Trump’s Sick Joke – Early Release for ‘American Taliban’ John Walker-Lindh


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Its been a long time since the early days of the War of Necessity in Afghanistan. In New York City the smell of the destroyed towers still blew in toxic clouds to every corner of Manhattan at some point every day that dreary, angry fall.  It’s a time no one really wants to be reminded of. We mark it solemnly and move on because it’s still painful. Sadly this president trades in pain. Especially when he co-opts the pain of 9-11, an incident he made money off and lied about from day one.

As an insulting and offensive reminder of 9-11 President Trump allowed early release for a hated Traitor whose name is forever tied to that day.

Thanks to Donald Trump, John Walker Lindh is a Free Man. The president didn’t stop it for reasons all his own.

It looks to many like he just wants to minimize Treason and insult the CIA.

The Tale of Johnny Taliban

Very soon after the 9-11 Attacks, we got  real sickening surprise. Among the evil Taliban we found an American from California who just loved shooting at American soldiers with an AK-47. Somehow we took him alive. Maybe heroin had led him down a bad trail, you can see for yourself in the pictures he could have been drugged up, but it doesn’t really matter WHY he was shooting at Americans.

John Walker-Lindh was and is dangerous. He was then and he is now. Looking back to 2001 he was way too involved with the people who attacked America. He may have offered them some tips on how to fit in for all we know. As far as I’m concerned he may as well have been flying one of those planes

He took up arms against his country in very proactive way. Like shooting at people proactive, which is obviously really violent and extreme. We don’t know he didn’t manage to kill one of the Americans he was, lets face it, trying to kill!

Lindh was right there in it, he was captured on the 25th of November, 2001 just weeks into the war. To dispel any romance about him, he was on the run from US Forces for weeks and he surrendered when the rest of his unit gave up. So calling him a real follower seems fair.

He was down with al Qaeda. He MET Osama bin Laden! He was an enemy combatant. At just 20 years old he couldn’t even buy a beer. He was rightfully hated by Americans for his actions. And he’s still the same guy. Unrepentant and evil to the core.

People reacted emotionally to Lindh. Hatefully called “The American Taliban” or mockingly derided as “Johnny Taliban” he was scorned and would have been ripped apart by an angry mob anywhere in America.

A lot of people thought he should be shot on the pitcher’s mound of Yankee Stadium by an NYPD firing squad; and I would have bought a ticket. They would probably have been hard to get. He bought peoples anger right to the surface. I think it’s because he looked like any one of us if he cleaned himself up and could have done something sinister anywhere easily.

For better or worse, George W Bush’s Justice Department’s preferred image was that of  a ‘kinder, gentler’ Department, maybe even just a little more for white people. So in the end they gave him just 20 years. It was an unpopular outcome.  I considered it too light at the time. I still think it deserved no less than 25 to life. Or, hey, Death.

Trump;s Sick Johe-Now Lindh Walks Among Us

Thanks to President Trump, Now he walks among us. The 38 year old is a real threat to the American People and early parole just isn’t for people like him. I know I don’t sound too progressive here, but the Boston Bomber is going to die, why is Lindh walking free? Probably only cause he’s white.  I’m a strict Constitutionalist on Treason. If it’s really treason you should really die.

But he’s walking around Free and I think he’s looking for a way to hurt people. Obviously, he needed all of that extra jail time of that too short sentence and more.

Enter the Commander-in-Cheat blowing off an easy call – asking he remain locked up. If Lindh were an of Arab descent would he have been silent? because to Trump this wasnt worth so much as a tweet. Its like he lacks all connection and sentiment for his the his home town of New York Lindh helped attack.


Trump Endorsing White Privilege

Let’s be honest; John Walker-Lindh owes his light sentence and his life to what amounts to White Privilege pure and simple. Does anyone think a fourth generation Pakistani-American would have gotten the same sentence? Or anyone but a white rich guy? White Privilege makes this release even more appealing to Trump.

Make no mistake the early release of John Walker-Lindh is tantamount to letting an aspiring Oklahoma City Bomber (at least) loose on the streets of America. He’s not ready for or deserving of freedom. He’s still a young man and he’s clearly had time to think up awful things to do to people he hates. I doubt he was reading the classics in prison. This guy’s a threat and should have gotten life. Or Death.

But John Walker-Lindh is a white guy whose family had some money. His more than decent lawyers got him charged with Providing comfort to the enemy and 20 years instead of Treason and Death. At the time it was seen to be a very brilliantly litigated legal coup by the defense. The sentence was considered by most extremely light in face of the facts we knew. Sold to the court as sort of an OCD Idiot who happened onto Islam, his lawyers did well. He’d walk free still a young man. I hated it.

It happened the way it did because there was an eagerness then to just want him to be misguided and maybe crazy rather than a guy who wanted with all his heart to kill Americans. It was done to make people feel like no sane American could ever do this willingly. It was saying that there wasn’t a terrorist lurking inside everyone waiting to come out. The guy was just another asshole. It made everyone a little less nervous.

We were wrong about all of that. Seems the only person who didn’t figure this out was ‘President’ Trump.

Nothing more than a letter to the parole would have been needed. Trump chose not to act.

Now President Trump is releasing Lindh early despite the charges of “Providing Support to the Taliban” being the sort of thing a self proclaimed ‘Law and Order’ president would rightly be expected to go hard on. But instead this accomplice to the murder of a CIA Agent will go free.


A recently captured in Lindh in 2001

He looked like a Chechen rebel and maybe had powder burns on his face. If captured with the Nazis doing the same thing in 1944 he would have been tried and hung.



Now and Then

After he was in jail in Afghanistan he still got into trouble again in a prison riot that cost the life of the very first American to die in Afghanistan, CIA agent ‘Johnny” Michael Spann. His daugter Alison Spann advocated strongly to his early release and I am inclined to agree.

Some prison recent prison documents in the form of his writings and a few statements show Lindh’s no more than an unrepentant fan of ISIS and a real jerk who might try something again. He probably should have served his time at GITMO considering these results. He’s learned nothing.

He’s as dumb as Trump and is now also his pawn.

Minimizing Teason and Insulting the CIA

So WHY the early parole? I see President Trump’s hand. He sees a chnce to both downplay Treason AND slap the intelligence Community in the face. Lindh was, after all, paty to  the killing of a CIA Agent.

It’s wrong and it’s UnAmerican that he serves one minute less than the 20 years. I saw what he helped do in New York, I don’t like the guy. Still, hows hating America and admiring ISIS ‘Good Behavior” for a guy who is supposedly getting out early for being ‘rehabilitated?

Trump’s wrong as always to allow this to happen. He loves that its happening and maybe he’ll mention it. Walker IS white though, so maybe not.

The only people who had a ‘Good Day’ on 9-11 were soulless Rudy Ghouliani who kust loved being on TV,  Lindh and Osama bin Laden for obvious reasons, and, no longer surprisingly, a lying, gloating Donald Trump. who spent the day lying and gloating and has amassed a heap of 9-11  lies since.

If you look at the people this president has pardoned or freed its a sad list of mostly true criminals, creeps and lately, military murderers (with the odd Kardashian-aided exception)

Its all to denigrate the office of president. I still believe thats his witting or unwitting Kremlin mission


I Survived The Attack of the Bed Bugs and You Can Too! NYC Edition


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Well it was over 5 weeks ago that I awoke covered with bed bug bites and discovered a nice sized colony of a few dozen in the folds of my bed.  A Useless (but quite normal) panic attack ensued.

So here’s how I got through it; in short- I used “The All of the Above” Approach

Moment to moment escape tips are at the end if that’s all you need. 

Oh No, It’s For Real! 

How did this happen? I’m really clean! Was it the subway? The movies? The library? That time I accidentally put a hat on my bed? (Probably)It no longer matters, the problems right here.


If you have anti-anxiety meds, now’s the time. Ignoring this will be appealing, but only make it worse. Smoke something, have a drink or whatever, cancel plans and after a little while coming to terms with this horror story and get to work ending it.

So youre gonna want some rubbing alcohol, lots of it. For one thing it takes the sting out of the bites real well, for another it kills bed bugs on contact, so get some atomizer bottles too. Or an old cleanser bottle, more on this later when we get to the Bed Bug Phazer

After I got up off the floor I realized my bed and box spring were shot. Out they went with the bed frame. Fast as possible. Then, being a cautious kind of guy I tossed my bedbugs1area rug. You’re supposed to encase these things in plastic trash them before you throw them out so no one else takes them in.

Clear shower liners and duct tape work, or thicker disposable plastic painters drop clothes. You might want some of these for sorting your stuff since its all possibly infested (and you have to act like it is or you wont get rid of them). This is overkill, because you’ll still need to clean the floor, but it wont hurt. So the stuff went outside looking like Chernobyl waste.

This didn’t stop some idiot from taking both, in just the time it took me to retrieve the spray paint to mark them “Bed Bugs”.  So, as blood smeared as they were, encased in clear plastic and clearly sketchy, they were snatched up.  Honestly, it looked like someone was murdered on them; but some people just see garbage as gold. So, too bad for them.

Back to me. I started running all my clothes and drapes through the drier at the laundromat. Budget like 75 bucks for this and only wash what you must. Drying for over a half hour will kill the bugs in its own, but youre gonna wanna keep washing what you always wash. You might get away with washing at regular temperature, its a long hot stint in the drier that’s the killer of bed bugs. The washing machine WILL probably kill most anyway, but they cant survive a half hour in a drier on high. ALWAYS DRY ON HIGH FOR AT LEAST 30 MINUTES FOREVER MORE!!!

You’re about to spend a fortune. Keep receipts. Some may come back to you depending on local laws.

Right as I’m going through this science discovers they’re even tougher than we thought, surviving the asteroid the killed the damn dinosaurs! DAUNTING TO SAY THE LEAST.

I bought some kind of flea and bed bug fogger and pulled everything off the walls. I went triple dosage. I spent 4 rainy hours wandering Queens waiting for it to dissipate. Of course the fogger said it can’t outright kill them, but it did say it would keep the small ones from  maturing, so hopefully the populations now static and I’m killing the ones that are left. And thanks to the fogger they are messed up and can no longer have sex. This makes me feel a little better. If I can’t neither can they, right? Because, lets face it, my social lifes fucked for a month.

The City to the Rescue

My landlord here in Queens is an asshole who tried to escalate it into an eviction. My lease was almost up, he might’ve had me. So I called 311, City Services. When they found out my landlord threatened eviction they kicked it to the cops. STAY CALM. This could have ended with my landlord in cuffs for yelling at me, but I just decided that the Police should know he was an asshole and leave it at that. So with that in my hip pocket I started googling and throwing stuff away. I should have googled longer as I trashed some save-able stuff. What can I say, I was stressed, overtired and overwrought!

The authorities  immediately started heating my landlords ass; and after a sleepless night I got the landlords exterminator there for the first dose. In other words – it was free.  That happened mostly because he HAD to and now throwing me out now was considered some kind of retaliation so the new lease was tendered and signed. 7 days later. I didnt feel great about it,  a rent hike and 2 more years in an apartment thats currently a dump filled with sealed trash bags and not much furniture.

Also, as far as the city goes,  if you keep the paperwork and are sort of diligent, you can have the city send over a super adorable Jack Russell terrier to re-check the place, but it has to be at least a month after the insecticide treatment for them to be able to detect them.


There was no two ways about it, I had to go crazy washing and throwing stuff away like crazy. For days after sleep deprived day. It’s a long, painful, expensive game.

It sucks but there’s a couple of hacks to save some money. But wow is your dry cleaning bill gonna suck. You can space it out by isolating stuff in sealed bags that you’ll never open in the house again.

You’ll need lots of large strong garbage bags. Clear bags are the best cause they need no labeling. I couldnt find any in time. I labelled the bags with a sharpie and some painters tape. It paid off a million times over because you dont want to keep re-opening suspect bags.

As NYC heat laws made the couch up against the radiator across the room the last place they’d want to be I opted to try to use it as a bed. It worked out as far as I was never bitten again. But I slept like I was in a cage at GITMO as far as sleep goes. Dont count on being rested for awhile. Again, some anti-anxiety meds might make a huge difference. I would stay way from ambien though, unless you want to have bed bug hallucinations and no sleep. Valium, xanax, seroquel. Something like that.

Now you’re not gonna get anywhere if your ‘bed’ touches any wall or drapes, make it an island. Don’t let your sheets touch the floor. Check them every day for blood and put all your bedding through the wash like every 4 days and dry it for a half hour like every day!

A Dash of Luck is As Much as You Need

There was one unaffected piece of furniture I could sleep on. I had to concentrate on how much worse it could have been. Sleeping in a sleeping bag in a hardwood floor? Or maybe a long walk to try to buy a pool float to sleep on would have been even worse.

Losing Your Mind

Well this WILL probably happen if youre coming out of winter into spring and you already were cooped up for awhile, but no matter when it hits you, it’s depressing. You’ll feel filthy and you’ll be throwing things away like crazy and you will have to lose sentiment in a way moving never approaches. So much has to go.

And you’ll be a little apprehensive about going to sleep. I advise a trip to the shrink or doctor for something valium or xanax. I never felt so filthy and worthless, and for the first 2 weekends it sort of seemed unfair to others to go out as I suspected I always had them on me (probably untrue)

Surprising  Saves and Hacks

Well, the plague claimed my Jets hat. It was the same hat I left on the bed by mistake and started this whole run of bad luck, but thats another post. Maybe that was the source as the infestation as it appeared right where the hat made contact. One way or another, NEVER PUT A HAT ON A BED!!!

Books and picture frames are supposed to go or be sealed for a year. I went with a novel and dangerous approach to saving my baseball hats as they wont survive the drier.

Vacuum like nuts and run it for a minute when youre done to trap them inside. Dont change bags inside. I emptied my dyson vacuum container at the public trash can on my corner. NEVER INSIDE!

I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS BUT I DID IT. As we all know from High School English class paper burns at about 451 degrees. Bed bugs die after about an hour at 140. I lucked out on this as I had an electric oven with NO OPEN FLAME. if you have a gas oven you’re out of luck. You’ll burn your house down for sure. However, I cooked my books, while I was right there with a  timer, at 170 degrees. About 40 minutes will do a medium sized book set upright on the rack as high as possible above the element.

Fitted baseball hats are good after 30 minutes but I went an extra 5.

Later i found out the magic temperature is actually 140. Too late, almost none of my shoes made it.


As it really seems to start to be over stay vigilant. Fix and pay may lay off some of this expense on my landlord.

Change your anti-roach discs and treat for them too.  Fun Fact – Bed Bugs LAUGH at roach killer and anything short of napalm in most cases.  Small roaches are hard to tell from bed bugs. So try to wipe them out as best you can at the same time, if nothing else for piece of mind. Because believe me, your going to be looking through every bug you kill through a magnifying glass to make sure it’s not a bed bug. (Oh yeah, buy a magnifying glass)

As I write this Im starting week 6.

In retrospect waiting out the toxic spray the exterminator used that took like 5 or 6 hours to be non lethal by seeing the 3 hour Avengers Endgame movie was the only fun part. Good movie.  Captain Marvel was good too, but left me with a lot more time to kill. You’ll be at the movies and probably the library a lot. Ironic, right?

I’ve reduced the amount of bags and chaos and most of my new Wayfair stuff is here and bed bug proof. Ive cleaned and repopulated the dresser and the closet and I’ve moved onto my new bed. You’d think I’d be fine but now I’m actually the most stressed as the idea they may come back and monopolize my time again is palpable.

I also have some not so paranoid new routines. They fall under the “Ounce of prevention” school of thought.

Street clothes go into a hamper or closable bin before I turn in. I change and rinse my hair if not shower before bed and never sit on my bed with regular clothes and never go sit anywhere but bed in my bed clothes.  My backpack NEVER gets near my bed and gets run through the drier once a week for a half hour on high forever more. Jackets too. My jackets hand far from my bed and some stuff done for a whole year til I’m sure the bed bugs are as dead like they deserve to be.

To keep me sane I have my one proactive weapon.


I truly enjoyed throwing my GITMO couch away

My Bed Bug Phazer

Do all the googling you can. There’s lots of information on line and this is just a few tips, not the comprehensive way for surefire extermination.

Some extermination companies have lots of great info, in fact thats what led me to my Bed Bug phazer.

Simply put rubbing alcohol or Dawn dishwashing liquid kills all stages of bed bug and eggs on contact.. Whether other brands work I didnt research, Dawns readily available here. I suspect it does, but why take chances?  1/3 rubbiing alcohol, 1/3 water, 1/3 dawn will create the most deadly anti bed bug sprat ever. So I mist the area around my bed every night, spray suspect areas near where they like to hang out and I feel kinda powerful.

The pile of bloody mattresses and pictures in the trash along with the Wayfair boxes from other apartments tell me theyre still here. So I taped over all outlets not in use. The bastards love to travel along electric wires. Tape your over your unused outlests and around the edges of any poorly fitted outlet plates. Again, blue painters tape works.

So good luck my friend. Tonight, going on 6 weeks in I will sleep on valium with my Bed Bug Phazer at my side. I will be having that Jack Russell back to be sure theyre gone, but lifes changed. I’ll have Bed Bug PTSD for some time.

But, if you do your research, throw away stuff like crazy and saty calm things will eventually get better. And whatever you do, dont cut corners. This is a war. Think Im kidding? I’m still not sure that weird flu-like spell where I was sick for 3 days wasnt them. Lets face it I was also depressed, forced to stay out in the spring rain a lot and not sleeping well. Even if not the direct cause, they ended up making me sick.

So take it seriously and remember – slow and steady wins the race. Stay vigilant forever more. Lastly – Fear No Bed Bugs! We also survived the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs, and we have the brains to fight them!

Cleared by the Bedbug Dog

New York City is strict and punitive when it comes to bedbugs.  I requested a bedbug dog check out the place and they happily obliged. Keep in mind it has to be at least a month after you chemically treat the place or the dog can’t detect anything I worked with 311, essentially filing a new complaint a month later, so I could have this oeace of mind. So worth it!

So you get a visit from a city housing inspector with a super cute dog. All my paranoia and overkill had paid off. The apartment was certified bed bug free. Also, the housing inspector was a totally alright guy who gigged my landlord to fix some other stuff.


Seriously once the dog cleared me I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. And I could lay off the ongoing expense. I was still scared and all OCD about it until this reassuring thing happened. Now I can finally stop looking at mosquito bites and every bug I kill here under a magnifying glass.

It Was a Real Life Horror Story- My Mini-Escape Tips

Well, as you finish this post here’s some things that helped me survive. It’s a horror story,  you can’t totally turn it off. So you might as well embrace it. Take advantage of every free offer for home movie services. You’ll still have a TV, a computer or device, and a smartphone. You’ll want to use these to escape.

Watch everything on Netflix (wild wild country will take up a whole night).  I didn’t have the energy to play guitar or Game much. So its possible you’ll be a bit lethargic at home. Better that than in a panic though.

The first six Black Sabbath albums were made for real life pain this bad. Maybe check them out.

Kubrick movies, movies about Kubrick movies, movies about the people who worked on Kubrick Movies all helped. Full Metal Jacket especially was enhanced by paranoia and feeling under siege. And the ending is even more ominous. As Rafterman says in the penultimate scene, “Hardcore man, Hardcore.”    Joker_fmj

Youtube Red has a lot of books from before Audible. Just search “Book on tape” and a subject or title and save 20 bucks, you’ll need that money.

Watch Horror a little. Sci-fi and escapism are good too.

And red more. Read Horror. I did. It was appropriate. Im biased Hey, my friend Josh WROTE Bird Box, i re-read that. SO I KNOW about not wanting to open your eyes! Sadly that book was too thick to save. So he’ll be making some more money soon as I need a new copy. Im pissed it was the first edition!  This time I’m gonna have it inscribed.

Tolkien Movie- 20 Reasons Why You Should See It


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Fresh back from seeing the Tolkien movie and I have to say the absence of Peter Jackson’s influence was the best thing about it. In other words, it wasn’t re-invented with lots of crying and conflict. It was pretty much an accurate life story.

It was also a good watch, more cinema than movie. This movie delivers on several levels.


Here’s some of the things I found charming

1- While the great authors childhood is somewhat truncated Colm Meaney delivers as the the Catholic priest who becomes guardian to the Tolkien brothers when JRR Tolkien is about 12.

2- The youth and education of Tolkien are well portrayed by a fine cast of children.

3- The young adult cast are superbly selected and there’s no wondering which one is which, they strongly resemble their younger counterparts

4- The Battle sequence that weaves the movie together is fantastic, horrific and beautiful all at once

5- The costumes and sets were great. From the civilian clothes to the military uniforms the feel of the movies very authentic.

6- Good use of CGI despite it not being ‘Avengers’ level

7- Since this generation only knows the fond old pipe smoking man from the photo on the back of the novels there was a real need to show what he was all about.


8- Nicholas Hoult and Lily Collins have real chemistry

9- The script is unique and compelling

10- Its NOT a superhero movie. It’s about time!

11- Never devolves into Downton Alley despite the time its set in

12- Insights into his inspiration are well portrayed, especially as a he wanders the battlefield in a semi hallucinatory state from trench fever searching for a close friend

13- The word “Fellowship” will enter your lexicon

14- It’s DIFFERENT. If you blow this off you’re kind of saying you just want 25 superhero flicks a year. Throw 16 bucks at this and maybe we get a Silmarillion movie

15- Though grand in scale, its not grandiose. Its a relatable movie to anyone who knows friendship, love, loss, pain and shows you Tolkien’s so called  “Fire of Creation”.

16- Maybe if it does well we get a Tolkien book  made into a movie by someone other than disrespectful Peter Jackson. Dome Karukoski’s direction is spot on.

17- Most “Creative Process” movies are documentaries. It would be great to explore some great authors writing process in dramatic form….except that CS Lewis movie with Anthony Hopkins and Debra Winger, what a piece of crap!

18-For you Marvel die-hards, this doing well is probably the only way there’ll ever be a Stan Lee biopic. Let’s face it, with the deluge of Marvel movies we probably need one of those too.

19- We’re spared ALL MENTION of uber-boring CS Lewis who wrote dozens of stories but all of 3 good books whereas Tolkien wrote only 4 in his lifetime and all were incredible.

20- The foreseeable ending is exactly what you want



Was it perfect? No but it was not really flawed either. Pacing was good, the acting, story and directing are good. All the moving pieces unite well. While Tolkien was quite religious I do not think the word Catholic was in the movie. If you pay attention they use the term priest, but fantastic Colm Meaney’s wardrobe is more episcopalian to the eye. A catholic priest (my uncle whom I saw it with) confirmed a small percentage of catholic priests DID wear that garb around World War 1, so its still accurate in a sense. But probably less than 10% of the  priests of the time dressed that way. I don’t consider this a flaw.

So what are you waiting for? See this underrated piece of cinema

In a rare treat, I got to interact on Twitter with the creative force behind the movie just a little, I make no apologies for my admiring reactions. I truly enjoyed his movie;  here’s my twitter interaction with  Dome Karukoski –

Screenshot 2019-05-19 at 1.50.35 PM.png

Screenshot 2019-05-19 at 10.18.44 PM


here’s two trailers


The Bi-Polar Barr Hearing


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I don’t feel like I’m alone viewing William Barr as a 2nd tier Lucas Movie Villain. He’s dishonest, dishonorable and belongs in a museum.barr.jpg

Today’s partisan hearing was a reflection of our bi-polar government. As senators coddled or cudgeled Barr based on party affiliation you gotta think the momentum is with the Democrats.

Sure, it’s the Senate where the GOP is in control, but this is certainly yet another cut in into the Orange flesh of the liar at 1600’s Administration.

When i tuned in it was Ernst, who gently asked about what the Russians may be up to, that friendly question from a Republican drew an evasive answer. It made him all the more unsympathetic when he was then rightly bashed by Blumenthal. Then he was coddled by Blackburn, bashed by Booker and so it went. Hirono was by far the heashest and rightly called Barr a liar.

When elaborating conspiracy theories and accepting praise from the right of course Barr looked like a victim. It was when the Democrats put the screws to him his spineless nature came right out.

Whenever questioned by a Democrat Barr’s voice was always a bit more affected if you ask me, with his regionalisms coming out. A “liars tell”?

On the topic of Foreign Adversaries who attacked our election Barr rarely seemed fully read in (this is the Attorney General mind you) and seemed to lack the competence to understand what happened or whats going on now.

Barr wasn’t good holding forth in the face of Corey Booker at all. The presidential hopeful questioned Barr’s honesty and barr had a hard time pitching any justifications. Bookers questions were damaging to the Attorney General, who SHOULD resign, but getting Barr to answer anything was always like nailing jello to a wall.

Tarheel GOP hater Tom Tillis shifted back into love-fest mode. The GOP senators had two points. It was a really gig investigation and the he, Barr, was totally justified to change (or at least obscure) its conclusions. Tillis offered a stiff defense of the way Barr has behaved as AG.  He went with a numbers approach to make it as boring and obscure s possible because Math, in and of itself, really has no relation to whether something is a crime or not.

The GOP refrain was this is just a sour grapes second stab at the reputation of poor president Trump, king of victimhood.

Senator Kamala Harris asked Barr if he’d had anyone asking him to launch punitive investigations. Barr just couldn’t answer. He was more disrespectful to Harris than others. I’m not sure if it because shes running for president, a woman of color or both.

Barr chaffed a bit when he delivered up stock denials on methodology questions about his offices approach. He wouldn’t say much about what they do and less about what people think they do.

Barr tried to punt to Mueller but Harris had none of it. The next move by Barr was to try to shift responsibility to Rosenstein.

Barr didn’t distinguish himself in his knowledge of his own departments methods at all.

Mike Crapo of Idaho from the GOP side was a little less affectionate to Barr, but by no means beat him up.

Barr never raised himself to a Star Trek or Bond Villain level like his boss often does.

Any sympathy bought by Barr was immediately destroyed by the chummy conversation with Senator from Hell Ted Cruz; where Barr suddenly had full commend of methods ad could relate them in detail. Maybe its just that he sounds smart compared to Cruz?

Looking me like some sort of Texas whorehouse owner than any kind of a politician from this century Cruz was that guy we’ve all grown to hate. He still managed to stump Barr by mistake once.

Their conversation was a paranoid and unamerican trip down Kremlin Misinformation lane. I walked away wondering who pulls Cruz’s strings

Ending Round 1 Pat Leahy, Democrat of Vermont went back to questions of more relevance. Like one focused on Barr’s motives in releasing his strange 4 page letter last month. He also expressed concern and asked Barr to commit not to interfere to not interfere in any ongoing investigations. Barr was evasive and took 3 lame swipes at an answer. Leahy wasn’t too thrilled with him. It’s also not clear if Barr actually agreed NOT to interfere based on his own bizarre view of his role and powers.

Instead of just adjourning the Lindsay Graham opted for what amounted to a “Lightning Round” where it was a roulette wheel of Senators and questions

Barr was unsettled by some of this enough to start trying to dispel the idea that there were any “Underlying crimes”. He wasn’t making a lot of sense.

Then Dick Durbin of Illinois had some seriously unsettling questions about how Barr is mishandling the Trump Inaugural committee, which is mired in a multi million dollar scandal that’s looking criminal.

Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island essentially laced right in. The Democrat was slightly pre-heated and was frustrated with the way Barr was evading. He was more able to box in and nail down Barr. His line of questioning was about foreign money and Grand Jury material being suppressed. Barr came off confused. A terrible look for the Attorney General of the United States.
Klobuchar grilled Barr on whether the Mueller Report reviewed Trumps taxes, Barr claimed ignorance.

Quoting pages and passages Klobuchar tried to get some accountability from Barr. You cant get blood from a stone  though, and he inartfully dodged any substantial answer.

In a final semi bombshell Klobuchar asked if the presidents conduct was consistent with his Oath of Office. Barr said it was his call that everything was cool.

Lightning Round continued with Blumenthal. He had specific questions in specific conversations that may haunt Barr later.

In general Barr spent a lot of time looking pretty damn bad. He was clueless on purpose to stonewall at times, but looking clueless just undermines the Justice Department he purports to run

Barrs most bizarre statement was putting words in Mueller’s mouth where he claimed Mueller was pretty much behind him and they barely disagree on anything. This seems ridiculous right off the bat. There’s a letter in the public record where Mueller outright questions the way Barr’s motives in mischarachterizing his report.

Lindsey Graham ended the session and promised to write a letter asking for any clarifications. GOP ass kissing was allowed in 5 second round of praise from some GOP member.

In a final petty gesture Barr described the angry letter from Mueller as ‘snitty’ and probably written by an underling. He held to the Republican line the presidents a victim in this. Forget about the idea that the president is a criminal, that’s his view of the system. That we have a designated criminal as a president,

The Two Two Faces of Sarah Huckabee Sanders


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The Mueller Report – The Lies of Sister Sarah

We all knew that eventually proximity to Trump was going to cause Good Ol’ Gal Sarah Huckabee Sanders some problems. While I speculate one day the criminality she’s been part of will come back to haunt her I didn’t think she’d figure deeply into the Mueller Report, and she didn’t.

None the less, her talking out of both sides of her mouth was one of the first stories to ruminate through the headlines when the report, or what we’ve been allowed to see of it, dropped. Seems Sarah’s Christian values don’t include even the slightest guilt about lying unless there’s jail time involved.

And her lies werent to mitigate Trump’s insanity, she was burnishing it.

The Mueller Report showed her to be an Enabler rather than any of  the authors of the Anonymous New York Times “White House Resistor” article, where the idea was to stick around at the expense to your own dignity just to keep Trump from blowing up the world.

When James Comey was fired for not dropping the Flynn Investigation Sarah had a series of May 2017 pressers (remember when we had pressers?) where she simply lied to the American People. Her repeated lie, which she’s since told some more lies about, was that her phone was ringing off the hook with grateful FBI Agents thanking her for Trump’s firing of  Comey. I’m not sure why they thought she would want to hear it. I guess she took the (fictional) calls in between high 5-ing all the other FBI Agents she claimed stopped her to tell her how glad they were their boss had been fired amid a torrent of abusive comments about the Bureau itself.

When in front of Mueller Sarah actually told the truth. These were pure lies made up from whole cloth. Obviously she was parroting her boss.

Cries she be fired are now pretty universal. The Fox White House guy may even be on board with that one, he has to listen to the lies too, right?  But this is how Trump likes it.

By the third week of April we’ve had 4 Pressers all year, in no regular order. This begs the question – what exactly does Sarah do these days?

From the Master Entry Why I Hate Sarah Huckabee Sanders (and Hope she Goes to Jail) begun almost 2 years ago. It’s the Internet’s most comprehensive collection of SHS insanity.



Trump vs Omar – Trump’s Many 9-11 Lies


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The worst day ever. A day where even Howard Stern went into News mode and stopped all on air humor. By 10 am the entire national character was changed forever.


The Donald’s Self Centered 9-11 Lies

What didn’t change that day was Donald Trump’s penchant for self centered grandiose lying. The buildings had just fallen when he started off a blue streak of horrible lies that continues to this day. The only person who had a 9-11 as emotionally fulfilling as Trump would be Osama bin-Laden.

And every 9-11 since Trump has refreshed and updated his lies. Always bigger than the previous years. The lies have really piled up. Eventually he presented himself falsely as prominently featuring in the recovery efforts by supplying labor and equipment. It’s untrue.

Remember just how badly he screwed the pooch last 9-11? A day where he acted a little worse every hour?

The fact is the president is simply plain old bad with serious things, especially death. Be it the death of a military hero, the death of a rival politician, the death of an average citizen, you name it. He’s made inappropriate comments about all of it. He always speaks horribly and never offers anything in the way of comfort (unless you count violent retribution).

Failing to show any compassion in the face of national tragedies has been Trump’s True North. Be it defending Nazis, disappearing completely when gun violence by angry right wingers unfolds, trashing the late John McCain or making grandiose false claims in the face of bigger tragedies, like the Hurricane that he won’t admit devastated Puerto Rico. Trump’s been a total bust in a role where the nation used to look to get a few sober words of encouragement from their leaders.

In New York Trump was already old news by 9-11 and no one was overly surprised he said outrageous hard to believe things. Mostly no one noticed because everyone except Trump and Giuliani were emotionally overwhelmed and not reading Page 6 to see Trump’s crazy claims. So some of his worst remarks were shot into the dark, luckily for him. But not all, people noticed. Trump’s vulgar personality was well known.

The things Trump has done and said revolving around 9-11 have been just plain disgusting. He started off immediately, gloating THAT DAY. As the fire raged he falsely claimed he now had the biggest building in Manhattan. Later came the delusions that he saw people falling from the building from his vantage point 4 miles away. Most obnoxious of all was maybe the lie about seeing “thousands of arabs dancing on the rooftops celebrating” when the buildings fell. This last lie seems to have no bottom and lead to some deep lows through the campaign and beyond.  More on this whopper of a falsehood later.

Shamelessly taking 150K in Federal Aid he probably didn’t deserve and definitely didn’t need was the first thing he did when the dust started to settle.

Needless to say there was no aspect of 9-11 Donald Trump didn’t personally appropriate. he was the biggest victim if he’s to be believed as far as personal loss goes. Notably saying “I lost hundreds of friends” on 9-11.  It’s almost laughable if it wasn’t so serious. It would mean Trump knew about one out of every ten people who died in the Towers.

Does anyone believe he ever had hundreds of friends to begin with? How many friends do you have? How many of them work in the same quarter-mile area? Yeah it was downtown Manhattan, but being friends with ‘hundreds of people” in just the Towers?  This is BEFORE Facebook changed the definition of friend. There was virtually no social media yet. So anyone having ‘hundreds of friends’ in 2001 seems a stretch anyway.

So the idea you could have “hundreds of friends” who died on 9-11? Is this even true of anyone outside say the pretzel vender who had the stand outside the buildings? That’s about like as likely as having both your children become left-handed starting pitchers for the Yankees the same season kind of a long shot. It’s a damned lie.

The biggest lies Trump has uncorked about 9-11 have mostly been about seeing that aforementioned imaginary ‘massive’ celebration of arabs ‘dancing in the streets and rooftops’ of Newark when the Towers fell.  This is the claim that lead him to famously mock the disabled reporter who tried to clarify the tale, which was reported as an unverifiable rumor and NEVER involved ‘thousands’ of people.

It seems to never have happened. There’s never been any footage or pictures of it. It was just a random thing Trump happened to remember that was never really true. It was in with all the other misinformation like the car-bomb that wasn’t on the 59th Street Bridge or the pipe-bombs in the subway that were just abandoned suitcases.  In other words; it was one of the misconceptions and wild rumors that flew around in the ether that day.

It’s a story only in the papers that were put together by dazed survivors who had been in proximity of the Attacks, later on 9-11 (as limited a run as those papers were). Facts were few and far between for about a week. New York papers did some of their best and worst work at the same time. It was followed up but the reporter could never verify it. There were rumors all over the place. This one ends up being the most toxic, but not for a really long time as Trump doesn’t recall or speak of it  for 14 years.

Maybe the most notable thing about this racist lie, he’s first recorded uttering in 2015, is that its the first time we know of that he ever sees a large crowd that isn’t there.

Could these be some of the same imaginary people he saw at his inauguration?  That particular shindig, which Trump’s lied non stop about, sometimes claiming it was “a million people”, had far less than a third as many people at it as President Obama turned out in 2009, where it really was close to TWO MILLION people on hand in the moment in DC. So it’s a notable first as far as outright hallucinations the ‘president’ occasionally has.

Back to Trump’s extraordinary claim. I personally refute it based on the fact I lived through the same events here in the New York City area and can tell you it absolutely would have ended in murder if you tried to be happy and start dancing the day 9-11 happened. It wouldn’t have been something only one person ever saw. The people who did something like that would have been jailed for inciting a riot the moment such behavior began if someone didn’t simply attack them first.

Anyone who had attempted to dance and celebrate on 9-11 would have been physically attacked, possibly killed and the killers would have gotten Community Service on 9-11. Where’s the police records? Where’s the Emergency Room records? Where are the court records for the crimes this would have sparked. Where’s even one other witness to this massive display?

The Bully in the Bully Pulpit resurrects this day far too often. And always for far too little. In this case it’s just his mean-spirited nature can’t miss a chance to attack a minority female and its wrapped up in 9-11 to disguise his attack. I feel like it comes off as part of his whole hatred of women and minorities more than anything else.

The day of 9-11 was horrifying and wouldn’t end. Only Trump found a way to celebrate that day. Trump knows an ignorant cottage industry sprung up around 9-11 and when he lies about it it’s just a mentally ill guy looking to create other mentally ill people to hang out with.

It’s strange that History will have no choice but to call Trump “a powerful, seductive voice” but it just will. He’s led Marine Generals and captains of Industry off of cliffs. And still they keep falling in line to fall of that cliff. It’s plain old hard to fathom how anyone finds him well spoken or compelling enough for the label to fit but it is what it is.



Trump Vs Omar

Right now we have a lot of anger being stoked by Trump taking some out of context quotes from Rep Ihan Omar, who isn’t the best speaker, and trying to make it into an endorsement of the Attacks. Honestly the twitter meme Trump sent out was pretty low and creepy and fits with the idea he’s working with Putin to divide Americans.

The out of context audio clip by Omar was bad and dishonest enough without looping it and juxtaposing it with the worst moments of 9-11. Like 7 times in a row.  Ihan Omar, elected from the sae state that gave us Michele Bachmann, is something  of a poorly spoken novice as a freshman House of Representatives member from Minnesota. While she may need charm school she seems to have only said true things in a way that some people have either been offended by or opted to seize on. It’s not too hard to make her look bad. This was a bridge too far to start with. Its also  just a pretty flimsy pretext to send a message straight out of the Third Reich as far as hatefulness. Way too eager to be a creep there.

When it comes to 9-11 I’m a lot less prone to be upset or offended by someone understating the whole thing than I do with a person who misappropriates it and co-opts it to advance their own egotistical designs.

So the real Trolls of 9-11 have always been Donald Trump and Ann Coulter, not necessarily in that order at any given time, but really, no one’s said anything that comes close to what these two have said.


Behind The Curve Reaction Review


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“Behind the Curve” is currently on Netflix and is part of what I call their “Disturbingly Uncomfortable Observation You Can’t Turn Off Documentary” series. This one, about Flat Earthers, is better than most. It’s an enjoyable watch that explores the paradigm of purposeful liars and the mentally ill people they thrive off the affections of in a world where everything’s a fix and an inside job.

When you watch this you will be exposed to lying from main subject Mark Sargent, who I’m assuming is an ‘incel’ (Involuntarily Celibate) and is just the Roger Stone of Flat -Earthers. He’s not that bright or that honest. Why he puts himself out there is obvious, he’s an attention junkie. Most all of them are. That’s probably why all of them own prominently displayed musical instruments.

Mark Sargent’s crazy podcast co-host and horrible incel crush Patricia Steere, mostly keeps him at monitors length (or huge bowl of popcorn) away. Steere is Sargent’s sidekick and enabler to a degree. No romance is verified as ever happening, and Steere’s move from Texas to Vancouver never worked out, but they’re still friends and podcasting away. Steere’s inherited enough cash to get by,  but she could always use more to buy some more Morrissey memorabilia or another Union Jack Les Paul guitar. She’s had a lot of work done. Her Police description would be something like “Kooky pipe cleaner tied in a knot wearing a babydoll dress”.

They allegedly have some kind of mesmeric chemistry that garners views as they fight, get this, “Science-ism” and try to “Break the Ball” in a bunch of podcasts I won’t name. Mostly its just two crazy people denying reality while Sargent stares lovingly at Steere, cradling his podcast mic like a man obsessed. When you realize it its hilarious. He can have the whole flat world, but he can’t seem to get her. Probably because she’s crazy and so is he and maybe grandiose lying is all they have in common.

Well done, responsible and well rebutted, Behind the Curve delivers a solid viewing experience.


Pathological Liar Mark Sargent

The Charlatans

Steere and Sargent are dismal humans at their best moments. They’re just lying. They love the attention. There’s enough people out there indiscriminately watching YouTube to have probably made them a few bucks off their crazy cottage industry/ hobby (before YouTube changed its compensation rules). They were approaching 200 podcasts at the time of filming.

These two liars are just not too great at the lying either. So the idea they could ever con someone is a bit depressing, but you gotta imagine to be conned by them is a personal shortcoming and shows some sort of adversarial personality disorder. You already had some problems if they’re appealing to you.

In the NASA Museum they never should have been allowed into they show up I guess at 930 am on a Tuesday to make sure the place was empty and they purposefully misuse and misinterpret the displays. They touch the screens on display and complain that its fake and doesn’t work. Then without cutting the camera brilliantly zooms in on the “START” button they simply aren’t hitting to initiate the display.  So they’re not great at lying.

Thankfully Steere and Sargent aren’t the whole movie. You’d just turn it off after 20 minutes if it was. There’s an entire supporting cast of people with varying levels unmedicated mental illness or who are plain old lacking in intelligence.
The smarter people are mostly very mentally ill. They are a sad lot and they are a compelling display of what you can fall into if you don’t keep a check on some traits that lots of us have but these people are lost in.

The True Believers

So while many of them are liars, the truly mentally ill people are not to be outdone simply because they’re nuts. One dedicated group selectively obey and ignore (or are blissfully unaware of) the Laws of Physics in hilariously misconceived pseudo Science Experiments.

The amount of money they spend on their “Laser” experiment runs into the dozens of dollars, but they did it anyway. They basically put a giant laser leveler beam across about 4 miles of terrain and by doing such try to prove the earth has no curve. Forgetting for a moment that topographical features will play in to any result, no laser can stay focused enough to provide an accurate measure that far away. This took several laughable tries.

Ultimately, 4 miles away the laser was something like 11 feet wide. It couldn’t be measured. Naturally, having a preconceived notion of the outcome, they figure something out on the fly. Of course the nebulous ‘results’ seemed to show them they were on the right track.

Almost all of them are motivated to constantly assert the earth is flat and will just challenge average people to advance their hive-mind dedication to exposing as many people as possible to the Flat Earth belief system such as it is. So it’s the opposite of Fight Club that way.

For the people who aren’t podcasting about it (which is a shockingly cutthroat world) or doing a wack ‘experiment’ there’s other pastimes. Like the not touched upon but real people who create and sell flat earth T-shirts (doing okay) or, more in focus, people making mechanical art dedicated to showing the Flat Earth (not doing as well). The artist is delusional and thinks he has a goldmine. He painstakingly makes crazy, mechanical representations of the Flat Earth model into clocks and coffee tables. He notes “for what I charge for these I want them to be perfect.” Okay… more on him later.

When they interview the people at a given Flat Earth Meet Up the question “So how’s it going?” is a major obstacle. Everyone’s got a lot of problems and is very isolated. Usually it’s because the “Globe-ists” don’t understand and are instinctively hateful towards them to have them tell it. They’re pretty much all there by themselves.  Some tell stories of how they alienated people from their lives by constantly pestering them that the Earth is flat. Its genuinely sad to behold.

The Bad Guy 

Aside from the unifying mutual hatred of the CIA, the Men In Black and NASA, the Flat Earthers are actually strongly divided against themselves.

One faction follows a strange 30-ish guy who calls himself Math Powerland. He’s working out of perhaps Amsterdam? His video excerpts were pure insanity, but he had some kind of numerical pseudo science approach that he was using to back up his theories. It’s nonsense of course and he won’t leave his studio to debate it. During his screeds, delivered in front of a keyboard synthesizer, an otherwise tasked female simply walks around with a smartphone in the background while he rants. The whole things pretty weird and almost feels like a lost “Kids in the Hall” sketch. I would say a dutch Gordon Ramsay but angrier describes Powerland pretty well.

It’s probably true that Powerland has better videos and is a better host, but he’s still selling batshit and he’s maybe aware of it. His demands to participate in the documentary showed a self aware guile. What’s he care? He lives in a country that probably has lifetime unemployment benefits and this is how he uses his time. In other words, he’s not dependent on it to get by. His interest seems purely egotistical.

A lot of  Math Powerland’s success might be “hate-watchers”.  For his part, ‘Powerland’ despises Sargent and Steere. He also made that aforementioned list of demands so crazy there was no way he was going to get into the movie, so he might be the smartest charlatan. He appears in snippets of his own podcasts. I’m assuming he has some good sources of cocaine.

He’s just another person with a slightly different flat earth grift. He’s also animated and angry, whereas Steere and Sargent are in a ‘mutual admiration trance’ of sorts in their podcasts. So they juxtapose well.

maxresdefault (1).jpg

Sociopathic Math Powerland, self certified genius

The Flat Earth ‘Belief System’

All parties seem to be fixated on movie The Truman Show and the TV show Game of Thrones. These two pieces of fiction form the basis of their assertion of what’s happening to all of us all day every day.

According to the Flat Earthers; we are on a flat plane that’s essentially covered with a dome to which the sun and moon have been fitted onto brackets that move like a clock does overhead ‘simulating’ day and night.  So the Entire world is a Movie Set. At it’s ends the world is hemmed in by 200 foot high ice walls “Just like Game of Thrones” according to Sargent. I guess somewhere behind the edge of this ice is where the diorama and the dome meet? They’re actually still debating this aspect.



Ruled over by YouTubers who must surely be feeling the crunch of the new YouTube reality where it’s much harder to monetize, the Flat Earthers are very competitive and hate each other for the most part. They’re all highly suspicious of each other and in general a paranoid (and not very smart) group.

The one guy whose advanced himself to head of IT for a mid-sized US city may be making a gambit for a generous early retirement package by appearing in the movie. He’s the smartest one with the most success.

The Flat Earth “Convention”

In a move that may just be related to the new difficulties monetizing on YouTube, Sargent and Steere become involved in organizing a “Flat Earth Convention” that seems to be all about money and feeling important. Hilarity ensues.

‘Randomly’ stopping during his journey to the Flat Earth Convention, Sargent ends up in front of an inexpensive, not that greatly located scrolling electronic sign. He is ‘amazed’ to see an ‘unrelated’ ad for his convention that ‘he had nothing to do with.’ Rather than confront him they show some of the other ads the sign scrolls and how fast it scrolls them and it seems pretty obvious this was no coincidence and he was the one behind the ads.

Finally arriving at the “Flat Earth Convention”, held at a mediocre motor inn near Raleigh NC,  I assume near the airport, they one-fourth filled a medium-sized ballroom. Attendees had come from as far away as Ireland (allegedly) in one case. While I doubt anything that ‘just happens’ in front of the camera because they’re such liars, for the most part the attendees at the ‘convention’ were few in number and all too authentic. A confederacy of dunces would seem to cover these poor fools well. The person who bought their child should maybe be visited by Child Protective Services.

Introduced by a man who looks very, very terminally ill; Sargent prepares to address the audience amid doubts from the promoters. The “No Refunds” sign is scaring people away, but clearly it was legally necessary to pull off the grift cleanly. Or the motor inn was concerned about trouble. Whatever the reason it’s important enough to be the last thing they tell him before he walks up to speak.

Sargent was dressed as badly and blandly as always. Wearing a Flat Earth oriented hat and t-shirt and perhaps long pants for once; he took the stage. There were enough people for a minimally robust show of welcome.

Sargent gave little more than a State of the Union on his grandiose ideas to the members of the small but real movement. He didn’t have the pseudo-science down as clean as a Math Powerland-type, and he was live rather than edited. So he wan’t all that great. As a speaker he lacks a good voice or experience and is just not a natural. He also avoids specifics like the plague.

The crowd was still receptive. Lets face it, they walked in to a Flat Earth Convention willingly. They’re all crazy. Most can’t even sit in a chair without being conspicuously mentally ill. It doesn’t appear staged. Sargent and Steele just don’t have the budget to fill the place with actors anyway.

We didn’t see anyone asking for their money back. Make of that what you will.

What we see of the Q&A showed crazy people asking insane questions unflinchingly fielded by liars. Not that the answers were great. The attendees, theorized by the real scientists we see as suffering from severe Dunning-Kruger Effect, are definitely not playing with full decks.

The part where they couldn’t seem to catch the Flat Earth Art Guy making any sales was reassuring.  After he drove 1,100 miles to Raleigh to try to sell to the only people who would ever buy his semi-interesting insanity he didn’t seem to do too well. So it seems most of them of them are broke. His art was more clever than good anyway.

Review – Reaction

In my non expert view they were mostly in a certain phase of mental illness best described as between ‘on the street’ and ‘in the psych ward’. Barely functioning. A place where they were just a few coincidences away from being homeless. If they don’t get help they’re ending up in an institution.

Here and there among them a few have struck some Fools Gold in the form of internet validation. It’s just harder to get paid on YouTube these days though.

It seems some people who see it just can’t believe anyone would willingly lie. So every few weeks a few more people ‘bought in’ in the form of a YouTube view.

In the past YouTube monetization was a lot easier. Plus there’s enough people who will just watch anything the autoplay throws by.  So the amount of people flat earthing got to be pretty high.

Having created an ‘internet Microenvironment’ they then proceeded to have a ‘Game of Thrones’ amongst themselves over who would be the Kings of the Flat Earth on YouTube. Eventually monetization was cut off from most. The producers dont talk about this but if you watch anyone regularly on YouTube you’ve heard about the monetization woes firsthand. It’s fascinating to see these people and their greed and/ or insanity.

This movie needed to be made. It’s artistic to a degree. Totally voyeuristic, if you’ve never had a relative die of dementia you probably will learn a lot from this movie. There’s help out there but these people aren’t going to get it. They like being crazy. It makes them feel important.

For my part I’ve seen the curvature of the earth out the windows of an airplane and have been to the top of some of New York’s biggest skyscrapers. I believe I’ve seen visual proof the earth is round. I’m sure of it. The world’s round people.

I give it 5 Stars in the “Strange Observations Documentary” category.

It’s a great documentary and flies by when viewing. Just go put it on now.

#AOC Mobile Office Experience

Well it looked like I was headed to an idyllic small town in the big city moment as I walked to my local library here in Woodside to see our local Representative to United States House of Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the areas State Senator Michael Gianaris make a few statements and hopefully talk to them or their staffs.

Just as a reminder to those who aren’t from New York City; while she is from the Bronx and represents part of that borough, don’t forget that she also represents Woodside and some nearby parts of Queens as well. So she’s OUR rep. It’s safe to say she’s very, very popular here.

I walked over at precisely 230 in a snappy mood. I had shaved with a fresh razor and worn a nice a very ‘spring’ button down green short sleeved collared shirt. It was that nice out; and I wanted to be taken seriously should I talk to anyone. It surely wouldn’t matter in Queens anyway, but I was ready to make a decent impression and at least try not come off crazy just from how I looked. So no Yankee hat either.

It sure seemed like I was strolling leisurely towards a Mayberry in New York moment. A glimpse of one of the many local neighborhoods that makes up New York City. A quiet, beautiful day with seemingly less noise from the overhead 7 Train. It was like, hey; here’s my government right up the block waiting to talk to me! This was going to be outright bucolic!


Roosevelt Avenue side of Library like any other day

Then I saw the OTHER side of the library! There were all sorts of people, numbering maybe a thousand and some change in my quick glance of the line up the next two blocks. Behind the short, organized very front of the line, block one was sort of four or five people thick, whereas block 2 was just all across the sidewalk. Everyone seemed upbeat and happy.

People weren’t likely going to get to see her and they had to know it and they still had concerns worth just the chance of talking to anyone working for her or Gainaris on this day. I was sort of proud, It was a throng that had showed up out of a belief in  our democracy. Right here in New York City. There had to be plenty of Small d Democrats out there too as well as the part y loyalist and huge AOC fans. There was simply just too many people.

It felt good to see. Not to mention the office doesn’t cease to exist in just two hours. People who didn’t get to see anyone today, if indeed anyone didn’t, are far from cut off from those offices or their services. The offices will still be open this week as usual.

So lets face it, as far as turnout was concerned this was a huge success and the biggest event here since last months Saint Patrick’s Day for All Parade. Looks like a lot of people will get direct access to their district office people today. Thats great. This is a working class neighborhood, we need to have weekend office hours for our politicians. Seems they get it. Based on the turnout we need a lot more of them. Here’s hoping this new tradition takes root. I would think. however, there’s just no way theyre going to see these people in 2 hours or even 8. But who knows?

Clearly, however, I wasn’t going to get to speak to anyone today.


the Skillman Ave side of the library revealed hundreds if not a thousand more people

That’s fine, the offices are open most of the time at its usual location and my concerns will be relayed there by phone. In fact in light of the crush it might be best to try to talk to them later.

I also voted on an informal poll about allocation of resources in my city council area. It’s Yes on the Hydroponics Science lab for the local junior high school from me!

But I saw AOC and got to hear her speak, while i could hear her by straining the camera didn’t get the video. It would have been nice to have 3 minutes for reference and see what the news carries instead, but she’ll be back. I’ll have other chances.

When I got there she was wrapping up what couldn’t have been more than 5 minutes with the press between her and Gianaris based on it being almost over at 2:32 pm when I strolled in. I heard her defend having been a bartender against the attacks from the right that seem to find this disqualifying. I’ve been a bartender to so I related.

So here’s a couple of pictures I got, only to be seen here for now.


NY State Senator Michael Gianaris and Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at Woodside Library April 6, 2019


NY State Sen Michael Gianaris and Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at the Woodside Library April 6, 2019

I’m a local and it’s my library so I simply walked in and listened to AOC speak to the press spray. It’s MY library, so I had the only press credential I needed. FOX was the only news cube I saw on a mic or camera, but there were a couple of cameras there. Lots of audio mics too. It was intimdiating momentarily to see the News happenng right in front of you. I enjoyed being a firsthand witness.

So  like I said, its my Library Branch and I have every right to go there anytime its open. It was totally cool. I belonged there anyway technically. Besides democarcy takes place in public buildings, why not a place of learning? It was the perfect forum and just big enough (not that we wouldnt a new bigger library!).

It was just fluke-y Real McTeag luck that l got there in time to hear her speak a little to the press spray while many hundreds waited outside. And the Real McTeag attitude that walked me through that door like I belonged there without being bothered or asked for my card (which I had). maybe it was because I was so well-groomed today, I’ll note that for the future. I also just had the best timing ever.

There was one law enforcement officer in a uniform I didn’t recognize. It could have been uniformed Secret Service or some sort of New York State Police Officer (Reactions by horrible people on AOC’s Twitter threads show that’s warranted). Validated my concern for AOC. Shes’s become a hated symbol to the wacky Right and the Trumpists. Glad to see someone watching out for her. She’s the future.

Meanwhile it remained Woodside. Lots of people had an agenda that only included the library. Some never even stopped reading or using the computer. The library remained a library during the press availability, held on an elevated area where there’s some reading tables and shelves of books. Thats Queens, right? Some people just don’t give a shit. At ant rate the operation of the Library was not all that impacted either, so that was great since the neighborhood needs it.

Leaving mostly the crowd was locals. Sure, I saw a few unfamiliar face-lifts here and there. I guess a few people came here on safari to Queens from Manhattan just to see Ocasio-Cortez.  The very first person I saw walking out of the library, occupying the front of the line, had a very Un-Woodside, more Manhattan-like air about them, but hey, it’s their government too. She can stand on line and discuss her issues just like anyone else I guess. Didn’t really bother me. Theres was still a huge amount of obvious locals there on top of any people just drawn to her star.


It was also a shot in the arm to the image of poor old Woodside,

So I’ll be contacting both representatives offices directly.

Talking to the Neighbors Later

In conversation with my neighbors where they relax in the alley everyone was proud she’d come to town and was proud of her. One older hispanic lady was the hesitant person, who supported AOC fully but was dogged by a feeling she was moving too fast and maybe being disruptive to a fault. She seemed really pleased and surprised when I said I considered her a pace setter and that great things had already come from electing her. We both agreed she had already done a couple of things to advance women. The multi racial group that compromised my neighborhoods version of the King of the Hill behind the garage beer gaggle all had positive feelings enjoying the added boost of pride that came from a member fo Congress showing up 500 feet away. Who wouldn’t?

Til now that woman just walked right by me in the hallways. Maybe we’d said hi. Now we’re sort of friends. To me this shows AOC brings people together.

A small success for governing on the most local of levels.

By 420 pm when it was about over despite the event scheduled to wind down it seemed to be going strong still with the overflow now on Roosevelt Ave as well. So while I’m not a professional at counting crowds it seems she’s not going to need to lie about just how many people came out to see her. Whatever the real number is its impressive for a 2 hour Mobile Office visit to part of the District.

Just in case anyone care tomorrow  consists of cheap seats with with a buddy to see the Mets play  the Nats at Citifield. You already know I like the Yankees, but I live in Queens, and hey DeGrom is pitching and I still love Bobby Cano.

Thats it from Queens for now.

Preparing for My Visit to Upcoming #AOC / Gianaris ‘Mobile District Office Hours’ in Queens


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Well if things go right and I have a bit of luck perhaps I will get a chance to meet my new Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and my state senator Mike Gianaris and of course, I have questions for both if i get a chance.

My Expectations

Based on what I saw on the Gianaris site, it seems both the elected officials themselves and some of their staff will be present.  Here’s what it says –

‘Senate Deputy Leader Michael Gianaris and U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will hold mobile office hours to meet with constituents and listen to community concerns at the Woodside Library on Saturday, April 6 from 2:30 to 4:30 pm.’

So I’m thinking the there’s very good chance the elected officials themselves will be there, so I plan to shave. Other than that, maybe I’ll wear a collared shirt and eschew my usual Yankee hat. I’ll have my smart phone to tweet a little and probably a notebook.

So let me be clear; the event, advertised as Mobile Town Hall and doesn’t say for sure in so many words the actual politicians will be there. I’m not overly concerned. It in many ways doesn’t matter so long as the outreach is real. So while it would be great to meet both, it’s not core to why I’m going. I have concerns as a citizen of this fine town.

Maybe the staff only would even be preferable as the office people might meet with me one on one and talk about my personal concerns. The chances I get tongue-tied and can’t get my point across plummet if I’m not talking to a sort of prestigious politician.

If this is what happens I’m still pretty happy, after all it’s not about meeting the politician as much as getting your voice heard.



I expect to a packed house at the Woodside Library this Saturday afternoon. There will probably media. If AOC herself is there the worlds eyes will momentarily be on Woodside and that makes me feel pretty great just right there. We’re a good town and diversity works here.

AOC From The Local Voter Perspective

Ocasio-Cortez is the Congressional Representative this town wanted and deserved. Shes as much of a rock star here as she is on TV and there’s pretty much universal agreement she’s doing great so far. Everyone else can say what they want, around here it’s so far, so good and stay on the present course as far as how we see AOC

Remember, AOC blew out progressive, Trump hating, but establishment Joe Crowley, a 10 term incumbant by outflanking him to the LEFT! This guy was the old outlier and one of the furthest Left guys in Congress . He sat on countless committees and it’s not like he was all that bad, but suddenly he was a moderate by comparison. And in a surprising upset, she smoked him.  It’s okay Joe Crowley will be fine. Maybe he runs fo governor. No one hates him, but we just like AOC  a whole lot more. Even Crowley seemed to get that part of it.

I’m Not Really “On Assignment”

I’m Not Going As A Blogger, I Am Going as a New York Congressional District 14 Voter.  So this is something I would be going to if I never blogged a word. That said I can still write a little about it later. I’m not going to ask policy questions, I’m going to ask about my local concerns as a local citizen and voter.

I will however blog about how it goes down. I can talk about it from a 30,000 foot view on my own experiences after it happens. If she’s in fact there I hope to get the selfie I should have gotten last time I met AOC, briefly, while she was campaigning.

If I get a chance to ask questions to the actual politicians I’ll try to record the answers on my phone for accuracy reporting the answers. Again, it looks like I’ll be seeing more the staff of the representatives than the elected officials themselves, but hey, that’s absolutely what it’s all about.

On the Off Chance Its More a Town Hall

I hope the event stays small. Personally I want it to stay low-key at this but there could be tons of media there and any given moment could be chosen by any given network to ‘go with’ and I am a little uncomfortable that Fox News or someone else sinister decides to show me as ‘the worlds dumbest libtard’ for something.  Breitbart or some InfoWars type site my just blast off on anyone they talk to or who gets caught on TV or video. I didn’t see anything about a livestream from this, but who knows?

So while I won’t be the only Blogger there I’m pretty sure I’ll be the only local of the district but maybe one of the nicest bloggers there I hope! And I wont be interviewing anyone on the street or anything, just providing some impressions of the attendees maybe.

So just going there is a slight risk to your privacy, and definitely your Twitter dignity, if that’s really worth all that much. Hey, thats the price of doing the business of responsible citizenship in the light of day. I’ll deal with it. This is part of the way to solve problems that were born in smoky backrooms or caused by the secretive and disastrous Trump Administration.

Since I do vote here and I am a literal potential “Person on the Street” interview I will try not to talk to Fox, if i see that microphone cube I say no. Other media I may share some thoughts if approached.

Here’s what I hope to ask – These are the same questions I would ask if I a simply speak to a staffer anyway.

My Questions For State Senator Gianaris

  • Is there time to require 2020 require candidates, especially for President, to show their tax returns to even be on the ballot in New York State? This seems the biggest single problem that wrong back in 2016 when we elected a likely criminal. If he didn’t break the law we deserve the insights as to how so much failure could still leave the guy so rich so we can get rich too!
  • Why is the New York State Medical Marijuana Law so impossible to get done? Why is the New York State Compassionate Care Medical Price 300% higher than the California Medical Price? The state is throwing money away.
  • Violent Street crime spikes at closing time most nights. Can we keep the NYPD sweeping through at closing time? Lives will be saved

What I Have to say to the Amazing “#AOC”, Rep Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez 

  • Thanks for justifying my faith in voting for you.  Thanks for helping stop Amazon
  • I would respectfully suggest that talking more about the potential of the Green New Jobs would help people think more positively about the Green New Deal.
  • Student Loan debt is a problem for me. Thank you for making it an issue and I trust you to stay with it.
  • Queens has taken a beating in its reputation because Trump’s from here. Thank you for helping rehabilitate our image
  • Please don’t change.

I’ll check in with my feelings after it all wraps up. Who knows what journalists, pundits or local luminaries I may see. I’m looking forward to an exciting and informative two hours.






Putin’s Next Supervillain Move – Leak the Mueller Report


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Lets just say for a moment that we had a compromised president who just divides Americans. Throw in the fact Trump is a bad-hearted guy who has shown great Fealty to Putin. Put all this together and some uncomfortable facts sort of show up to beg an answer.

I still think Trump is some sort of spy with a codename from the Kremlin like ‘Agent Orange.’

First, in a world where Trump is Putin’s Pawn, which may in fact be THE REAL WORLD, the Mission of the Kremlin’s US Asset, Agent Orange, has gone better than anyone could have imagined.

Putin is a Super Criminal

At this point lets pretend we’ve reached the part of the movie where Putin says  “you may as well know my plan, since you won’t live to tell anyone, anyway, Mister Bond.” and make some predictions on his next moves.

Putin’s shown pure mastery in manipulating the worlds media and governments. Shoving a rival nation down and to the right has been his signature move for about 10 years. Once the discourse becomes toxic and chaotic he seeds in just enough money to bring the worst political actors to prominence, like say the NRA, and allows them to spread his political poison and maybe self-destruct.    putinpiano

Behind the facelift it’s hard to auger what Putin is thinking. Doubtless he’s smart and he loves to spin the Roulette Wheel of chaos betting on Red all the way.

Will he continue to aptly outmaneuver and control the whole world for the foreseeable future? My prediction is – probably. Its something we should try to fight together.

Its comforting that he’s just one guy and just can’t keep it up  forever. Best case scenario is he starts to focus more internally and improve Russia rather than continue foreign policy. We can only hope. He’s probably more likely to continue breaking legs to sell wheelchairs.  He will shove the world down and to the Right every time.

Trope Time!

Ex KGB Agent Vladimir Putin is, in fact a Real Life Bond Villain. And not a one movie villain either.  Trump’s the movie one Bad Guy who at the end is revealed to serve an even Bigger Bad Guy. We’re talking like 2 more movies of slowly sifting through henchmen to get to the ‘Big Bad” that is Vladimir Putin.

The movie Tropes for Putin Would be “The Man Behind the Man” and “The Big Bad” and for the Hell of it throw it “Star Trek Villain” for his campiness and claiming he’s emotionally moved by un-villian-like Ice Dancing ! The fact is that the world deserves a more impressive villain. As great as he is at manipulating us its crude and violent and his piano game is sub-par for a movie villain. Then again this is the real world and he’s pretty much running it, so we get the villain we deserve not the one we need.

Here he is butchering something along the lines of “Katrina Had a Little Lamb”. No Bond Villain has ever been this bad at an instrument.

We should probably be afraid. Because Hollywood didn’t write this and Putin isn’t a farcical character packing some kind of Golden Gun just waiting to be dispatched by one of Q’s gadgets with some pithy humor. He’s a real Super Criminal and has probably 20 to 30 years left to live. And, surrounded by his oligarch “Dragons” he will likely remain in power for most or all of it.

Real World Aside – Childless Putin seems to have no succession plan. That may save us down the road.

What Would a Movie Villain Do?

Let’s indulge ourselves in the possibilities!

One possibility is we’ve reached the point where the Kremlin’s best move, if Trump really is under their influence, would be do nothing. Putin’s enemy, the United States is destroying itself. Maybe just let it keep going for the time being. It’s a self feeding fire now anyway.  We should acknowledge Putin might have lost the ability to do a whole lot to make things worse anyway. So he may just sit back and have a smoke.

But there’s another, more interesting and dangerous course of action Putin could take as well. One that assumes Putin is an addicted gambler at this point and isn’t ready to walk away from the tables yet. Maybe it would be fun for him to drop The Mueller Report on us. Or, even more likely, release some of his own dirt on Trump and blame it on the Democrats?

It’s a perfect gambit when you recall the Enemy here is the Truth and Reality.  Assuming Putin has part or all of the Mueller Report, and lets face it he created some of the events in it, he could just drop it on us. This would forever call the report into question just because of the source. It would likely take a while for anyone to figure out who really dropped it, so there would be Partisan warfare in the US Government over it. Its obvious Trump’s first instinct will be to blame the Democrats before he ever suspects Putin would punk him….again.

Then, eventually, when it gets connected to the Kremlin the whole report really becomes suspect. In the end there’ll be more than one document claiming to be the “Real” Mueller Report. Expect a few fakes. The media will buy it every time.  No matter which version you read there’ll be doubt in its very fiber.


It could put us into a destabilizing scenario where all outcomes benefit Putin. So maybe the real question is; “Can Putin NOT play a game he’s sure to win” or even “HOW will Putin play a game he can’t lose?”

It’s very possible he’s reached the moment where he releases a scat of frauds and lies on us to really muck things up.

It’s not like he has a track record of failure manipulating, well, all of us. Til Facebook and Twitter find a way to sniff out his bots and fake accounts (like say trying harder) we have the Putn in our phones and on our computers and thats a small victory for him right there.

Vladimir Putin is the most powerful and dangerous person alive. This knife fights not over but boy has the US ever taken a bunch of puncture wounds to the body!

PUNK’D! The Misleading Barr Letter


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Was it all just a dream? Did we just imagine the world was once a far more decent place where the guilty were caught and punished? Perhaps so but the dreams have darkened and the waking up consists of screaming in fear these days. How did we get here?

Apparently the flaws in our system have just been piling up in a quantum manner while our risk averse leaders have ignored problems or made them worse. Right now we’re dealing with the seemingly straight forward but actually completely inappropriate Barr Letter.


Whether Barr is allowed to draw conclusions or make decisions on prosecution in this matter is somewhat nebulous.  It’s going to be the rest of Trump’s term to determine if any of the things that happened this weekend were legal. The Watergate and Whitewater Special PROSECUTORS had the latitude to draw conclusions and present sealed indictments right to the House Judiciary Committee. Why’s this time different?

Describing the piece of paper Barr gave the American people and the media as a letter is generous. The four page summary of Mueller’s work is more of a memo, but we’ll leave that alone.

It Was A Set Up

The media got played on this one. The Trump people know how to lie and they excelled on this occasion. Knowing that this day was coming they opted for the easiest con of all- Punk Us with a fake release of a non Mueller Report and let the media self-discredit.

The media went straight into Shiny Object mode like we’ve seen so many times and became hypnotized on the Memo/Letter as though it were a report. They had spent 2 years preparing for what seemed to be a timebomb of a story and the teams of pundits were sitting around with the most deadly thing of all;  just a little bit of knowledge.

Rather than blast Attorney General Barr for making conclusions he possibly had no right to make they just reported on the letter like it was a bunch of conclusive facts. It’s almost like they set themselves up to fail. Why no one really started talking about the questionable nature of the letter/memo for a whole day is something we all need to wonder about.

The Mueller Report remains a mystery.  We need to see it and soon. The American People paid for this report. Trusting it to Barr is UnAmerican.

No one has elected Barr into the Executive Branch, something Trump likes to point out about Mueller. He doesnt have the authority or the Integrity to be sole interpreter and Guardian of the Mueller Report.

Congress needs to act now to release the Mueller Report, more or less in full, in the next 30 days.


Trump’s Destructive Kremlin Mission- Being Himself


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If there ever was a man so dumb and vain he could be an unwitting traitor its Donald Trump. At the same time no more dishonest a person than Trump has ever walked this earth. Throw in that the president is socially awkward on his best day and outright inappropriate the rest of the time and you’ve got a Nutty Wanna-Be Dictator who can’t stop venting destroying America from the top down.


Be it tossing paper towels to dazed hurricane survivors in Puerto Rico or lying right to the Parkland survivors; it’s a triumph for Putin and Russia every time the Flag-Hugger-In-Chief does something disgraceful.

Trashing a dead American War Hero isn’t any kind of new trick for Trump, who lied to stay out of the military. The target is new though. The only reason it took this long is that John McCain didn’t die til about 6 months ago.

Trump the Typecast Tyrant 

This assertion has something going for it, that is – If the Kremlin could pick the United States president they would want someone just like Donald Trump. Belligerent, bloviating, thin-skinned, brittle and endlessly venting about imaginary grievances. He’s never graceful and frequently highly inappropriate.  If you wanted to destroy the United States putting a fat, stupid version of Richard Nixon in charge would be a great way to start.

From a Hitler-like speech that traumatized thousands of Boy Scouts, to simply blowing off a World War One Centennial Ceremony attended by the leaders of all other participants, including the losing Germans, because of a little rain in Paris, its like he’s looking for ways to be a disgrace. He’s good at it.  He simply follows his own lazy self centered inclinations and Mission Accomplished as far as the Kremlin is concerned.

The disgraceful Kavanaugh hearing and investigation, where things were clearly worse than we were allowed to know, is a great example of needlessly disgracing America.

There was surely another Rubber-Stamp Trumpist out there who hadn’t been such a creep. In defiance of all common sense and goodwill the investigation of Caveman Kavanaugh was so narrow and stilted it made everyone sick. Kavanaugh got the gig, but is so damaged its up in the air if he stays on the bench if a Democratic president is elected. He may get fired and replaced.                             trumpidiot

Too Many Coincidences

It’s not an unbroken series of coincidences. Trump is a disgraceful man. Putin type-cast him as a douchebag and, I think, had a hand in whatever manufactured Trump’s analysis-defying election victory.

We’ve seen how Trump coordinates with Putin when they were together unsupervised in Helsinki. Trump joined the Russians in bashing America all around and sounding like a brain-dead sucka.

Trump absolutely watches Russia TV. Why else is he always saying what they say? He follows all the wrong people on Twitter. His actual reading and comprehension abilities have justifiably been questioned. He seems not to comprehend simple things. Anything scientific results in a blazing display of ignorance, like scolding California for not raking out its vast Federally Administered forests in the midst of destructive wildfires. His aides have said he’s easily deceived and can’t remember more than a few out of context falsehoods on any given topic. He’s a tailor-made pawn for Putin (or really anyone).

He finds enough opportunities to meet, sans translator and accountability free, with Putin to stay well-instructed.  It’s helpful, but it’s not vital. Trump’s perfect for the role of Destructively Incompetent President right out of the box.

A Very Public Life Lived Horribly for Decades

Go back over Page 6 of the Trump-lovin’ New York Post and you’ll see he’s shown up for every who’s who in New York History with some poor woman literally in tow for decades. It was later revealed he never made any charitable donations at any of the charity events he made sure to show up at.

Look at the Justice Department and you see a man who openly discriminated against all minorities as a landlord, got caught and paid for it over and over while making up the difference by cheating all the other tenants with artificially inflated rents.

Look in the New York Times and you’ll see his paid ‘Op-Ed’ ad from the mid eighties where he patronizes law enforcement and calls for the execution of some innocent black teenagers (who he still slanders from time to time). It’s not a mixed bag, it’s a bag of really disgusting personal garbage shoved into public view by a guy too dumb to be ashamed of himself.

The pattern has gone on unbroken since the 1970s. Acquiring, trashing and then throwing away wives, development deals, casinos, buildings and hundreds of millions of dollars. Trump’s self destructed over and over and yet somehow he’s never gone broke. Isn’t this the kind of thing that should raise serious questions in a world where it’s really hard to make even 50 thousand bucks a year?

How can a man we see revealed as a complete idiot NOT have self sabotaged himself into the poorhouse, if not prison? The easiest guess is the Russians and maybe earlier the old school Italian Mafia helped him out in exchange for some money laundering.

With ‘John Miller’ and ‘John Baron’ calling the city’s papers to seed favorable stories since the 1980s, and the National Enquirer to bolster false claims of wealth Trump had as many inexplicable angel investors who love to take a beating as he’s had fraud related scandals where he just conned people (Trump University)

The bankruptcies piled up. He became radioactive to everyone but Deutsche Bank. Somehow he still failed his way up. And along the way he never missed a chance to commit a petty or grandiose crime.

He craved the spotlight and sometimes commanded it. This is not because people found him fascinating, quite the opposite. He was a freak show. Howard Stern knew it. You can just watch any appearance Trump made on David Letterman’s show over the years and you see him mercilessly bashed as the butt of endless jokes without even realizing it. Then he was banished from the show for racist statements anyway along with an apology to the shows fans from Letterman himself where America’s favorite late night commentator called Trump a bigot and a jerk.

Trump had just simply wasted all his money on bad deals. Three times.  The only investments that paid off were personal connections like David Pecker over at the Enquirer lying about the Trump being brilliant.  This  probably was what got him the Apprentice and remade his destroyed reputation (outside New York and US Banking circles where people knew better).

If you think about it when “The Apprentice” starts he’s thrice broke old news with only this carefully created but still shoddy facade of “Great Deal Maker’ propping him up.  The idea he survived so many bad deals and so much bad judgement without criminal help and criminal actions seems hard to fathom. I don’t think he pulled this off honestly.

Here’s a man who pays cash for sex (and so do his friends). Most of us are able to get this for free. So he’s obviously worse at cutting even that deal than average people.

He talks just like Hitler far too often and gets off at hate fests as well. Who can forget his praise of an Anti-Semitic, anti-Black Confederate torchlight parade? When he said the anti-Nazis were just as bad and claimed the chanting torchbearers included “Very fine people”? His Charlottesville reactions were a good indicator Trump is looking to divide Americans against each other. Putin, of course, LOVES this.

Armed with zero foreknowledge and zero preparation when engaging on any topic, the president’s a quote machine of America-hating, divisive comments. Making the White House a factory of Filthy Lies is damage that won’t just ‘buff right out.’

This is in fact his mission. To damage the office of president and the credibility of the United States above all other things all the time, and he was Born to Do It.

Trump has the perfect combination of traits. Like being exceedingly wealthy while still needing like a year-long payment plan on the 300 thousand dollars in bribes to try to silence his former paid sex partners. This move was so predictably dangerous it just makes no sense. In the end it had Michael Cohen throwing himself to the wolves to cover his bosses bad action by committing Bank Fraud, Wire Fraud as well as a Federal Elections Campaign Law violations, all at once.All this over like one pillowcase full of hundreds that Trump just claims to have.

Chances to minimize the risk and reduce the sum total of criminality were overlooked despite their obvious nature. It’s inexplicably stupid. Why parlay one criminal act into a half-dozen? I don’t think they taught that at short-lived University of Pennsylvania School Of Real Estate at the Wharton Campus where Trump falsely claims to have gone to the School of Business. As a brief aside; I can’t find evidence of a completed degree for Trump anywhere, not Baruch, not U Penn.

Think about the amazing stupidity. If he had just simply handed semi-untraceable cash over to Stormy Daniels and others he’d have about half as many problems right now. It’s that scandal alone that has ex Trump “Fixer” and criminal collaborator Michael Cohen staring down a three-year prison bid. And of course that’s just one scandal among dozens.

It would seem to show a complete lack of vision and a slavish addiction to hoarding cash alone that had Trump shafting his own lawyer and forcing Cohen into committing easy to trace (and easy to prosecute) bank fraud. It would seem like a billionaire would have that kind of money lying around. Again; it doesn’t add up.

Trump is probably taking instruction from the Kremlin, but in many ways he doesn’t need to. His first instincts are always in line with what the serves the Kremlin best. So he starts his days by rage tweeting and then loafing around until the prime time Fox opinion entertainment shows he gets his information from come on, all the while carefully preserving his ignorance in an active way.