to presidents it seems, the less important the longer the mourning period. Did the country stop dead when Eisenhower died? No one seemed this upset when Dutch Reagan shuffled off this mortal coil.

Could it merely be that Bush Sr just lived so long that there was enough time to re-cast a career and presidency that was seen as a flaming bag of failure in his time? Simply put; most likely, yes.


New World Order and Revisionist History

The current ‘memory’ of the George HW Bush is one of the most successfully “retconned”  political careers to date, with new storylines and ‘information’. It’s part Gaslighting and part Mandela Effect.

The two titles he seems to have locked up is “Everyone’s Favorite President Named George Bush” and “most musically sampled president in History at his time” for always relying on so many meaningless Happy-Time quotes that would be sampled and parodied.

George HW Bush talked in such drivel that even Trump was able to work a few laughs out of trashing the “Thousand Points of Light” that Bush often spoke of but could never really explain.

George HW Bush may not have  been the meanest guy in DC, but he could get ornery. He famously hounded Alexander Haig out of Reagan’s cabinet over a few poorly chosen words when their boss caught a bullet.

The whole aftermath of the Reagan shooting made Bush look like a nattering, brittle jerk. Most people would have just yelled at Haig in private. The average American knew that the vice president was in charge and that Haig was speaking figuratively and at worst meant he was the guy calling the shots for the next 20 minutes while they grabbed Bush and got him in front of a camera.

Campaigns of Hate Waged by a Perceived Wimp

George HW Bush had run for president a bunch of times and was meaner and more desperate every time. By the time he wins his one term he’s redefined the concept of Gutter Campaigning with the INFAMOUS Willie Horton Ad ( which he borrowed from Al Gore, but was still wrong).

In terms of presidential Intellects he was a step up from Reagan but failed to match the wit and guile we’d seen from previous presidents. He came off as bad as Lyndon Johnson or Harry Truman despite an Ivy League education.

George HW Bush was also just not a visionary when it came to solutions. Sometimes he seemed to be looking right at a problem and fail to see it. He was competent but not impressive.

As a speaker few were worse. A bad nasal voice, often derided as ‘wimpy sounding’,  a penchant for whining and body language almost as bad as Richard Nixon were a toxic brew. He was an underwhelming Chief Executive, especially when on TV. Adding props, like evidence from a drug buy, only made it worse.


President Bush, on live TV, with a huge bag of Crack.

No one alive will at that time will ever forget his strange Oval Office Address on the ridiculous War on Drugs.

In a moment of legitimately hilarious fake anger he waved a bag of actual Crack around.  Like everyone else; I want to know what happened to that Crack.  Is it in his presidential library or did he smoke it with his staff? At any rate, all the bad traits were on display.  In debates he could usually keep up, but he would look arrogantly at his watch and stare at the floor when not speaking. It looked bad.

While he had a sense of humor he wasn’t exactly bringing down the house with the jokes. The lost references about the Brooklyn Dodgers and an inability to connect with the common American killed his attempts at humor most times.

The best thing you could say about his sense of humor was the guy was a good sport most of the time. Dana Carvey is still alive, right?

Neither a Uniter nor a Divider so much as a sober and steady helmsman at best, he was no friend to women, minorities or the poor. His record dealing with the AIDS crisis should be held in special contempt.  It would be wrong to call him compassionate.

Still, as incumbent and having scored a military a win in the pointless Gulf War he should have been a shoe-in, but lost his bid for reelection. Not because he was too darn nice either. It was another brutal Culture War Campaign fought on the Low Road all the way.

It really came down to having a terrible Texas sized rivalry with pint sized Powerhouse Ross Perot. Most Historians think the Perot Campaign was an ego trip and at the end just a way to shaft Bush.

Perot – The Man Who Wouldn’t Be King

If you can’t really remember Perot think of “King of the Hill” Character


Cotton Hill

Cotton Hill.  He was surely based on short, intense and emotional Perot. They certainly have similar voices. In his own time Perot was not so very different from Trump. The exceptions being Perot was a self-made man and not a money grubbing Russian Puppet.

It was lost on people at the time that Perot outflanked Bush from the RIGHT and got nearly one vote in 5 (19%) in the election that he and Bush lost to Bill Clinton.

Only the wrong people notice this or when the right people talked about it they were simply ignored.

Bush’s personal rivalry with fellow Texan Ross Perot probably cost him a second term. Perot would pre-sage more organized and resolute Tea Party Types that were fermenting. For his own part, Perot was a little bit of a flake and his vice president pick was worse than Sarah Palin. In fact Admiral Stockdale imploded on TV to the point Dan Quayle seemed wise. That was pretty much the end of that.

When it was past the point where he could win Perot was barely campaigning and the rumor was he just hated George Bush so much and had so much money he was staying in just to spite Bush. If true it worked.

Imperial Japan’s Final Defiant Finger of Failure 

We all wish the Japanese had been slightly better Marksmen and spared us all two terrible presidents.  They couldn’t have picked a more destructive person to make a war hero. In fact he would one day return to puke on their leader while either drunk or messed up from bad sushi. The image of a half out of it president barfing on another world leader is the first I recall of his presidential “style.”

The scandals and lack of integrity fueled endless negative headlines.  Iran-Contra, Oliver North and the tanking of the economy all add up to “this guy was a mediocre president and we’re lucky he wasn’t reelected.”

Still it needs to be noted that while equally brave, George HW Bush was a MUCH better pilot than John McCain. The two biggest differences being that George Bush almost never pancaked onto the deck upon returning to the carrier, even when his plane was damaged; and never crashed into telephone wires with a hooker in the plane showing off in Italy.

At the end the best part of the funeral was how every ex president, even Jimmy Carter, whose not well himself, simply ignored or side-eyed Trump.


Happy Trails George HW Bush. The only person so far I voted FOR before I voted AGAINST as president

Heres a metal song comprising mostly of quotes from the late presidents time in office

Art of the Deal Cowriter’s Theory on Trump’s Breakdown Holds Up


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Anyone who watches the news knows Tony Schwartz; Art of the Deal Cowriter turned Trump critic.

Schwartz has accurately predicted what Trump will do on a few occasions and usually attributes this to the idea Trump has not grown or changed in any way since the time they spent together in the late 80s.

A few months back he theorized Trump was losing his mind in a particular way and since the tweet dropped in July there’s been an unsettling amount of evidence Schwartz nailed it. In fact every week since things have skewed a little more in the direction of “Schwartz is totally right.”

Here’s what the tweet said back in July; for the record – the word trust in there appears to be maybe autocorrect taking him in a bad direction but has no real effect on what he’s saying-

‘What you are watching with Trump is what psychiatrists trust call decompensation (failure of reality testing) On one hand, he feels unchecked & free to define his own deluded reality. On the other, he’s under siege, paranoid & willing to do anything — anything — to survive.’

Screenshot 2018-11-20 at 4.31.55 PM

So according to wikipedia Decompensation is described like this –

“In psychology, the term refers to the inability to maintain defense mechanisms in response to stress, resulting in personality disturbance or psychological  imbalance. Some who suffer from narcissistic personality disorder or borderline personality disorder may decompensate into persecutory delusions to defend against a troubling reality.”

Let’s face it; Narcissistic Personality Disorder or Borderline Personality Disorder are mentioned in connection to the president so many times they’re probably exactly whats going on in his head. On top of endless easily googled articles by experts there’s the overt insanity of Trump’s Double-Talk.  There’s no way all the experts are wrong and even so, Perception is Reality and to say it doesn’t look crazy is to pretty much admit you’re a member of Cult 45. You don’t have to be a Rocket Scientist to point to the moon and you don’t have to be a doctor to know trump’s sort of insane and a pathological liar

Trump has been a little more out there every week since late July.  The release of Bob Woodward’s book FEAR didn’t help the White House’s image. It presented the president as a rage-a-holic living in his own world, lashing out against real and perceived enemies.

In the time since the Schwartz Decompensation tweet, which has aged very well, signs have been rampant that Trump has simply “decompensated into persecutory delusions to defend against a troubling reality.”

In the last few weeks he’s called reporters stupid, banned people who’ve pressed him even gently for details on the standard “Big Announcements coming extremely soon” line that been the answer to every question on lack of substance since Trump started the Birther Lie.

Among others Trump’s focused his ‘persecutory illusions’ on

  • Allegations about Robert Mueller and James Comey, when he claimed he had ‘at least 100 pictures of them hugging and kissing.” These never materialized.
  • Hundreds of members of ISIS were penetrating the southern border
  • Claiming Rocks and Rifles were the same
  • Claimed massive voter fraud in the midterms
  • Argued with greater and greater bile with anyone who relates bad news or confronts him with facts
  • Claimed democrats paid Immigrants to approach the southern border to seek asylum
  • Made hare-brained claims that Finland rakes its forests clear to avoid forest fires and that Californians laziness in raking out leaves is what lead to the massive wildfires devastating the west coast
  • Blamed Puerto Rico for hurricane damage and openly mulled removing all Federal aid to the island (again)
  • Claims he personally and ‘very easily’ answered all Mueller’s questions when we all know it hasn’t happened and that his lawyers will write every word of it.
  • Been completely obstinate and unable to admit the North Koreans lied to him just like they lied to everyone else and are cranking out new, better missiles after bargaining away nothing for the concession;
  • Stood next to Putin at the Treason Summit and claimed he couldn’t think of any reason the Russians would interfere with our election and offered to turn over a couple of US Citizens to Kremlin Spy services for some soviet style confessions via torture.
  • Been Carnival Barker for a series of Saudi Bullshit stories about how they sent a 15 member hit team with a speed dissectionist to the Turkish Embassy and they accidentally killed Washington Post writer Jamal Kashoggi when he attacked the 15 of them like every 62-year-old always does when surrounded by professional torturers.
  • Lied to a greater and greater extent about the amount of jobs and money the Saudi Arms deal is going to produce. At various times it’s 5,000 or 50,000 or recently “well over a million”.  The amount of money involved he has also continued to increase at every asking or offering. It’s a Billion dollars or Many Hundreds of Billions of dollars when he gets asked about this. He seems to be winging it or just convincing himself.  He’s given no real clue as to where he gets these numbers.

The whole Jamal Kashoggi thing alone would probably have ended any other president, but Trump seems immune, for the moment, from any consequences.  The outright lies and halcyon daze of a great economy has evaporated in recent weeks too.

So the questions is – what comes after Decompensation?






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Well looks like Ivanka Trump pays about as much attention as her Dad to legalities.

In a cardinal sin against Trumpism she used her private email account for government business. A bunch of times. we’ve heard the term ‘hundreds” to describe the amount of them.

At least we now know for sure she just didn’t listen or care about what her dad’s campaign bread and butter were – that people who use the wrong email accounts deserve jail time. It makes as much sense as when he said we need picture ID to buy cereal. He did the Crooked Hillary’s Evil Emails rant a whole lot though, so Ivanka’s either dumb, incompetent, actively ignoring her father or a combination of all these things.

Can we really blame her for tuning him out? Probably not but if we go with Trump-Logic we CAN lock her up!

Seems  Ivanka “No Job Title” White House staffer sent thousands of unsecured emails from apparently a commercial cellphone or some semi-secured or unsecured servers! People who said that her father never should have bought neophytes Ivank or her husband Sketchy Jared Kushner into the West Wing have yet another disastrous result to point to when they rightly observe – ‘this could land his children in jail’

Details are still breaking all over CNN right now, but it seems important to at least call this Feckless. Another thing you could call it is “Rank Hypocrisy” but “Hopelessly Incompetent” or “Unbelievably Out Of Touch fit too!

You would think after Trump’s campaign of hate “Don’t send private emails for government business” everyone in Trumpworld would be aware of this, so maybe Ivanka’s a special kind of stupid (which would make her a chip off the old block actually)

UPDATE – As we stagger into day two of this self inflicted wound there’s one thing we can be sure of is a lot of emails got deleted. How can we be so sure of this? Well just based on the presidents unbreakable pattern of plain lying. The fact he’s harped on the fact nothing was deleted sounds like every other catchphrase type lie this president gravitates to.

UPDATE – Now about 5 days in the defenses we have been increasingly desperate and silly.  Could it be the incoming Democratic House of Representitives has promised to investigate the whole affair? Imagine Trump’s rage should Ivanks be subpoeaned? “There was no private server” says Trump. While no one ended up liking the whole idea, what Hillary did seemed to be a lot more security minded (and she still got hacked).  So what did Ivanka use to send these emails? Was it was just an unsecured phone like everyone in this administration from the president on down uses for business as usual?

This White House loves to do stupid reckless things and their phone security protocol shows it. Despite repeated FBI warnings and the discovery of  remote cell phone hacking and monitoring equipment near the White House (initially attributed to China but really could be anyone) unsecured cell phone use continues to dog this White House. Most likely its EVERYONE hacking the administrations calls and communications. The Russians, the Chinese, the Saudis and some worried allies and perhaps law enforcement at this point.

Here’s Trump sharing his thoughts on what should be done to people who use the wrong email accounts –

I guess we have to start calling her “Crooked Ivanka”? LOCK HER UP!

Trump International Hotel Washington, D.C Groundbreaking Ceremony

WASHINGTON, DC – JULY 23: Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump attend the Trump International Hotel Washington, D.C Groundbreaking Ceremony at Old Post Office on July 23, 2014 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images)


The Trump Crime Family – Don On Fire


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The Trump Crime Family;  Part 1 – Don on Fire


For the White House its been an autumn of  falling off the charts in terms of  decency and civility and mostly just about reaching new lows daily.  Trump remains double digits under water approval-wise just to top it all off.

What little policy we’ve actually seen could best be summed up like this – Childish angry actions and revenge on a petty scale are the main pillars of Trumpian Governing. Most everything else springs from those 2 motivations.

Storm of his Own Making

Right now the president seems to be completely on fire from a blaze that first started in his pants, in a couple of ways. Specifically the payments right before the election to women he’d had sex with while he wife was pregnant with his son to keep them quiet. That would seem bland as the hits kept comin’

Take the Canoli

Trump’s blaming EVERYONE non stop. In frantic media availabilities hes  insulted and denigrated reporters; basically sounding a lot like an actual nazi a few times. He blames the Democrats, imaginary people who voted several times and probably most of his family and staff for this mess.

UPDATE – 12-9 – The president’s crazy tweeting has increased; as has his public use of vulgarity and profanity.  This Theory is STILL ageing well.

FEAR since September

Ever since the initial stories and outtakes from Bob Woodward’s book FEAR shed light on an infantilized, idiot president being undermined by terrified henchmen. From stealing memos off his desk to filtering the news he gets to keep him happy one things obvious – they just can’t abide by the presidents dangerous and uninformed  impulses.  Even more convincingly, it fit in with everything we’d seen from this administration.


That was September (though it seems 3 years ago) and of course it launched Trump on a Scorched Earth Mole Hunt within his Administration.  While it never produced any moles, (unlike the “Mueller Witch Hunt” that’s bagged a bunch of real, pointy hat wearing witches) and faded from the headlines I don’t think it really ever ended.

This source of rage will show up regularly. In fact all sources of rage surface continually. Persecuting reporters, vicious personal attacks all around and a complete inability to handle frustration make you wonder why we even have the 25th Amendment.

If the president’s not overwrought with anxiety its only because his non stop venting and tantrums keep stress from building up. So in effect if he stops screaming and yelling he’ll become catatonic or maybe die.  Not the most impressive coping method to be sure.

Don’t make the mistake the journalists seem to mostly fall into; that is- to think of this a series of singular events that are unrelated. The truth is that Trump absolutely keeps score and will grind axes past the point whee things like dignity stops other people.


An Administration of Fredo’s

Recent questions surfacing in the last week include whether or not Trump had any knowledge of the person he appointed to head the Justice Department and whether or not Vice President Pence might not be disloyal and therefore on his way out of the administration.

While Trump’s no Michael Corleone he does have an equally contentious relationship with Congress and may find himself in Godfather 2-like contentious hearings with congress. On this one Michael Corleone wins all day as far as witness for oneself. Calm and rationale he pointed to his status as a war hero and a tax payer, two things Trump isn’t known for being able to back up.

Surrounded by simpletons and second-rate intellects members of the Administration simply are suffering Stockholm Syndrome as they wait to see who will next be sent out fishing that day to sleep with the fishes forever.

And Trump’s no Michael. He’s much more like Sonny, Fredo and Connie Corleone all rolled into one. Angry, dumb, vain, oversexed and saddled with unbridled aggression.

Mueller is Coming

Mueller could easily use these traits against Trump and lure him to the Phantom Toll-Booth of (Political) Death.

The plan to have Lex Luther Look-alike Whitaker hamstring Mueller is more sinister than dangerous as cutting off funds ir shit talking seems to be too little too late. The report’s mostly done from what we hear.  On top of that theres a bunch of revenue streams Mueller may just find a way to tap via all the Ill Gotten Gain confiscated from Manafort and others. So starving cash seems pointless and the idea the Whitaker isn’t a legitimate Attorney General, acting or otherwise. It wont matter what the longterm results will be.

This president is now just obstinately pushing back on reality a few hours at a time. A great example of this would be his ongoing series of outright lies about how Finland rakes it’s forests clean, something Finland and it’s leaders were baffled to hear. The internet reacted with mocking laughter across all social media calling Trump an idiot or liar or both depending on the tweet. #RAKEAmericaGreatAgain trended for awhile as a hashtag.

In fact in California he was distracted he couldn’t even the names of the towns he’d been in just a few hours earlier.  I’m sure its the least  of the problems for the former residents that Trump couldn’t recall the town’s name. His assertion they bought this on themselves by not raking the forests clean to the point he threatened to cut off Federal money to the state may not sit well though.

We’re probably just days from the Mueller Report dropping. My guess is best case would be only a couple of his children will be indicted. And to be honest I’m not so sure that the wouldn’t let any of them outside Ivanka just rot there because lets face it- hes a shitty father and will only go out-of-the-way for his favorite.

I think its possible the Don(ald) could sacrifice his son just to stay in business…. just like Vito Corleone.






The Problem with the Magnum PI Re-Boot – Bad Stories Fueled by Endless Gun Play


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Well I just caught episode 2 of CBS new re-boot of Magnum PI. I’ll probably watch it again since I don’t have ESPN and therefore, no Monday Night Football.


As a fan of the original I was still hoping the shattered pieces of the once sure-thing movie with Matthew McConaughey would be picked up. No such luck but since Hollywood can never leave a once successful idea alone we now have a new re-booted Magnum TV show.

If you’re a Magnum purist forget it, read no further. You’ll probably find the tone just a bit too trite and the female Higgins concept blows apart one of the best aspects of the original show, specifically the tension between Magnum and Higgins as two people who were never gonna get drunk enough for a night of sex, which the current two seem destined for. From what I saw the idea the writers can milk some of the same kind of fun out of the characters seems remote.

The Cast is not bad but sadly about all this show has going for it. Where’d it go wrong? It was probably when Hawaii Five-Oh managed to somehow become a profitable show based on the CBS reaction to the paucity of male fans to be had during even the worst football game.

The network developed an outlook toward counter-programming against football that could only produce mediocre TV. It’s best summed up as “Dumbed Down Detective Shows that make NCIS New Orleans look innovative are fine because we get to have something of a second premiere for every episode AFTER MNF’s season ends.”

The logic seems to be – after January rolls around men will watch for the first time and the wives and girlfriends will watch it again. Down the line its well set up for really good ratings nights when the game is all but decided early or just a bad matchup.

The attitude over at CBS seems to be “We can float sub par shows using an attractive cast and bad stories will be evened out by using LOTS of gun violence as a crutch.”

There’s probably an entire blog post on just how much consequence free gun violence this show and Hawaii Five-Oh throw into any given episode in after-thought fashion.

Back to the Future 

The good news of course is if you miss the 90’s we’ve got the shows back! CBS has rebooted a scat of  shows on a confusing Monday Night that have all been done better! Maybe the new Murphy Brown will work out and be a decent show, it’s too soon to tell. Also in the ether we’ve got a bad MacGyver reboot on Friday nights that’s in the mold of the new Hawaii 5-0. Which is to say – it’s bad.

Sadly the new CBS outlook means even the worst show is Bomb-proof. At least until episodes start to regularly do badly twice as the second airing is key to the formula. Throw in weird, bad “God Friended Me” on Sunday Nights and you can see there’s no real standards at the network anymore when it comes to any show up against the NFL. I would have hoped something more like an Twilight Zone re-boot, or a decent Star Trek show that was worthy of regular TV, but we get this drivel instead.

So the CBS writers are in a ‘reduced accountability zone’ and wow have they ever torn into it. Instead of something innovative or new theyve kicked back and thrown out some not so well thought out re-boots that seem to have picked up too much inspiration from The Fast & The Furious Franchise.

You would think that most of these shows would find their way and improve as time went by. Again, while it’s too soon to make a call on Murphy Brown, the lone non cop show entity, MacGyver and Hawaii 50 are bland and usually kind of bad with a cavalier attitude towards violence.

H50’s McGarrett has to be past 200 on screen kills at this point. So the anchor point of this formula was always ‘a low bar story-wise and heavily reliant upon consequence-free violence to move things along.’


The Big Problem

It all started with the awful Hawaii 5-0 reboot. The fact the shows up against Monday Night Football means that only women are watching it.  So a good looking cast was enough to keep it afloat. Then the network gets basically a second premier of all episodes in January when Monday Night Football is over. So to keep men watching all dialogue is punctuated by long machine gun duels that I guess they consider substance?

One thing we knew going in was the chances of making TV history again with an innovative and fun show were not good. Still, if done right a Magnum PI reboot could still be watchable.

Sadly, CBS bad habits and the apparent lack of decent writing stagnate the show as it almost falls apart before each commercial break. It’s a kitchen-sink approach. And by ‘Kitchen Sink’ I mean long boring periods of gun porn as bad as an episode of The Rifleman.  I guess writing a humorous exchange that works on its own is NOT in the mix for this show. Too bad.

Watching the new Magnum show is best summed up as “Johnny Depp’s thoughts on geo-politics are probably about as interesting and relevant.”

We were told to be ready for some real changes in the format and they weren’t kidding. For one thing there appears to be no narration. The biggest change,  obviously, is female Higgins. I hesitate calling a Latino Magnum a real change. Furthermore, Jay Hernandez is better than okay and might flourish in a better show. Don’t blame him. He captures most of what we would want from Magnum and could get even better if the show lasts. The approach is respectful on this count.


While it may not have really started out that way the Higgins character grew to occasionally steal an episode. Accompanied by two loyal and extremely obedient dobermans; the original Higgins was a preposterous little man firing off a cannon while raising a Union Jack and scolding Magnum as a free loading car wrecker (and was possibly also Robin Masters).

The new Higgins is completely different. Rather than an oversharing self important blowhard with endless war stories from a colorful military career Higgins is a now simply a cheap, absent minded and mean-spirited brit who is noticeably lacking two tame dobermans. Rather than ‘the lads’ this new Higgins has a brainless female sidekick reminiscent of Kathy Bates with head trauma.

So poor female Higgins has pretty much nothing but un-funny bilious comments as a trade mark. Oh and maybe she’s Robin Masters too. That possibility seemed still alive. Her accent was at least believable, at least to my American ears.  I can’t blame the actress on this one.

In fact I found myself somewhat drawn to the cast despite the terrible story. We still have Magnum couch-surfing through the estate of (absent) millionaire Robin Masters. And YES, we did get the helicopter we remember back and there’s still a decent dose of car-porn. Then there’s the things that changed.

The Bottom Line

It could’ve been worse. The changes didn’t really hurt that much. It’s more the terrible story I had to endure.  And the 4 machine duels in 20 minutes. I was thinking all the flashbacks to Magnum’s time as an active duty War-Time combat deployed SEAL was really him pining away for a safer, quieter time.

If given a better script this show would definitely be okay. The casual machine gun duels should be the first thing to go. It seems the shows very afraid to have anyone have any sort of meaningful conversation without being under fire.

The dialogue was bad, the bad guy tried but had nothing to work with and the Higgins-Magnum tension is at best in limbo til the secretive Higgins character reveals more.

It’s still save-able, but I can’t recommend it.  It needs an entire new room of writers.



Welcome to (maybe) America’s LAST EVER ELECTION


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It’s just days until the much talked about Mid-Term Elections. All expectations are the president and the Republicans are going to take a beating and I don’t think they will let the results stand.

On election night we’ll see upsets. They will eventually be nullified by Trump who WILL make many false claims and possibly not seat the new congress.


In hotly contested races like the Florida and Georgia governor races rest assured voter suppression and outright racism will rear their ugly heads. Trump may try to nullify these elections as well.  I just don’t see BLOTUS allowing Andrew Gillum to be Governor of Florida under any circumstances. Trumps far too much of a bigot AND he’s likely committed a slew of crimes there.

As I look ahead I see mostly darkness. This is not an invitation or a suggestion NOT to vote, definitely VOTE. It’s also not a claim at clairvoyance. Its just a couple of sort of likely worst cases.

The issue is that Trump is hateful of the will of the American People and will show that if put on the spot. Hot off an October with at least 1000 verifiable falsehoods and lies from the president it would be naive to think that a huge dose of bad news will elicit anything but a full-blown, divisive and extended meltdown from Trump.

Trump won’t suddenly change when it looks like the Democrats will back Mueller and maybe even make it impossible for him to remain president. He will lie and make delusional statements about millions of illegal votes and just act like he always does. Like a deranged idiot deprived of much-needed electro-shock therapy.

What Just Might Go Down

In the week after Election Night there will be a spate of lawsuits from loser on both sides. It also brings to mind the reality we will see one of the most cruel, destructive and damaging lame duck sessions when this current horrible congress finally all get on the same page and stick it to the American People.  Sure, the Jeff Flakes of the world will pretend to feel bad about it, but as we’ve seen he only cares about having cover for what he does rather than doing whats right.

And if too many elections are settled in the GOP’s favor under a cloud you gotta ask yourself if people in New York and New Jersey would even consider allowing some disputed ultra-Trumpist having a hand in their fate. Californians also fit that bill.

And then we could see Secession here and there. One possibility is 3 to 5 regional republics with varying (if any) relationships with the Federal Governments Remnants. Another, further flung possibility would be 50 little fiefdoms. If this happens god help Mexico as the Texas Republic will likely declare war on them within 30 months of independence.

The idea of several regional republics really doesn’t seem so bad to be honest. Imagine the Red States in Flyover America forced to come to terms with their own bad governing ideas? Because a Republic of the Northeast would be pretty well set up to prosper without them. Though these states are believers in Federal Socialism, how much more money would New York and Massachussetts have if they didnt have to subsidize loser job deserts in other states? And Missouri forced to self finance? A humanitarian disaster could happen there.

The idea New York simply makes a bid to join Canada sounds crazy now. In fact most of this post would have been considered Science-Fiction 500 or 600 days ago. A whole bunch of mostly bad things have happened over that course of time though and America’s falling down and to the right.

The fact is if sufficiently bungled (and we have some great bunglers in power now) the Mid-Term could result in the break up of our Union. No matter what happens we’re sure to have an extra angry, extra dangerous Trump ruminating over the concept he could get a Comeuppance for the first time ever. He’s gotta be in deep fear of that. He has never had one and never come to terms with any mistakes or personal flaws he has.

Were he anyone else he would have been forced into a mental institution years ago. It took the accumulation of fame and ill-gotten cash to insulate the guy from reality,. This despite him being a self proclaimed news-junkie and self purported authority on Fairness.

While Putin will love this no matter how it happens, he really wont be happy til he gets 50 little fiefdoms. This would still include the possibility of a reunion of the old Confederacy or some kind of malevolent New Confederacy with the policies of 1980s South Africa.

I guess the most ironic thing about either scenario is it could truly make of Trump what he falsely said of Obama – he could end up being a president NOT born in the United States. How? Well for one thing should the nation splinter theres just NO WAY New York aligns with Trump.

So there you have it.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Bad Day of Lying About the #MAGABomber, “Caravan” and Synagogue Massacre


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While the original post on the evils of Sarah Huckabee Sanders is comprehensive; the way the national discourse has fallen off the table recently with a spate of violent attacks coming from the political right. The recent horrific Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre was front and center for a singularly bad day for America’s tas peyer paid  designated liar, Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

SHS sat most of the month out, but the October 29th presser was the first in 26 days as the Trump Administration continues to do business in closed rooms with locked doors in the dead of night.

Always evasive of soap and direct answers, Sarah Huckabee Sanders has probably reached felony level complicity in the Trump Criminal Enterprise.

Mostly we see her now when things are incredibly bad and White House comments are long overdue. For some reason this has no impact on the angry indignance with which Sarah goes about her infrequent pressers.

Shame is never gonna set in to these horrible pressers or the woman who runs them with Goebbels-like dissonance. We can stop expecting the administration to start to learn or to start leading. This is it folks. We have the most corrupt and incompetent Administration this side of Ancient Rome.  sarah-huckabee-sanders-presser.jpg

As always the presser started 25 minutes late, much like Mein Kampf recommends.

Looming over the October 29th presser was a spate of recent hate crimes most people who don’t watch Fox News more or less blame the president for inspiring.

The atmosphere was first charged by the 14 (and counting) devices mailed out by a Florida Trumpist nicknamed the #MAGABomber by Twitter based on his targets. Driving around in his home/ bomb factory / vanifesto he had managed to empty out the CNN building and credibly attempt to kill former presidents Clinton and Obama among many others.

Cesar Sayoc's Van.jpg

just one window of #MAGABOMBER’s Anti-Left, Pro Trump ‘Vanifesto’

All the people and institutions targeted, like california rep Maxine Waters, CNN and Right Wing Whipping Boy George Soros, were frequent Trump targets.

Next an old school Nazi Anti Semite shot up a Pittsburgh synagogue and killed eleven innocent worshippers and wounded many others. The shooter made some social media posts that showed he was moved to action in part by the presidents xenophobic obsession and repeated rants regarding a group of immigrants apparently following the harvest north Trump’s classified as a Democratic Party Funded Immigrant Caravan designed to swing the midterm election. They’re currently about a thousand miles from the US Southern border. More on the so called caravan later.

In a macabre twist, a 96-year-old Holocaust survivor was among those killed. Thats where the United States is at just about 500 days into President Trump’s inept and criminal administration.

It was another new low for angry Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

The Trumpire Strikes Out

On to today’s Ministry of Information Dance of Dishonesty!

Sarah outright lied and claimed the president had won the popular vote with 63 million votes when he in fact lost by over 3 million votes. Shades of Spicer in the shrubs on that one!

It didn’t get much better. One positive, she managed to stop herself in the middle of starting to pick her nose. After that you could tell something was stuck in her simuses and adding to her overt irritation.


Trump had thrown out some horrible tweets about people who were MAGABomber targets to start the day and made then some off the cuff, stupid, uninformed statements and hard to swallow denials getting into his helicopter. So the clouds were well seeded.

Hemmed in by insensitive statements by her boss that sort of blamed the victims at the synagogue; Sarah didn’t bother to do much more than deny reality and say false things when confronted. No one was buying.

The idea the president felt the Synagogue lacked a Good Guy With A Gun and was asking for it hung in the air after Trump made off-hand observations that were first darkly un-American and second sort of dissed the victims with the implication they were reckless not having an armed guard and therefore sort of played a hand in their own deaths.

The shooter for the record, was super well armed. More well armed than my character in ‘Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Ghostlands‘ avatar.  He had 2 pistols and an AK-47. He wounded 3 cops in a gunfight while massacring 11 American citizens and then held SWAT at bay for some time.  So the idea an armed guard or anything short of a machine gun nest could have stopped the guy is laughable and plain old sick.

In her chrome-a-key green sure to be parodied dress Sarah sounded like the ambassador from a hostile and rude Star Trek race. The only solution for Gun Violence was hardening schools and places of worship. It’s just asking for it in Trump’s world if you do anything without armed security (or go around not packing heat).

On the #MAGABomber topic she just lied and pretended the idea that he supported Trump was a media fantasy despite the social media posts and threats going back months the MAGABomber had verifiably made.

Humility was in short supply when asked if she is simply lying or out of the loop and a back and forth with CNN’s pundits was answered with rudeness and dismissive comments as always.

Justifying Illegal Dictator Moves and Spreading Fear 

The president has been lying and spreading fear with repeated assertions the migrants from Central America were ISIS concealing terrorists in the ranks. This is what motivated the Synagogue shooter, who kind of liked Trump, he just thought he was too muted in his anti-semitism.

This invited questions about Trump suspending or plain violating the Posse Comitatus Act, which pretty much forbids the president from using Federal Troops to enforce Domestic Policies within the United States. Sanders was simply evasive and made some false claims about the act not applying. To be clear to suspend Posse Comitatus the “caravan” as the right has dubbed it, has to be classified an Invading Force.

Maybe enough racist governors let him deploy their National Guard Units, but it’s really unclear what Trump would want the military to even do, open fire? As far as deploying the Army? Seems to be specifically prohibited. It would probably be met with great resistance by any officer forced to command such an expedition.

It’s an issue that should go away as soon as the midterms end. Trump really likes talking about this and the Fox News Feedback Loop makes sure he keeps seeing it though, so who knows?

And at the 23 minute mark Sarah declared she was out of time and stormed off.



So What’s the Deal with Elizabeth Warren’s Native American Heritage?


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Before I talk about Elizabeth Warren’s DNA I want to point out the real story is the long racist, anti-woman screed disgraceful president Trump has been off on since the announcement. He’s said a bunch of really despicable things and essentially has been the truly awful bully we’ve become accustomed to.


Elizabeth Warren’s Native American Ancestry Claims

She’s probably telling the truth. It’s not a huge number. Certainly seems too small to lie about. The number out there is 1 part in 168.

My quick math would put it anywhere from 6 to 8 generations back. So we’re talking maybe 1700s for the last full-blooded native american ancestor. if it’s entering her line 6 generations back the person would be 1/3 native american in about the year 1750?

Lets split the difference and say it’s 7 generations back. That’s a generation when there’s 128 direct ancestors. They’re may not be a moment when they’re all alive at the same time either. It’s complicated! Notably even that far back the ancestor would not be fully native based on the size of the match Warren’s claiming.

So to put it in the terms of Lifetime of the Last full-blooded ancestors; picture a room with 168 people in it. They cover parts of the 7th and 8th generation back. For fun imagine them in their 18th century garb and remember its likely they’re not all that okay with each other on a bunch of levels. Many never set foot in America and live out their lives in Europe.

One of these people would be Native American.

Over 300 years they reproduce into a steadily smaller siphon of direct ancestors as we approach the present.  Fast forward 2-300 years and you have Elizabeth Warren. It’s not quite that simple, but that’s not the craziest or least scientific way I’ve heard this put.

Whether her family story of anti Native American oppression is true is hard to say. Best case she’s just over 7 generations removed and the native american ancestor is an unwilling subject of the British Crown. Someone would have to have been keeping serious score of all of their neighbors to know this, but hey, theres people that petty. Just look at Trump. So who knows?

It’s also probably no longer important how native she is, she IS. I do not think she will lead with this and shouldn’t. To me this is mostly because there’s a high likelihood we have already had a president with some Native DNA and simply don’t know it.

Either Roosevelt is a decent candidate due to the long period of time the family had been in America. They were like 9th generation New Yorkers of the New Amsterdam Vintage! Thats a lot of generations. None of the 692 direct ancestors that make up the 9th generation back, or anyone they married on the way, was part native? How many Roosevelt’s lost a first wife to child-birth and remarried to mix it up more? I’ve sometimes wondered if James Earle Carter may have something other than pure european DNA as well. How many generations in America for the Carter’s?

Of note;  Warren has yet to release any kind of truly reliable or scientific percentage or number. The best number I’ve heard out there, specifically from CNN, is 1/ 168th Native American. This, I believe would make me 900 times more Native American, but don’t quote me.

Nothing Elizabeth Warren has ever done or said has been anywhere near as disrespectful as the repeated racists attacks Trump has launched against her. The president is simply a completely dysfunctional racist with no sense of appropriateness. It’s hard to say where this truly pointless national conversation will get us.

As far as a potential future president, while I tend to like Warren’s ideas I find stunts like this off putting. Its like 21 days til an election that she’s not running in. Bad team spirit by Warren sucking the oxygen out of the room for Democrats! Does NOT reflect well on her as a potential leader.

Back to Trump, who still doubts climate change, that the Russians hacked the election or that Gold Star Families deserve respect  and basically is just a despicable guy. He’s disgraced himself a bunch of times making racist comments over this situation. Here’s one horrific example of Trump’s inappropriateness as he diminishes two American War Heros with a racist rant –

Well, Warren didn’t use a commercial test, so we can ask out loud if she ordered up the results ahead of time. So there’s going to be that asterisk. Trump will seize on it just like he seized on Obama’s Birth Certificate only to simply dismiss as fake all proof.

The president, of course, is an inveterate liar.  Much more of a liar than if Elizabeth Warren were to have faked distant Native roots.

More to the point, if she were lying maybe a full percentage point would have been better? Seems like this is plain old true and, with a number so small, likely accurate. Who would bother to lie on a scale so minute when a simple verbal correction would not have upset anyone?

I do not think Elizabeth Warren is lying. I am confidant that odds of her actually having native DNA were pretty high just waking in the morning. The story was essentially true and we have some proof now. That the amount of DNA she actually has could be described as minimal is something we will hear about endlessly forever. I doubt she wins this, true or not. Trump’s just too effective a bully.

Of note- Trump is a liar to the core and is not going to make good on the ‘Million Dollar Bet’ against Warren having Native American ancestry no matter what. This is a  guy who set up a phony charity that was so shady and such a money grab that Thievin’ Trump and his family are SPECIFICALLY FORBIDDEN to form or be part of any charity in their home state of New York for fraud and ‘Self-Dealing”.

Trump also has claimed to not believe he was the person who was on the Access Hollywood Bus tape when all other people on the tape claim he was there and Trump himself admitted it was him. This won’t change. The guy is completely dishonest.  He’s also a sociopath and a pathological liar who lies even to himself.  You don’t need to be a geneticist to know the Trump Crime Family are the ones whose DNA you just don’t want!

Everything we’ve heard about the case of Elizabeth Warren suggests that she was right when she heard tales of distant native ancestry from her family. What seems shitty is the perception she used it to advance herself and that she’s maybe just another rich white lady looking for a “Minority Card.”

This is probably not a good characterization of Warren or anyone else because it seems that it was true and merely exaggerated or misunderstood by the people relaying the information. As far as I know there were no geneticists in Warrens family tree so we can’t really kill her for just simply being like as much as 1/3 of all North Americans.

Are White Americans REALLY European?

Another absolutely impossible to ignore part of the conclusions is that white Americans are not really Europeans if they’ve been here any amount of time. And if we stop all immigration today we’re all still going to slowly become some kind of American Race of mixed DNA.

So bottom line? It’s really unlikely a 4th generation American could not be part native american. Probably a very small part, but part.  Spare everyone the dream catchers, acknowledge it’s the evidence of a Genocide that was only skin deep.

Now we’re finding out that the popular view of Native Americans in pretty much every single Western Movie before The Outlaw Josey Wales in the mid 1970’s is actually personally offensive to us and we were somewhat racist against ourselves. I blame society on this one.

And that’s a lot to think about. And that’s why there’s this whole separate post from a ways back about when I tested my own DNA and discovered I had Native American DNA.

NOTE – this HAD to be hived off from the original post (the previous one). It got out of hand and developed a life of its own.

America’s Fastest Growing Ethnicity – Native American


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Like a lot of other North American’s I have Native American DNA. Whats It mean?

More than anything it means that just 7 generations back you had well over 100 ancestors and nobody knows who all of them are. It also means that yes, a great deal of white Americans have some Native DNA.

Its only generations of “Moving on up” in apparent whiteness that fostered this idea the Native American genocide was all that complete. While the Native Americans were surely dealt a shit hand by history where lot really were outright killed and many more suffered horribly, theres more of their DNA left than people realized. Til now. Personally I’m fairly sure my low percentage of unidentifiable DNA is probably native american too, but who knows? I can say in 2 years on 23&me its the one racial category that has only kept going up, harvesting out of my “Unidentifiable” DNA( a category that keeps going down).

For the ones among us like myself finding out now through science there’s no cultural component. For the most part we got here the same way. We are descended from willing participants in forgetting the Native American Heritage. Even in the 1970s the ‘Defeated Noble Savage’ thing was still out there and people just were happy NOT to verbally pass that information on to their kids.  The truth was they had become US. We’re still here and depending on how you crunch it; maybe there’s more of us than ever.

Now, like David Cone’s perfect game or Aaron Boone’s home run it seems there’s more people claiming  ‘I was there’ than any stadium could ever hold. In the case of the Native DNA its the opposite of a baseball milestone. We didn’t realize we were at this event. We ARE this event. We’re Aaron Boone’s Home run! For perspective on this huge number think about this; most every latino is part Native American right off the bat.

Marketing by the DNA Companies

The DNA Research Corporations showed they trusted in math when they started using Native American Ancestry as a pitch.

Basically a day came when they had a sample size so large it was scientific. Then,  there was one somewhat astonishing find – that a lot of Native American DNA is diffused through the population of North America.


These DNA companies saw the evidence of the prevalence of Native DNA in small amounts marbled through American demographics. Then they checked their math and when everything added up they somewhat cynically exploited Native American heritage. This Disney-fication of Native American history is a problem and a future blog post of it’s own. Whatever, it really went down that way. It’s probably sort of morally a bit wrong.

That same math tells the DNA Research Corporations that there’s enough people running around with minimal amounts of Native DNA to have serious cover on any criticism. In other words- It was going to be them too! Looking in the mirror they realized surely as many as 1/3 of them, the DNA researchers, and their employees  had Native American DNA as well and therefore could turn around and say “Fuck you, I got my Indian Card” to anyone else.

Having some Native DNA is marketed as an exotic, semi magical thing that makes you the right kind of different in a good way. The truth is the DNA collection companies are merely cynical truth tellers making money off a til now little known  fact. Forgetting for the moment that some good came of it and it’s not like they were just lying; 23&me and proceeded in this direction knowing, for a fact, before anyone else that so many people had some Native American DNA that they could use it for a mass multi-media marketing campaign in the US.

The real story of course is one of genocide. So while there’s reason to celebrate your Native American DNA; the first thing it should tell you is that somewhere in your genealogical past, probably over 150 years ago, you had a white rapist in your family tree. So it should be an eye opener about just how poorly behaved the pure Europeans were when they showed up in North America. You probably should read “Custer Died for Your Sins” and if movies are your thing see amazing documentary “Reel Injun

How did this happen? Well for one thing outright breeding people out of existence is nothing new. It’s been practiced by victors at least as far back as Rome and beyond into the deepest reaches of antiquity. How did it work out? Well, you don’t see a lot of people saying they’re part Samnite, do you? This despite the fact that the Samnite’s DNA was extremely successful to the point it’s forever intertwined into all Italian’s DNA.  But then, of course, History was written by the victors.


Who Are We? 

Very simply the raising of awareness and building of a database that substantiates the fact- while there’s always been a lot of partly Native American’s walking around never have so many been aware of it til now.

Of course we can continue to opt out and just be americans who have native ancestors. That’s worked so far.

If we want to emulate our native ancestors I guess we should look to the existing populations for guidance. I’m not sure what they may think of us, and I can’t speak for anyone but myself.

Here’s one personal aspect; I know before I send more money back to Ireland I would more likely give to a Native American Charity.  Certainly hanging a dream catcher from the rearview and boring your friends with the story is the least productive thing you can do. At least respect the remaining communities and start pushing for greater respect by the government toward native americans.

Without lying I can say I think there’s a really good shot that Native American is the country’s fastest growing ethnicity. As little as 100 years ago massacring “Indians” was still a thing, it really takes WWI for modern racial sensibilities that we can identify with or understand to start to slowly emerge.

We’re all equally Americans. The sooner you get together with that in your mind the better. White, black, whatever. No one’s an “other”. Avoid thinking in terms of “Them-ism”.  By the way it’s probably a good idea to just apply that to everyone, not just the partially native out there.

The truth is the genocide against the Native Americans only seemed to be extremely effective. The truth was that the Native Americans were lurking just below the skin of all these apparent White People.

Some estimates claim as much as 1/3 of all Americans have SOME native DNA. One day we’ll probably have a real reliable number on this and not have to estimate. And by “one day’ I mean within about 5 years.

And that’s as much as it means.

Seven generations back you have 128 direct ancestors. So 7 generations back you are getting like what? 1/128th their DNA over the time between like 1700 til now was passed to you and that’s it.

At some point between the time seventh generation was giving way to the 64 members of the 6th generation back from you there were 100 direct ancestors and that’s where you can start to say “In 1750, before America, ‘what was going on?’ on the East Coast of the US and in the Caribbean?” The answer? “Lots and lots of interracial sex by both the willing and unwilling. And of course, as the white people stab west they proliferate with the natives just as soon as they can manage it.

Another quick way to sum it up would be “On a mass scale and by any measure,  White People used to act even worse than they do now.”

And that’s a lot to think about. And that’s why there’s this whole separate post from a ways back about when I tested my own DNA and discovered I had Native American DNA.

Welcome to the Lowest, Most Disgraceful Day in American History


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As protestors flood DC screaming and chanting against the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court we’re at Rock Bottom as a Nation.

Our flag has never flown so low or under such troubled, Kremlin Red Skies.

Twilight’s Last Gleaming

October 6th, 2018. A day that will live in infamy. The day America reached it’s deepest low since pre civil war congressional fights that fail to end slavery.

The new GOP tactic of having its few women in power say the awful slut shaming things that the GOP men script for them (because are too smart to say them themselves) is likely dooming us all to decades of Kavanaughian misery.

Our national prospects have never been worse. We’ve now got a caveman on the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh’s approval ratings are roughly the same as the amount of Americans who Opposed Winning World War II,  about one-third of everyone. The other two-thirds passionately hate and fear Kavanaugh.

Screams and protests from the Senate Gallery, the sort unheard in decades of divisive legislating, is quite simply heartbreaking.

A grim, angry and entitled man on the SCOTUS bench is just another example of Donald Trump’s 2 Super Powers- To make people walk away more divided than they were before he spoke and, worse; an ability Constantly Reach New Lows through the utter lack of a moral basement.

Never forget Susan Collins, Senator from Maine, who lead the charge among women on the right to pretty much be Rape Cheerleaders for an angry drunken frat boy, so long as that frat boy is a conservative.

The Two Front War Against The Truth and of course Women and Minorities seems to be consequence free for now. It’s hard to say ‘Vote “em Out” when I’m pretty sure the GOP will try to fix the election with help from Putin again and this time the backlash will be greater and more immediate.

As his wife cavorts around Africa without him dressed in cast off movie villain outfits, the Social War at home remains a baffling example of failed indirect democracy. Since the 2nd election in less than 20 years to make the (huge) loser of the popular vote president the will of the American People is simply being ignored on many fronts.


Super Popular measures on Gun Control and the Affordable Care Acts are ignored or even attacked as a minority agenda slowly advances.

Then to top it all off we have a terrible possible predator  who seems likely open to blackmail going to a lifetime job telling the rest of us how to live.

What Next?

Sure looks like this coming midterm is going to have Three main features.

First; the Democrats will likely win all over the map.

Second; there will be many states who fail to protect their Voting Process and a bunch of contested results where the GOP wins in a fishy way.

Third; BLOTUS Trump will absolutely claim every democratic win is a fraud and probably try to get the FBI to investigate the Democrats ONLY and find a way to NOT seat the new congress at all.

Trump WILL try to nullify the midterms.  Caveman Kavanaugh is about to beat the odds and become a Supreme Court Justice. The checks and balances meant to florence_flagconstrain incompetent or corrupt presidents will be severely inhibited and rigged to favor our criminal billionaire heir who hasnt made a dime on his own of a president.

It’s a sad day for decency.

50 Little Fiefdoms or Several Regional Republics?

This is what Putin wanted and its becoming sort of likely. Every time Trump stretches the rubber band of national morality to near snapping point the less and less it is able to return to its original shape. He’s deeply damaging all our institutions all the time.

The stakes of this election are really high. The people of any given region will not sit by and live their lives according to another regions morality. Any hint of Hacking in the election has the potential of having breaking into several regional republics.

The funny part about this, is, if it happens it would actually makes Trump the first president NOT born in the United States since the guys who were born when we were British Colonies. Talk about “what comes around goes around.”