America’s Top 3 Most Useless Wars

American’s were born out of a War. We don’t shy away from fighting them. In fact America has a long and storied military history. Sometimes, like when the Brits oppressed us or the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, its pretty righteous. Then there’s the Wars of Choice that we never needed to get involved in. Some… Continue reading America’s Top 3 Most Useless Wars

George H W Bush Dead; The Red Band Trailer

Former President George HW Bush, Dead at 88

November 2018; as his stock continued to rise in the face of even more inept presidents, George HW Bush passed away from natural causes earlier today. While in his time he was considered to be our second stupidest president his own son and of course BLOTUS Donald Trump have exceeded his ineptitude and pushed him… Continue reading George H W Bush Dead; The Red Band Trailer

So Many Troubled Soldiers

Green on Blue as well as a general uptick in violence havetAmericans rethinking whether staying until 2014 is worth it

Where Empires Go To Die In the decade plus since United States Forces effectively invaded and toppled the outlaw Taliban Regime in Afghanistan nothing has been accomplished and the toll continues to rise. With NATO scheduled to leave in 2014 pretty much one way or another the elephant in the room is-“Why Wait?” —A decade… Continue reading So Many Troubled Soldiers