The Real McTeag

est 2012

Well it was only 10 minutes and delivered without emotion, but we finally heard directly from Robert Mueller.  

Well if today had started out quietly at the White House you can throw that right out the window. A tweet storm is brewing over the word that Special Counsel Robert Mueller will speak to the media from inside the Justice Department. Gathering Storm of Unknown Nature Rep Gerry Connolly of the House Foreign Affairs …

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I don’t feel like I’m alone viewing William Barr as a 2nd tier Lucas Movie Villain. He’s dishonest, dishonorable and belongs in a museum.

Was it all just a dream? Did we just imagine the world was once a far more decent place where the guilty were caught and punished? Perhaps so but the dreams have darkened and the waking up consists of screaming in fear these days. How did we get here? Apparently the flaws in our system …

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Anyone who watches the news knows Tony Schwartz; Art of the Deal Cowriter turned Trump critic. Schwartz has accurately predicted what Trump will do on a few occasions and usually attributes this to the idea Trump has not grown or changed in any way since the time they spent together in the late 80s. A …

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Part 1 – Don of Fire! #Impeach , #Resist #Trumpcrimefamily