Is The Orville Good ?

After two seasons The Orville took a long hiatus before showing up again as what can only be called an improved, enjoyable show.

How JJ Abrams Destroyed Star Trek AND Star Wars

UPDATED – 08-21 -So much has happened in the Star Wars and Trek worlds since I first wrote this – like the release of Rise of Skywalker and several AWFUL seasons of ‘Nu’ Star Trek. Many people have ‘switched teams’ to become haters of Abram’s work. I was early to this conclusion! This post has… Continue reading How JJ Abrams Destroyed Star Trek AND Star Wars

Star Trek’s Disappointing Discovery

UPDATED- I have watched about three (now up to 9) episodes of Star Trek Discovery. I don’t have any passion for this show.  I had mixed feelings going in but its worse than I feared. Not fun and heavily pilfered from a variety of successful sci -fi franchises (NONE of which were Star Trek). They… Continue reading Star Trek’s Disappointing Discovery

Is Seth MacFarlane tasteless ?

meet the face of mainstream early 21st Century Humor

I have to come abhor people who just can’t enjoy morbid humor, or more precisely get offended by it as if it isn’t now mainstream. I assert that “Poor Taste” is an always moving goalpost. There’s a moving Overton Window on what’s appropriate. It may lurch a few feet forward from time to time, especially… Continue reading Is Seth MacFarlane tasteless ?