Maria Butina the Russian Spy

UPDATED – Thought by her Kremlin masters to be just unattractive enough to not be seen as a honeypot we have 29 year old soviet style FSB semi-sleeper Russian Agent Maria Butina. She’s been at the peripheral of the right wings worst ideas, notably the NRA and it’s constant push for expanded gun rights and… Continue reading Maria Butina the Russian Spy

Mr Putin Goes to Washington

Well we all knew that Trump was gonna keep on sucking up to Putin but inviting Vlad the Poisoner come to the White House is just a slap in the face to the American People. I guess he needs to get instructions from his boss? Or Trump somehow beat out Netanyahu for Kremlin Employee of… Continue reading Mr Putin Goes to Washington

Why I Hate Sarah Huckabee Sanders (and hope she goes to jail)

Like everyone else I’ve just had it with lying White Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and the (at best) semi-weekly assault on civility and reality that are her White House Press Conferences. The Terrible Reason She’s Out There in the First Place I admit it, I feel like Trump sends her out there for a… Continue reading Why I Hate Sarah Huckabee Sanders (and hope she goes to jail)

Who is Dana Loesch ?

UPDATED – 8-25-19 As the NRA is in something of a freefall we might just have heard the last of Dana Loesch. NRA TV is gone and the organization is sort of imploding under financial strain. Viewers of the CNN Town Hall for the Stoneman-Douglas High School Shooting Survivors and their families were introduced to… Continue reading Who is Dana Loesch ?

Welcome to Cold War 2!

We have likely entered a time Historians will call the Second Cold War or Cold War 2. –Vladimir Putin, who has social engineered the Russian Federation to a standard of living where the average citizen has just over 400 bucks a month to play with, is surely laughing at the unmitigated success of ‘Operation Fuck Up America’.