The Real McTeag

est 2012

People with low literacy have certain tell tale behaviors. They May:
• give what seem to be indirect, confused, or irrelevant answers to questions
• act confused or ask questions that do not seem to relate to the problem or situation
• nod to indicate they agree or understand something, but then not do what you expect
They may also:
• sign statements or legal documents that they do not understand
• look dazed or uncomfortable when someone gives them something to read They may show their confusion when they:
• give the impression that they don’t understand the seriousness of their situation
• become frustrated and angry easily; they may storm out, or become physically confrontational

Republican History Class- The Rise of Capitalism Part 1 – Those Crazy Romans The Romans were around a really long time ago. It was like a pretty long time after all the stuff from Star Wars happened but like 2,000 years before the United States and the Republican Party, which is ½ the time the …

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