Trump’s Many 9-11 Lies

UPDATED 9-8-21 The worst day ever. A day where even Howard Stern went into News mode and stopped all on air humor. By 10 am the entire national character was changed forever. The Donald’s Self Centered 9-11 Lies What didn’t change that day was Donald Trump’s penchant for self centered grandiose lying. The buildings had… Continue reading Trump’s Many 9-11 Lies

Welcome to (maybe) America’s LAST EVER ELECTION

It’s just days until the much talked about Mid-Term Elections. All expectations are the president and the Republicans are going to take a beating and I don’t think they will let the results stand. On election night we’ll see upsets. They will eventually be nullified by Trump who WILL make many false claims and possibly… Continue reading Welcome to (maybe) America’s LAST EVER ELECTION

LaGuardia Airport Evacuated Live Blog

12:35 PM EST – Per CNN Currently Terminal C of LaGuardia Airport in Queens New York has been evacuated due to a smoldering piece of checked luggage that is giving off smoke. Updates to follow UPDATE 3:44 p, EST- No reporting on this incident at all since CNN mentioned it hours ago

What the HELL Kind of Terrorists are The Boston Bombers?

The epic week of Terror in Boston leaves 3 civilians and one cop dead as well as nearly 200 hurt, many critically. The Brothers Tsarnaev have defied classification in the lexicon of Terrorist Descriptions. Domestic Terrorists? Domestic Terrorist seems to fall just short, as they were not American by birth. Tamerlan, the older, presumed mastermind… Continue reading What the HELL Kind of Terrorists are The Boston Bombers?

Truthing Chris Dorner-Playing the skeptic

Will he be a Folk Hero? Was he a rogue cop or a Robin Hood? Was he a man broken by society or a man who simply hated a society he felt put him at a disadvantage and failed to live up to his ideals, as utopian or realistic as they may have been? Did… Continue reading Truthing Chris Dorner-Playing the skeptic