The Dopes – NY Punk Rock

Welcome to, online home of The Dopes, NYC Punk Band Currently in the Pet Sematary but ready to test the idea that Dead is Better from time to time. Here we have most of our material  free or cheap.

Some of its only been heard in clubs (but ALL of its copyrighted so please don’t steal our riffs too blatantly). 

You can click here to just go to Youtube and hear our Album Dawn of the Dopes if you want

Theres even more music and a live show if you scroll down this this page.  

This page is just give you as much and as FREE access as we can to our Independently Released album Dawn of the Dopes from way back in the mid NINETIES! Should you venture to Youtube we dont mind a thumbs up here and there at all. And then I loaded up this page with some choice stuff. Free. 

 So for anyone still hasn’t clicked away or scrolled to music heres what we did and why –

       How to get rich playin rock n roll  The Story of the Dopes – 

This may sound crazy, but we hated most of the music of the time. Most of it gets listened to as much as us now. Seriously, when was the last time you said “Damn I want to hear Spring Love by Stevie B” ??? That Ramones best of you have was obscure outside New York City and you bought your Ramones shirt (and sometimes weed) from them. 

While looking back now you could easily say it was a time of musical experimentation- that was the exception! I would challenge ANYONE to listen to JUST the top tracks of the 90s for 10 years. Imagine living that? All everyone wanted was more of the same. Pop music less in the trash then now, but it was pretty bad until Nevermind changed things. That came at a good time for us having established ourselves as musical weirdos years before.    

The decade was weird. Did you know the Ramones didnt get big like they are now until after they broke up in the later 90s?  Aside from them, no one was as confused by this as us. Theyd be outright confused how we got to this point Im sure, but if we had a model it was them. We also studied the rise of the Stones and were slavish Blondie and Velvet Underground fans.

Our plan was ‘give the people what they didnt know they wanted.’ It was rough going sometimes early on- but we picked up a few fans at every show and had some real by the end we had a core of fans and some gigs were blow out parties. There were some TV appearances that were a blast and some print interviews everyones glad were in old fashioned, forgotten analogue.

DID the Dopes throw 3000 joints into the audience at one infamous New York City Show? The answer would be “We had to. That weed was only ok.” People at Don Hills were on stronger stuff ten minutes after they woke up most days, they probably couldnt tell, but you know, we still wish it was better weed.

We had a member of seminal punk band BONGWATER mix our album and its pure New York as we saw it. We played to hostile crowds a lot. Opening for Warrior Soul was a literal abortion that ended in a mass disturbance. While we’re trying to process all that Party Monster Michael Alig was doing his thing at the same clubs the same nights. Its safe to say none of us are let down that didnt make it into a movie. (We don’t need to remember everything).

Before Columbine we sort of saw it coming and some of our songs are from character point of view. In the case of our song Die, well we wish we were wrong. It was dark trip into fantasy that was ironically futuristic. The song was before the movie Falling Down, but its about a similar character. 

The real point was to sing about things that we thought were unique and possibly unique to New York. In some cases it was our experiences in another a different time… all over manhattan’s lower east side and beyond. We bore witness to the events of the song Copsucker more than once just walking home from clubbing.

 To me- I played in a band of brothers. We may have missed our window but we never missed a party… and we had our own songs and our own take. Specifically- “no one needs another Motley Crue at this point or any more hair metal” As right as we were we got routinely punished for this in the conformist press and by some conformist fans who wanted more of their Bud-Light Metal. Heckled as much as heralded, we were what we were. Id also say “Its had a ripple effect on my life that couldn’t be more positive. So maybe there is something to be said for venting your anger and saying what you feel… with guitars.

 Rock On

  Toastie McDope


heres our entire show 6-22-2019 show. I recommend headphones or bluetooth-ing it to your speaker. sound quality is actually pretty good if you do that.

messages 4307359993616072072..jpg

Heres newer dopes material on Bandcamp

To celebrate the One Year Anniversary of Sonic Solstice I’ve received permission to post more audio from one year ago. This is Trick Fall and the Tuscadero’s set for 6-22-19. Special Guests and Dopes songs near the end.


Our Classic album- Dawn of the Dopes- is Available on most streaming platforms

Amazon Streaming Music

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