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Russian Spy and NRA Activist Maria Butina is definitely lying about not being a Kremlin Asset. The Government’s story isn’t seamless yet, but give them time. Her ‘boyfriend’ is now under Indictment for fraud and surely aware, as we are, that shes been trying to cooperate against him from day one. It just keeps getting …

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UPDATED Well, I guess a guy who looks remarkably like the boss character from the Dilbert cartoons doesn’t think too hard about just HOW he landed a girlfriend half his age. Fortunately, we don’t need to read Paul Allen Erickson or Maria Butina’s minds. We have their words and deeds to go on.   As …

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UPDATED – Thought by her Kremlin masters to be just unattractive enough to not be seen as a honeypot we have 29 year old soviet style FSB semi-sleeper Russian Agent Maria Butina. She’s been at the peripheral of the right wings worst ideas, notably the NRA and it’s constant push for expanded gun rights and …

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Recent weeks have seen the emergence of a new toxic NRA talking head calling himself Colion Noir. Like all NRA spokespeople he never misses a chance to undermine faith in the police and puff about armed citizenry being the only REAL law enforcement. He’s sort of good at weaving anti-law enforcement themes and anti-media screeds. …

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This Includes Commercials   Pre-game:   Wine rack 1 //.  1st airs c 730 pm VW Linzess for IBS (extra weird commercial for opiate addicts based on year 1 MTV ads) Mobile Strike phone game Leesa mattress (also slightly creepy)   Main Event 740 pm Ugly USA chant dome with great spite Audi (German) Aleve …

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6/29/13- This week the Zimmerman trial commenced and after a disasterious opening stement by the defense The first witness took the stand in the person of one Rachel Jeantel Jeantel had been on the phone with Trayvon Martin in the moments before George Zimmerman fatally shot him. The defense tried to appear as though they …

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Wanna Be Domestic Terrorist James Gilkerson Killed after Attacking Police in Middlefield Ohio (Graphic)

May 4, 2013



Shocking video of fully operational Domestic Terrorist James Gilkerson, firing his AK-47, dying in a hail of gunfire. Over 70 shots fired. As dramatic as anything Chris Django Dorner did but all captured on video. This is raw police dash cam of a video showing the most unbelievably dramatic gunfight you will ever see. He had a small arsenal and a large library of disturbing books on bomb making, cadaver disposal and covert operations with him.

(This video is really violent and sort of graphic)

Middlefield Police Chief Arnold Stanko said of James Gilkerson, “He was a scumbag, and a terrorist, and he’s dead.” Sums this guy up pretty well. He was certainly on his way to create some sort of bomb. Further investigation will only show more evidence that Gilkerson was planning an attack. The police do not know why he attacked when and how he did, but attack is a word that may be too mild for what Gilkerson unleashed on unsuspecting Ohio cops.

Apparently he was not wanted for anything and, obviously, his ridiculous arsenal was not gonna land him in any trouble thanks to his 2nd Amendment Rights. So why attack in such a way? Gilkerson was likely already determined to attack at some point. I speculate he was paranoid (perhaps clinically) and feared he would not be able to advance his plans when he was pulled over. All indications are this James Gilkerson seems to have working on his own as a wanna be domestic terrorist Pseudo Commando moved up his timetable to declare war on society and just opted to start things off by killing these two cops.

There’s just no doubt that killing Gilkerson was justified.

Fortunately, based on the verbal reactions, the cops immediately see the weapon and it seems like they were able to fire at him right away as after Gilkerson cuts loose an initial blast of slugs theres some sounds that seem to indicate return fire and Gilkeron backs up. I’m guessing he’s slighty wounded but Im not sure.

As you see video shows Gilkerson looking pretty wounded at the end but he’s by no means helpless. Already probably hit at least twice based on his reactions, but Gilkerson continues to return fire. He shouts something like “You better kill me!”

While on his knees at the penultimate moment of the gunfight, he still looks to be working the bolt, possibly to clear a jam, or was attempting to re-aim and continue firing but was too wounded to really do it quickly.

At this point the male cop, who we never see, returns fire with a bushmaster or something like it; and ends it. Gilkerson folds to the asphalt, dead or well on his way and the shooting is over.

The gunfight lasts just 21 seconds.

Gilkerson arguably committed suicide by cop, but all indications are he was getting ready to try something on a grand scale and simply lost his cool and decided Anarchy Day would begin immediately upon a traffic stop. Had Gilkerson been less tightly wrapped he would have continued to violently advance whatever agenda inspired him, but with much more planning and forethought.

The police got lucky…. in several ways. First, they pulled over the right guy and probably stopped a massacre. Second, they somehow survived (albeit wounded)  despite Gilkerson’s best efforts. The two police officers are absolutely heroes. Gilkerson left them no choice.  This was arguably the most justified use of police force ever.

Society got very lucky too.  It’s better that trained and armed police took on this madman rather than having him attack civilians, armed or otherwise, at a time and place of his choosing, likely at a mall or campus somewhere. In fact the armed civilian, sounding about as rattled as he damn well should be after what happened, gets called off by a very amped up and scared cop. He wasn’t gonna be of any help at that point no matter who won.

Current Theory-


Spontaneous Suicide By Cop

UPDATE- 5-6-13- The cause of the traffic stop that began this chain of events was Gilkerson running a stop sign per MSNBC as of 11:26 AM EST. This proves the old saying “Never break the law while you’re breaking the law.” It DOES invite the question- Could Gilkerson have run the stop sign on purpose to lure cops in? The answer would seem to be no. The video shows a lag between the time Gilkerson was stopped and the time he came out shooting. It would seem on the surface if he deliberately sparked this encounter he would have been out and shooting immediately.

Here’s CBS News report on the incident

Will he be a Folk Hero? Was he a rogue cop or a Robin Hood? Was he a man broken by society or a man who simply hated a society he felt put him at a disadvantage and failed to live up to his ideals, as utopian or realistic as they may have been? Did …

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Some people would find an intellectually challenged admitted serial pedophiliac, mediocre guitar player, subpar singer and a poorly spoken man paid to speak his mind as a terrible ambassador for your ideas. The Teahadists of the GOP right would NOT be among those people. He proudly will attend the State of the Union to counter …

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Massacre enabler Wayne LaPierre is on television spreading the darkness and poison of the National Rifle Association way too often. He is possessed of an acute single-mindedness of purpose; making a case against any and all gun regulations. He is routinely and justifiably taken to task  for his assertions that our government is an overly …

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It’s been said that at some point we all cross paths with a serial killer. The difference for me is I just so happen to know when it happened. he wasn’t a killer yet (to our knowledge). Just a conspicously unfriendly and antisocial dubiously employed 30 year old college student with nebulous progress towards a …

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