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UPDATED –  One thing we can be sure of in the 4 awful years since Trump announced his candidacy –  the guy hates work. It’s beyond obvious he’s delegated (through inaction) all responsibilities to the least qualified and most inept people to handle any given thing. That’s how you get so many failed ideas on …

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Well we never expected Very Stable Genius Trump to distinguish himself on the anniversary of the worst attack on this nation in its history, but so far its been one mistake after another. At best he was untethered to reality, at worst he’s invited speculation that he’s presenting some pretty sure signs of a growing …

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What were once Frequent Ill Advised Comments have now degraded to Frequent Unadvised Comments. 

Months ago there was a buzz over President Trump’s apparent inability to actually read. It sort of blew over before reemerging today as just one of many explosive or outright frightening revelations about Trump in excerpts from soon to be released book,  Fire and Fury, Inside the Trump White House, by a guy named Michael …

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People with low literacy have certain tell tale behaviors. They May:
• give what seem to be indirect, confused, or irrelevant answers to questions
• act confused or ask questions that do not seem to relate to the problem or situation
• nod to indicate they agree or understand something, but then not do what you expect
They may also:
• sign statements or legal documents that they do not understand
• look dazed or uncomfortable when someone gives them something to read They may show their confusion when they:
• give the impression that they don’t understand the seriousness of their situation
• become frustrated and angry easily; they may storm out, or become physically confrontational