The Real McTeag

est 2012

Note from theRealMcteag – Wow, have things ever changed in the short time Ollie North worked for the NRA. It didnt start well. You’ll see some of the issues I mentioned as deal-breakingly bad, like questions over just who is telling the truth at any given time, really did come back to haunt the now …

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Like a Cult Leader Trump has been aggressively gas lighting and misrepresenting things at the same rate as he did during the campaign. Lying liberally and claiming to ‘know things other people don’t’.

Massacre enabler Wayne LaPierre is on television spreading the darkness and poison of the National Rifle Association way too often. He is possessed of an acute single-mindedness of purpose; making a case against any and all gun regulations. He is routinely and justifiably taken to taskĀ  for his assertions that our government is an overly …

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