Trump’s Horrific 2018

Stumbling into 2018 things already weren’t going well for Trump and his lackeys. It was in fact a year of serious decline for the Administration’s already bad image. As we end out the year the president’s in a tenuous place both with the American People and the Law. Let’s review! True to form, by the end… Continue reading Trump’s Horrific 2018

Maria Butina Boyfriend Paul Allen Erickson AKA US Person 1

UPDATED Well, I guess a guy who looks remarkably like the boss character from the Dilbert cartoons doesn’t think too hard about just HOW he landed a girlfriend half his age. Fortunately, we don’t need to read Paul Allen Erickson or Maria Butina’s minds. We have their words and deeds to go on.   As… Continue reading Maria Butina Boyfriend Paul Allen Erickson AKA US Person 1

Can Trump Read?

Months ago there was a buzz over President Trump’s apparent inability to actually read. It sort of blew over before reemerging today as just one of many explosive or outright frightening revelations about Trump in excerpts from soon to be released book,  Fire and Fury, Inside the Trump White House, by a guy named Michael… Continue reading Can Trump Read?